Dominick Reyes reacts to Jon Jones defeat | UFC 247 Post Fight Press Conference
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  • hermes Undaloc Hamol Awon
    hermes Undaloc Hamol Awon

    Reyes is the real won.....

  • Morgan VI
    Morgan VI

    3:24 I’m dying

  • Md Tareq i like this video
    Md Tareq i like this video

    Reyes won this fight.No doubed about it.

  • MO JO
    MO JO

    49 - 46 ?!!!

  • Brandon Inc
    Brandon Inc

    He isn’t black and the match was in America so he lost. It’s called black privilege. When is the last time a black man lost a decision in America? If he won the match they are considered racist. Such a fuckin shame!!! Fuck sports and today’s society

  • AheadoftheCurve

    If we're being honest! Reyes is the example of what will happen if we have open scoring! That's why Dana said "somebody said ""you can't RUN THE LAST 2 ROUNDS and take the belt from the champ""," if Reyes would have given his all in 4 and 5 and lost, Dana would give him a immediate rematch!!!.... he's not getting the immediate rematch! He didn't gas out! He fought a smart fight because he thought he was up... nobody wants to see that shit!!! Dana wants to schedule CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHTS like Colby vs Usman... ask Dom... he knows he didn't give his all in 4 and 5... That's why he wasn't "demanding" a's a Rookie mistake, he'll give it his all in 4 and 5 next time!!! Truth is, Reyes ROBBED THE PAYING CUSTOMERS OF 2 ROUNDS.. Dana saying "DON'T LEAVE IT TO THE JUDGES" is his way of saying "GIVE IT YOUR ALL"... HE CAN'T AND SHOULDN'T HAVE TO TELL PPV MAIN EVENT FIGHTERS that. Reyes thought he was smarter than everyone... That's why Dana booked it there!!!...LOL..YOU THINK THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT??? He saw the writing on the wall and knew the rematch would be bigger!!! LOL..

  • urban warior
    urban warior

    The man dont lie! He won jons had the way paved and the only reason i can think is that like race horses. Its all a game of eugenics and the latest steroids that are yet to be picked up on testing. Its always the skinny build guy that gets ridiculously built up and then has the road paved in gold and corruption. Its hard to not imagine a few billionaires using this as a game of the gods to played out regardless of the outcome

  • Jay Ortiz
    Jay Ortiz

    Jon won because Reyes got hurt the most. He was limping

  • james heyer
    james heyer

    Take downs are meaningful, even if dude gets right up. Yes jon jones won last two rounds, maybe the 3rd I give it a tie. I believe in a championship fight the challenger must win convincing, no controversy. Reyes did great, hes a dog but jon won.

  • Fahad Ashraf
    Fahad Ashraf

    He got robbed

  • music lover
    music lover

    Everybody says he won no not at all don't only look 1 round look all round jon clearly won this fight..

  • Dan Lindboomer
    Dan Lindboomer

    He is proud of himself that's what matters... he will be back... put this man in a big gym and see what he becomes.

  • Brian Salazar
    Brian Salazar

    He kept walking back while jon was moving forward jon didn't win the fight like he usually wins but he still won if u don't believe me watch the fight again

    • Brian Salazar
      Brian Salazar

      @barbara gill still reyes was the challenger and he didn't k.o jon he lost. if there is a rematch I'm certain jon bone jones will knock him out

  • TigbitsSs

    You need to knock out the champion! Make it clear for everyone that you are the better man! Going to the judges cards wont cut it

  • GERALD legion
    GERALD legion

    You know, i think, i know you won, you only knew but in reality you lost yhe fyt lol

  • drtronne

    him crying i won the fight is LAME, then bringing in politics as a way in many people on the top told me i won, you mean jon haters LAME again, LEt me give you advice REYES stop being a BABBY, go back to the drawing board and come back and do not leave it in the hands of the judges, take JON JONES OUT, this is how you TAKE THE BELT, not by scoring or chance. TAKE IT. FOR EXAMPLE...USMAN AND ADESANYA toook the fucking BELT and became champs. PERIOD END.

