Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)
Lyrical Lemonade
In Loving Memory of Jarad "Juice WRLD" Higgins
Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Official Music Video)
Director, Writer, Editor - Cole Bennett
VFX - Scissor Films
VFX Supervisor - Sam Malko
VFX Producer - Joe Grayem
Director of Photography - Taylor Randall
Steadicam - Renard Cheren
Executive Producer - Paul Rosenberg
Executive Producer - Salvatore Tarantino
Producer - Kathy Angstadt
Producer - Jay Tauzin
Line Producer - Krista Worby
Gaffer: Ronnie Gotch & 7th Light Entertainment
Production Designer - Cody Fusina
Art Director - Rashi Jain
Production Manager - Henri Coleman
Key Wardrobe - Dawn Boonyachlito & Angela McBride
Key Groomer - Michelle Willis
Background Wardrobe - Rasheeda Ameera
Background Casting - Mill Ticket Entertainment
Assistant Director - Bashir Taylor
Assistant Director - Kelo Thompson
Product Graphic Design - George Hammond & Jake Brode
Supervising Producer - Jake Wilson
Supervising Producer - Bernard "Buru" Niyonzima
Special Guest Appearances from Mike Tyson & Dr Dre

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  • sxmpley_

    I refuse to believe that Eminem is 47 Years old

  • Gighfer

    100 million views in 3 weeks that's insane.

  • Gighfer

    Who else is pretty sure they gave this video 100 plus views! I know I did.

  • lavatown mafia
    lavatown mafia

    100 mill baby

  • Maddox Gourlay
    Maddox Gourlay

    Eminem is amazing and I love him so much No Homo


    This better make it to rewind

  • TSUBASA t-Ace
    TSUBASA t-Ace

    EMINEM is God R.I.P juice WRLD

  • Francisco J
    Francisco J

    The girl Licking the basketballs is machine gun Kelly ex girlfriend😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • castle castle
    castle castle

    After regular of checking finally 100m

  • 1000subscriber without videos
    1000subscriber without videos

    You are the best

  • ةتنهو تنو
    ةتنهو تنو

    I'm The 100M 😅

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash

    Eminem and Juice WRLD= DOPENESS!

  • mario acosta
    mario acosta

    Rip juice wrld

  • TitledBiscuit12

    R.I.P Juice

  • ZATZU twice
    ZATZU twice

    100M check

  • Real Jamacine
    Real Jamacine

    Who is faster gangsta eminem in rap god or alchaholac eminem in godzilla

  • notadam

    i wonder how different the music video wouldve been with juice in it :/

  • Ers Soj
    Ers Soj

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="97">1:37</a> ZA WARUDO!!!

  • Thebear5673

    Who else noticed Sommer Ray <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="59">0:59</a> Ironic cause she's dating MGK

  • Todoroki Is A Beast!
    Todoroki Is A Beast!

    *Congrats Em,Juice(R.I.P.) and Cole 100+ Million Views in just 28 Days!!* 🔥🔥🔥

  • King Hamza
    King Hamza

    I want this video to hit 1 billion views

  • cool fox ?
    cool fox ?

    Rip juice

  • Big Baby Con
    Big Baby Con

    100 mil!

  • Freddie Mccole
    Freddie Mccole

    Wait who disliked this lol ,are u brain dead

  • RayyanZakwan777 。
    RayyanZakwan777 。

    Im the 100 000 000th viewer

  • 입니다쿠로송

    EMINEM was bad at chemistry when he was student. Because he couldn't understand about oxygen

  • Elliot Legrand
    Elliot Legrand

    rip juice 🙏🏼

  • えーびーしー


  • Papi Pla
    Papi Pla

    My favorite rapper Logan

  • swarb92

    When snapchat filter are life 😂😂😂 big love juice rest in percocets

  • ThatsPretty Nobby
    ThatsPretty Nobby

    juice wrld was just getting to the point if his career where he should be. he made a song with the god of rap and he was getting more popular. R.I.P juice

  • tarek king
    tarek king

    Eminem nearly 100 million views in 3 weeks

    • tarek king
      tarek king

  • chxrrybun

    Everybody gangsta until the dinos pull up

  • 999 life
    999 life

    man i remember the day jarad started as juicethekidd... goodbye& good riddance

  • Nik Moh
    Nik Moh

    Hello person who runs the comments with the background music

  • Ink Addict
    Ink Addict

    Look Eminem is like 50.. He's too drunk to act drunk anymore.

  • Nigga what?
    Nigga what?

    no drugs no bitchs only dafuqing talent

  • CheshireD05

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="96">1:36</a> didn't know dio was at the shoot

  • John Richardson
    John Richardson

    Well I guess he got tired of being a good boy

  • Landon Hill
    Landon Hill

    Favorite song ever.

