Don't mess with Boxers (Best Compilation) - Boxer defends girlfriend/wife
Compilation of a Boxer defending his girlfriend from thugs.
1 Boxer vs 4 Thugs.
Do not mess with a boxer.
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  • Nino Belov
    Nino Belov

    50% Fake!!!

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    0:13 looks like one of those karate kicks in the 1986 Karate Kid

  • Ftajl

    Stupid fake 😂😂😂

  • Sam gaming
    Sam gaming

    first part is cringy fake shit xD

  • Deven

    First one is for educational purpose..very fake acting..i mean real fake ..

  • Zahide Ahmed
    Zahide Ahmed

    1st video so fake

  • yafie guawasa
    yafie guawasa

    Idk what is that but i likeit

  • Quimey Galli
    Quimey Galli

    Lmao the first one is that dude vs the entire fcking city

  • Ignazz 13
    Ignazz 13

    1st video looks like GTA 4 lol 😂

  • amy st jimmy
    amy st jimmy

    the 1st video was so annoying

  • MotionInMotion1975

    lol... the first one is super fake... lets see the rest...

  • Darek Benek
    Darek Benek

    Jebac kozaczkow za 5 zlotych haha

  • Christiano Harrish
    Christiano Harrish


  • dj.neeko

    who kicks someones ass cheeks when they have on the ground lol. come on now. yes. first video fake. trying 2 be like that one where the dude beat up 2 dudes because they touched his girl in russia I believe etc at least my 2 cents etc etc etcetera

  • Kaleb James
    Kaleb James


  • I can't change my name.
    I can't change my name.

    1st video was bullshit af...That woman was extra af...Fuck them all

  • Turkic

    what a power broo

  • Mialy Sandy
    Mialy Sandy


  • King Cal
    King Cal

    fake shit

  • Aromal D'kruz
    Aromal D'kruz

    In the first video the guy juat hoping around and pooping around

  • FPV stu
    FPV stu

    For the 1st lengthy waste of time joke show..... GO FUCK YOURSELVES :)

  • pohvale jaz
    pohvale jaz

    the dumb brain dead fuck who did the title you don't kick in boxing.

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    2:15 true russian

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    WTF the First Video

  • JohnX

    3:45 He knocked the smoke out of his mouth

    • Rayyan Bin Rejeb
      Rayyan Bin Rejeb

      JohnX It’s Called A Cigarette You Unciviled Fuck.

  • Shi Tcnts
    Shi Tcnts

    Last guy got laid for sure

  • Crony Pal
    Crony Pal

    1st vid was taken at kindergarten by drunk pupils, I reckon!

  • Jimmy Nahlous
    Jimmy Nahlous

    50% fake vids. Nice

  • Tonmoy Gomes
    Tonmoy Gomes

    Size doesn't matter.

  • Tyler Wyatt
    Tyler Wyatt

    The first one is fake

  • Daniel Rca
    Daniel Rca


  • John A
    John A

    Uh this shit fake.

  • B B
    B B


  • Sourav Rout
    Sourav Rout

    I hail down to the first guy's REAL valor !!

  • Jamie Bennett
    Jamie Bennett

    First dude was nuts took out 5 guys someone sign him up

    • skankhunt 42
      skankhunt 42

      You're nuts thinking that was reall, dumbass

  • Skull Krusherz
    Skull Krusherz

    My father is a champion boxer in india I shall learn something from them

  • digitalXmage

    Women r so fucking dumb in fights, bitches only make it worse, but they intellectually fail to see that.

  • Honey singh Sir
    Honey singh Sir

    Fake video because it is single single

  • kane93100

    The 1st video is the proof that wrestling is real !!

  • Dinamite

    2nd video, why was he filming in the first place?