  • 562eortiz


  • Eddie Haskell
    Eddie Haskell

    There signing me up to fight I herd.

  • Husk Hangman
    Husk Hangman

    I'm a great fan on Jon Jones but I feel like Reyes got robbed..

  • cheneree

    inspirational dude!

  • Tudo zona sul
    Tudo zona sul

    Reyes campeão ,ufc ladrão

  • William

    You did win that fight.

  • Virg Powell's wy
    Virg Powell's wy

    Braa you gotta BEAT the champion it can’t be no almost sorta kinda shit !! You gotta actually Beat Jon to get that belt!!


    Can we all just take a minute to see how bad Jones had to kiss the judges ass for them not to take his belt. Dana white is just unbelievable stupid look st his post conference he clearly chose his side and doesnt admit it.

  • blabla91520

    Lol, Jones won, admit that, be a man. If you want to take the champ of his throne, then own him! Don't come out of nowhere and demand a belt for some close fight. If there was another round in this fight, Jones would kill you, look at your face?

  • Christopher Chadwick
    Christopher Chadwick

    It was sad to see. He really did win. Must be a horrible feeling to reach the top of the mountain, then be told you didn’t when you get back down to base.

  • Agosto Ceilings
    Agosto Ceilings

    Dominick Reyes the Light Heavyweight UFC Champion.

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo

    Nothing new, every event seems like there’s some controversial decision. Shits lame. And it won’t be fixed and nothing will be done.

  • MissFluffyButt211

    He beat Jones no doubt, but i think Jones ain't the same fighter he was compared to when he first became Champion, i think soon Jones will be out his prime, i may be wrong though.

  • Cash Cash
    Cash Cash

    Reyes won that fight this was clearly a robbery. Reyes controlled the whole pace and landed the most significant strikes. Jones couldn't get into a rhythm. But the commentary was slighted towards Jones though all the significant strikes were by Reyes. Reyes is clearly a victor. This should be a rematch. But the judges were in favor of the popular Jones

  • woiour loin
    woiour loin

    The judges should be MMA fighters or of that sort instead of these no-idea-why-am-i-here kind of guys giving these questionable decisions...

  • Albert Wolf
    Albert Wolf

    is it me or the mark in his forehead resemble a DR under certain lights? i mean, he is Dominic Reyes...

    • cnmmd qiuoo
      cnmmd qiuoo

      This guy rules man. He so down to earth that he made Jones look very human like, or maybe Jones just ran outta crack. Anyone?

  • Shrikant Jadhav
    Shrikant Jadhav

    Try something new in rematch ! 👍

  • Luke H
    Luke H

    He's going to go home and cry

    • woiour loin
      woiour loin

      Reyes you 100% won that fight, fuck the judges and FUCK THE fake/fixed UFC.

  • Frank A
    Frank A

    And this is the reason I don't watch boxing anymore!

  • Sandy G
    Sandy G

    Reyes won this fight! I am a Jones fan. He is a great athlete. Reyes stay Humble. You will get your chance again!

  • Papot Quh
    Papot Quh

    takedowns?... jon jones lose the fight... he use his favorite defense eyepoke...

  • addaminsane

    Soooooo many lies ... Reyes was raising his hands after each round ... implying he wasn't all in ... he was trying to play defensive point games the whole match much like Wonderboy does ... He didn't end the fight with any sort of aggression .... He had a couple aggressive counter strikes throughout the match ... Jones demonstrated complete control of the cage ... turn the sound off and get all the reactive hype out of the ears ... Jones dominated this match in both will and skill ... respect to Reyes for hanging tough, playing some creative movement games, and not getting finished on the ground ... In no way that matters did Reyes come close to making us perceive an ounce of doubt on Jonee's face, let alone defeat. I don't think JJ is the greatest martial artist of all time, but after this match I'm at the conclusion that JJ is the greatest cage fighter of all time. This was one of JJ's most impressive, matured performances imo.