  • RubenXD 210
    RubenXD 210

    I wonder why is there an rpg in a section of school supplies

  • Gee Silva
    Gee Silva


  • Grandma Betty
    Grandma Betty

    He’s singing too fast, I can barely understand him.

  • Zakk Graham
    Zakk Graham

    I predict that this video will have 150,000,000-180,000,000 likes in 3 years.

  • Coronado Bautista
    Coronado Bautista

    1 billon

  • The Stonks Channel
    The Stonks Channel

    Those Godzilla costumes though…………………

  • طارق احمد
    طارق احمد

    100 million views in 3 weeks emagine that was in Eminem channel 🔥

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

      nosoft.info/hd/video/o4DYfIOa3nCErYs طارق احمد

  • OG Skull trooper
    OG Skull trooper

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a> fav part

  • 고멘티지

    뮤비는 못찍네

  • Gale Butler
    Gale Butler


    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

      Gale Butler nosoft.info/hd/video/o4DYfIOa3nCErYs

  • Desire Samarah
    Desire Samarah

    Anybody else see juice wrld in the back

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

      Desire Samarah nosoft.info/hd/video/o4DYfIOa3nCErYs

  • I rule all of You
    I rule all of You

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="97">1:37</a> ZA WAURDO

  • Mike Preite
    Mike Preite

    It’s sad to see that juice isn’t in it

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

      Mike Preite nosoft.info/hd/video/o4DYfIOa3nCErYs

  • All Star Baseball
    All Star Baseball

    This song in 2x speed is goooood

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

      All Star Baseball nosoft.info/hd/video/o4DYfIOa3nCErYs

  • Matar Diallo
    Matar Diallo

    If it's going that fast NOsoft gonna be bugging 💣💣💣

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

      Matar Diallo nosoft.info/hd/video/o4DYfIOa3nCErYs

  • Roger Federer
    Roger Federer

    Eminem’s voice is a like another instrument.

  • Amghari Ayoub
    Amghari Ayoub

    I'm 100 million

  • Albert Mizrahi
    Albert Mizrahi

    I think the waiter was in a video of dhar Mann

  • Zolø

    I never and never will forget when he said the n word and don’t even bother to say that he has the pass cause it’s not a thing

  • Bryson Otto
    Bryson Otto

    I thought Eminem recognized swearing isn't entirely helpful. However, I do think he will popular again as I do not doubt this amazing man.

  • Dayne Reedy
    Dayne Reedy

    I saw juice wrld

  • Nataly I
    Nataly I

    Ugh, my one and only love

  • JGang chadwick
    JGang chadwick

    I actually can rap this song at the speed of 1.25

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

      JGang chadwick nosoft.info/hd/video/o4DYfIOa3nCErYs

  • makaveli soft
    makaveli soft

    Who's here before 100M views?

  • Jhosua 123
    Jhosua 123

    100 M :0

  • Yasine Bouzidi
    Yasine Bouzidi

    Eminem 6 avril ??

  • fffressshh

    Eminem: raps fast Comment section: oXygEN

  • Maicon Douglas
    Maicon Douglas

    Is eminem actually fat?

  • Lahmer Ayoube
    Lahmer Ayoube

    Eminem rapping faster then my internet connection

  • Nico Schimpf
    Nico Schimpf

    Eminem 2020 vs slim shady

  • Mikey Salvo
    Mikey Salvo

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="183">3:03</a>

  • Umar Rasool
    Umar Rasool

    I'll see you guys back here in another 10 years. Let's be honest, this man's songs don't die.

  • basil aladwan
    basil aladwan


  • KayserGG

    Sou o único BR que curti as músicas do Eminem 🎙🎵🎵

    • KayserGG

      @Matheus Figueredo sabia que nao tava sozinho nessa...! Eminem e foda mano 👌👌

    • Matheus Figueredo
      Matheus Figueredo

      Não mesmo kk, Eminem é foda

  • Boom Sonic Halo 06
    Boom Sonic Halo 06

    Eminem: I'm so fast no one won't understand me. Caption: *is that a challenge* ?

  • Bouy


  • Iraq lobster
    Iraq lobster

    Soon this song will be the most viewed one one this g.ay channel

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

      Iraq lobster nosoft.info/hd/video/o4DYfIOa3nCErYs

  • Brandon Hill
    Brandon Hill

    Why are they saying juice wrld dead he still living😐

    • Bouy

      Just search juice wrld death.

    • Brandon Hill
      Brandon Hill

      Whats. The news

    • Bouy

      Boy i goy some news 4 u

  • Stacy Johnson
    Stacy Johnson

    Best song ever

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

      Stacy Johnson nosoft.info/hd/video/o4DYfIOa3nCErYs

  • notadam

    producer: ay em we got 20 seconds left and you got a whole verse to go eminem: im not seeing the problem

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