Dyno Testing $5,000 Worth of ELECTRIC Turbos! Double the BOOST!!!
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Electric Turbos are back... but this time we're doubling up!!!
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  • Geoff Dein
    Geoff Dein

    So, no intercooler needed?

  • Alex Maus
    Alex Maus

    Install a Intercooler.

  • Keith Jurena
    Keith Jurena

    Garrett makes electric turbochargers. Both to reduce lag (electric power to the shaft) and to recoup power (motor becomes a generator). Aside from the electronics, this is old school. B29 bombers have engines with mechanical supercharger and an exhaust turbine which through reduction gears, fed power back through the crankshaft. Why? They have constant speed propellers so each subsystem is designed for narrow range of speed..something not possible in the automotive field. Which is why we have variable geometry turbochargers.

  • Keith Jurena
    Keith Jurena

    Sounds like supercharging with extra steps. Turbocharging (originally turbine supercharging) utilizes the wasted enthalpy of the exhaust, both pressure and heat. Ideally, the pressure is the acoustic pressure or time variant known as sound. The majority of the energy used by the compressor derives from the heat of the exhaust gas, pyrometers tote and aft of turbine indicate 200 to 400 degree decrease in temperature.

  • Jaybruhh

    *_Boosted Tesla_*

  • connor moruzzi
    connor moruzzi

    Still waiting to see these on a v8 so I can invest

  • christopher williams
    christopher williams

    Bought 240sx with sr20det swap for $4k.

  • Cody Patterson
    Cody Patterson

    Do triple

  • Georg Frap
    Georg Frap

    You should use the electric turbo to get a big turbo going, and thereby minimize the turbo lag.

  • H. Y.
    H. Y.

    My car is Toyota Passo with a 1.0L 3-cyl engine producing about 70hp as a new vehicle. It's probably making much less now since mine is 15 years old. There is a mountain that my car died on an uphill once. I can now drive there (20~30mph? very slow but doesn't die at least!) with one of these electric turbo. You need to find an aftermarket MAF as well as the current controller to help the battery.

  • Eddie Ramones
    Eddie Ramones

    Chevy Cobalt making almost 200hp to the wheels, electric turbos and contagious laughter....Thank You Sirs!

  • Hong Bitter
    Hong Bitter

    Quad turbo next!

  • Joseph Zimmer
    Joseph Zimmer

    Bwahahahaha those turbskys sound like a hair dryers spooling up.

  • JesterNR

    For $5k, I'd just drop in a 350 crate engine and trans... pick up an old 8.8 or 9" rear end from a junk yard and get a driveshaft... oh hey, I found you guys a project XD

  • truthsmiles

    Seems perfect except for the power losses when they aren’t in use. Needs a “normally open” bypass gate as part of the system.

    • truthsmiles

      michael moore - Yeah that might even be a better (or at least more reliable) solution.

    • michael moore
      michael moore

      A sprage clutch on the compressor would help

  • Matt Macabre
    Matt Macabre

    Have serious need for an Electric turbski now hahaha

  • AWD Garage 34
    AWD Garage 34

    i believe he who slammed that case didn't pay for those stuff, kick his ass 🤣

  • TheJeremy5599

    I think two of these in compound would do wonders for the 3.0 in my fusion. e85 and makes peak power n/a at 6300....240~ na. would be hilarious to make 300+ with no internal mods

  • Duncan Franklin
    Duncan Franklin

    You guys should run these on leeroy so they can feed into his real turbos at low speed and spool them faster

  • Vasili

    5 grand ... nah could buy a Sti for that

  • moamen abdelbaky
    moamen abdelbaky

    Would love to see a single and a twin turbo set up on a V8 Chevy 5.3,6.2 or a 5.7 hemi . If these make any sort of decent power I think it would change the game !!

  • mrlude89ify

    Yo should name ot the go-balt 🤣

  • Natilyi M
    Natilyi M

    Tesla at high speed should use part of their huge battery power to run turbos and essentially have a jet engine when needing to get past 130mph.

  • Euro Keys
    Euro Keys

    F ya some fun

  • J T
    J T

    Add Velcro to the lab coats

  • Mr Me
    Mr Me

    It’s like an electric shot of nitrous

  • dachanist

    I need one of these and a stick suzuki swift.

  • Tommy Cortez
    Tommy Cortez

    What is the weight of the battery for the electric turbo ?

  • Ross Yaeger
    Ross Yaeger

    Send it advance the rpms

  • richystar2001

    Quad turbo on a Grand Prix 5.3l front drive.