  • Danny Leblanc
    Danny Leblanc

    You didn't win the fight but you won hearts. Be humble and stop trying to win a fight you already loss. So annoying

  • Tony Brazoban
    Tony Brazoban

    Reyes needs to work on He's Spanish. Your latino dammit 😆

  • Adam M
    Adam M

    this is the fight game. idc who won, i just enjoyed the fight. everyone needs to get over it. we all know that the judges suck.

  • Lucky Fisher 72
    Lucky Fisher 72

    Reyes WON that fight!!!

  • Ronan Batista
    Ronan Batista

    Dominick 🥊🥊🥊

  • FightSheet

    Jon Jones looks like he's scribed DC into dominicks forehead

  • James Warner
    James Warner

    Reyes did not win that fight. He hit less than half his strikes while Jones hit nearly 2/3 while only landing 20 more hits. 0 takedowns don't help either. He lost both championship rounds where champions are made. Reyes gassed himself in the first two rounds, the only rounds he won. Jones easily survived everything Reyes had, won the third round and easily won the last two. You don't win a title by throwing more punches, you win a title by staying in the fight and winning those championship rounds. Reyes clearly lost.

  • Fidel Noyola
    Fidel Noyola

    I just can't believe the judges don't see Reyes winning

  • Vwj Lis
    Vwj Lis

    This guy rules man. He so down to earth that he made Jones look very human like, or maybe Jones just ran outta crack. Anyone?

  • Fire Spirit
    Fire Spirit

    Hats off to this guy.

  • amir latif
    amir latif

    Reyes you 100% won that fight, fuck the judges and FUCK THE fake/fixed UFC.

  • Anowar Mahmud
    Anowar Mahmud

    Looking back on the fight jones won. Reyes missed like 40 out of the 60 he threw in each round

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    Maybe if he didn’t train in the dark he could’ve seen some more of those take downs coming

  • taLLdavidproduction

    Stephen A. Smith "he folded like a cheap tent, quitter"

  • dlitty y
    dlitty y

    I watched this fight 4 days later. Somewhere on social media I saw jones with a belt. So watching this fight I was waiting for John to do something the whole fight and I definitely thought Reyes would win. Jones practically was just walking around the ring while being punched

  • Gerald Klump
    Gerald Klump

    I like this guy. He’s real

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      future champ

  • Capt 516
    Capt 516

    He's making excuses. Takedowns aren't based on energy. Great fighter but he's not making any good arguments. He lost take the L. You see masvidal crying about judges decisions? He was gased in the second. But hes going to be a phenomenal champ one day

  • tianne Bautista
    tianne Bautista

    for me john is win the fight,he control the octagon

  • tianne Bautista
    tianne Bautista


  • jaywill4ever

    Damn homie, your name is Reyes and you couldn't answer a single question in Spanish. C'mon son! I feel like Masvidal is the only first-generation Latino who is representing for the culture out here. There's a wider Latino audience out there that's waiting to embrace UFC fighters. Reyes is always claiming to be this Mexican warrior but he can't even speak to a Mexican audience that's eager to support one of their own. This was a good press conference from Reyes until that moment. What a disappointment that he couldn't even make an effort to respond to that last question from the Spanish-speaking member of the press.

  • matthew yarbrough
    matthew yarbrough

    Talk about disrespect, Reyes can’t even speak his own native tongue! 😂 He didn’t even try to answer her question. Wow! The disrespect!!

    • matthew yarbrough
      matthew yarbrough

      jaywill4ever I hope he realizes how delusional and disrespectful he was in that post fight interview. Dana White is tripping if he thinks this kid is the future of the light-heavyweight championship division. Jon Jones will be the undisputed champion for a very long time. With a record of 26 wins & 1 loss.

    • jaywill4ever

      Yeah, that was a huge disappointment, especially since he claims to be this tough Mexican fighter. He can't even relate to his own culture.

  • matthew yarbrough
    matthew yarbrough

    The disrespect? Roflmao disrespect because you didn’t get the results you thought you were going to get! Ha! Dude lost fair & sqaure, straight up. He is in denial, Reyes obviously can’t accept the fact that he lost. He says multiple times in the interview “I won” clearly not, you lost, period. *Mic drop 🎤 *