Eminem - Darkness (Official Video)
Eminem’s new album MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY smarturl.it/MTBMB

Music video by Eminem performing Darkness. © 2020 Marshall B. Mathers III, under exclusive license to Interscope Records

  • Drake pendragon
    Drake pendragon

    Nothing like trying to be "counter-culture" while promoting the racist ideology of gun control so the government can take more rights away from people.

  • Federico Mendoza
    Federico Mendoza

    anybody else realize what he's really saying?

  • Federico Mendoza
    Federico Mendoza

    If this could ever reach you Em. You got a voice. These people worship celebrities like a god. Wish I could meet you, and express why I no longer can be an enabler (democrat). We're all victims of something. Some of us hold on to it, and let it define us. Others, change.

  • Isaac Hmar
    Isaac Hmar

    I thiem mama ani ie bro 👍🏻

  • Ryguy

    My favorite Em videos are the ones were he stands up and tells a message like this. Very sad to see this GOAT

  • だよセリオ


  • Aiden Allison
    Aiden Allison

    are you a democrat?

  • Krissy

    I bet you I would be in tomorrow's paper, who would the odds favor?

  • jihan Fajar
    jihan Fajar

    Who's here searching a new song from eminem on #gozillachallenge ??? Me ✋😁

  • Tuna Baysan
    Tuna Baysan


  • janine dickerson73
    janine dickerson73

    🖤 Heartfelt 🖤 Thank you Eminem 🖤

  • Jake Manfield
    Jake Manfield


  • Alexia Espinoza
    Alexia Espinoza

    Eminem Is helping to try and take away our 2nd amendment people wake up


    1 👍

  • Christian Camp
    Christian Camp

    Thank You

  • Nate Haselton
    Nate Haselton

    Marshall just wanted to be respected as a man, when the only role models for masculinity were Hip Hop artists, now hip Hop is full of dudes wearing their sister's jeans and acquiescing to femininity, because women control the hood, and submission is a defense, You're not a killer, Marshall, I could have told you that 20 years ago. . It's the power of the pussy .Go see Manix, he's in Ypsi he misses hip hop, too. RIP dude.

  • Siera (The Chosen One)
    Siera (The Chosen One)

    Love you!

  • tomrd008

    Everyone. Set an alarm and play this daily for 30 days to get this to the amount of views that it should be if NOsoft didn’t bury it!


    eminem if u some times think suicide dont do it becouse if u do u will break a lot of heart and everybody is gonna miss u so much because u have done a lot of good music and ur new album and this album is my favorite so blease dont do it love u eminem

  • Tony Best
    Tony Best

    What he did with this song is pure art

  • Rohan Bird
    Rohan Bird

    Its funny how the masses are waking up,. Rejection of the big TECH and MEDIA sources will be the Revelation of the western democracy.. You can be famous over night.. even if you're dead.

  • mgtow sniper
    mgtow sniper


  • Galust Grigoryan
    Galust Grigoryan

    amazing song brooo Emineeem the best ever why this guy do it all this shit ???? secret???

  • Dolla Bill
    Dolla Bill


  • Arijit Choudhury
    Arijit Choudhury

    Why you tube hide these types video, literally, I have to search for this video!

  • Mr Thumper
    Mr Thumper

    Dam this was deep real deep

  • Nino Mexx
    Nino Mexx

    Eminem is gonna die Soon Guys. ( illuminatie )


    Best rapper in the world 👑

  • Michelle Weller
    Michelle Weller


  • Michelle Weller
    Michelle Weller

    Brave ........🌈

  • Michelle Weller
    Michelle Weller

    Understand your words and why you made a point!!

  • Michelle Weller
    Michelle Weller

    Twin.. to a sense.. so cold YET your HEART with mind is LIFE💫💖🌈

  • MadSpellz

    This a reply to comment on @SJ comment for the user @TREVOR RING (first reply on SJ comment) don't watch the news becuase it's just a infinite source of negativity and and other bs. Right now just search news and all you will find is negative stories and a few good feel stories. Try going a week without looking at news and see how you feel.

  • J Otaku
    J Otaku

    The Sound Of Silence

  • Bendang uzumaki
    Bendang uzumaki

    i want eminem to make songs like 'the kids' like before, its really fun, also he's my fav rapper thats all

  • jasonpwnd

    Ya but for real tho, the more guns the more safe we are, right?

  • DP G
    DP G

    36.000 people are still blind... So is the rest of licensed gun owners...

  • Th H
    Th H

    very nice

  • Matt Griffin
    Matt Griffin

    I'm so proud to be able to do a lot of your songs. But never imagined something on this level, this level that you've invented. Level that demonstrates legendary performers.

  • 이세연

    한국인 손!👋👋

  • GetPaidWithKyle

    So am I the only one that keeps checking and waiting for the Godzilla to drop?

  • King DJ
    King DJ


  • Charles Delo
    Charles Delo

    Its very rare for someone to be able to put so much feeling and emotion that 99.9999999999% of the population can relate to

  • Вугар Гахраманов
    Вугар Гахраманов

    Эминем мне нравится твои песни

  • Ipos 0
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  • Detroit Diz
    Detroit Diz

    Check my Bars out if y'all have a min!!

  • dcon 666
    dcon 666


  • Ricardo Lara
    Ricardo Lara

    Simonaalamonano? O que se aguitan todos ?

  • Tyler Henley
    Tyler Henley

    Eminem for life

  • Armin Barzegaran
    Armin Barzegaran


  • Rad Gaming
    Rad Gaming

    Yo the flag at the end got me ngl

  • Ethereal Drones
    Ethereal Drones

    I guess we all fall from the lightness and drop to the darkness and then I guess everything in the future is heavy..... Dr. Emmett Brown : There's that word again. "Heavy." Why are things so heavy in the future?

  • Fool 0n The Hi11
    Fool 0n The Hi11

    This song must have broken some sort of record for most views of a supressed song surely

  • alison hell
    alison hell

    that's a lot of shots huh

  • Pickle

    All the stars leave messages/hints since they sell their souls

  • Pickle

    Eminem is locked up by dre someone listen

  • Mhmad Mhmad
    Mhmad Mhmad

    The music rap wed you