  • Tommy Cortez
    Tommy Cortez

    I was thinking maybe you can run this setup with a vortech adjustable boost fmu and fuel will increase with boost pressure to the injectors by the fmu. Then you would need a voltage clamp at the map sensor. No tunning needed on older vehicles with a map sensor.

  • Tommy Cortez
    Tommy Cortez

    On the last video , the 4 cylinder didn’t maintain boost it went from 5lbs to 3lbs which I guess is pretty good.

  • Josh Riolu
    Josh Riolu

    Would it be possible to do something similar with a draft induction blower? They're a lot like turbos

  • Will it or won’t it destroy
    Will it or won’t it destroy

    How about trying the two turbos on the v8 as you are trying to push too much air without allowing the exhaust to let out more it’s the most basic of any power increase getting air/fuel in and getting it out I bet that has a 2” ipie at best lol

  • Rich Whatley
    Rich Whatley

    The fact that none of you idiots know the difference between a turbo and supercharger tells me all I need to know.

  • kev c
    kev c

    more turbos or bigger turbos.

  • Chase Rayfield
    Chase Rayfield

    This needs a turbo bypass for when they aren't active.... otherwise you are loosing 50hp for no reason.

  • Ezio Vieira
    Ezio Vieira

    Agora a pergunta do frentista faz todo sentido. É um turbo ou dois turbo?

  • Bogdan Toma
    Bogdan Toma

    I have an idea, if you can test these on an american muscle car..like some 80s or 70s v8 with or without a blower (curious how it will work out in combo with a blower supercharger) to see what difference such a system does,

  • asshat Jackson
    asshat Jackson

    Only in Pinellas Park

  • keith beardsley
    keith beardsley

    Wouldn't it be considerd a super charger and not a turbo?

  • Oleg Vorozhbit
    Oleg Vorozhbit

    WTF, guys? Mount turbos after MAF and connect it back. Engine without MAF works not well.

  • Dennis Smith
    Dennis Smith

    I got a 2002 Buick Century. How many of these turbos do I need?

  • Scott Schoemann
    Scott Schoemann

    Take the potatoes out of the exhaust first

  • Paul Cochran
    Paul Cochran

    Double Turbo Double Power Logic 100

  • Paul Cochran
    Paul Cochran

    Like if they should do a quad turbo!

    • Andy Peek
      Andy Peek

      I cant remember where Ive seen it done, but it is on You tube. It might have been Mighty car mods channel.

  • Hauf Performance
    Hauf Performance

    Please put one turbo on the intake side and the other one sucking the exhaust out.

  • Niel Stuccy
    Niel Stuccy

    Great episode! Will it work with higher hp cars... like a Vette?

  • First Name Second Name
    First Name Second Name

    No good - we need to see a quad turbo, anything less just isn’t pushing it 🤦🏻‍♂️😬🤣😁👍

  • Major Disaster
    Major Disaster

    Put the boost button on the left foot floor

  • ElZamo92

    I 100% thought this was bulls**t...

  • MichaelVapes_602

    Love to see boostedboiz try one these on there cars.

  • theMekanik

    Add another 2 more turbos Y-Pipe into a Y-Pipe 😅🛠

  • MaxUgly

    What would it take to get someone on NOsoft to mount this on a CPU cooler?

  • Callbrin

    now 4 of them, double compound

  • Hobbit Homes
    Hobbit Homes

    How many of those things do I need for a 460 Ford?

  • Alex T
    Alex T

    The Corvette engine cover added at least a hundred Herse-purrs.

    • Natilyi M
      Natilyi M

      @luis santos Im only half Russian and struggle 😅 I wouldnt even know where to begin 😅 Maybe I should contact donut and do some free translating for their videos

    • luis santos
      luis santos

      @Natilyi M get ou of there or...... enlight them babe

    • Natilyi M
      Natilyi M

      @luis santos And the ability to speak English at all, then alone bad English 😅 Oh ff.... whats that? Its... POP UP, UP N DOWN HEADLIGHTSSSSSS

    • luis santos
      luis santos

      @Natilyi M they lack powa babe

    • Natilyi M
      Natilyi M

      @luis santos So many herssspewrssss 😅

  • Alex T
    Alex T

    Those turbos sound like a rattle snake

  • Alex T
    Alex T

    Is it possible to do a twin turbo with *one regular turbo and one electric turbo?* That would be an awesome video to see.

  • Jimmy Wise
    Jimmy Wise

    Have you thought about putting a powerful brushless motor setup on a Procharger?