Emma Watson Considers herself 'Self-Partnered' | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah comments on the continued 'Blue Wave' as Democratic candidates win big in Virginia and Kentucky. Plus, Emma Watson frames her single status as being "self-partnered".
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  • Comedy Central UK
    Comedy Central UK

    Would you ever consider yourself 'self-partnered'?

    • Tiina Niinikoski
      Tiina Niinikoski

      "partnered" implies that there is a partnership, which would require a second person, and that makes it kinda sound like you have a case of multiple personalities or that you have an imaginary relationship, rather than just choosing to live without a romantic relationship.

    • Dr Salman
      Dr Salman

      At 2am with my hand

    • Jaina Maden
      Jaina Maden


    • Joseph

      @Stamp and Scrap Who? Emma or Jane Doe?

    • morchedrid

      @Stamp and Scrap you can refuse to be pressured in a relationship by using the word at hand, single. Accept and live by it.

  • Thamizh Arasan
    Thamizh Arasan

    She is a person who is drowning in her own sea of disappointment..Which she has "self-created"..

  • Bash

    Trevor 🥰

  • Tai wolf
    Tai wolf

    Self partnered, you and the mirror 😋

  • troublemaker833

    I feel like everyone at some point will need some time to figure themselves out. Maybe you have gone through something really traumatic or maybe you just feel like you don’t know what to do with your life. And at that point, if you are not sure, where you are headed I think being „self-partnered“ is a great idea. Kind of puts the pressure out of dating, because it makes being single sound less like you are incomplete and more like you are just dealing with yourself at the moment.

  • Joseph Simpson
    Joseph Simpson

    Sounds abnormal but harmless. I mean, some people have married themselves.

  • Robel Eyob
    Robel Eyob

    Hahahaha ''Self-partnered!. George Carlin must would have probably made a really funny joke about that

  • Tory Sama
    Tory Sama

    Emma is a feminist. I love her so much.

  • Ahmed Mustafa
    Ahmed Mustafa

    Self partnered 😂 what a lame why to say you are a loser single 🤣

  • Nik110512

    For Pete's sakes. There's nothing wrong with being single (I rather enjoyed it), you don't have to make up a BS term to justify it to anyone. Also wrong to use 'Patner' unless we change the meaning of the word. Perhaps "Self involved" would be more accurate.

  • Dimes

    why the fuss I don't understand. just call yourself single, and there is no shame for it. Why feel ashamed and deliberately change to another word?

  • Ghous Moinuddin
    Ghous Moinuddin

    Hermione is closet lesbian ? WTH

  • Ricardo Garcia Aburto
    Ricardo Garcia Aburto

    This has become propaganda for extreme liberals, It's weird. Not funny anymore.

  • Ross Coe
    Ross Coe

    Self partnered = a narcissist , she is nothing more than a spastic,

  • Positively Angela
    Positively Angela

    Partner entails 2 or more participants. Isn’t that an oxymoron then?

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith

    If you're a person of color, why are you behind trump at his rally?

  • mit _
    mit _

    This show makes anyone's iq drop by a point per minute.

  • 54tisfaction

    Me, myself, and I! Great song.

  • Abe Benjamin
    Abe Benjamin

    So, she is an incel?

  • Arsalan Alan
    Arsalan Alan

    Hahaha Trevor Love You

  • smoothlyez


  • Kutlu Mızrak
    Kutlu Mızrak

    I thought she was married?

  • dingus mingus
    dingus mingus

    she's an incel!

  • Racist Princess
    Racist Princess

    ive just got married to single hood...and in our country...theres no divorce!

  • paul b
    paul b


  • Doran Martell
    Doran Martell

    Can't wait for petty people to use this. Hey lady I am self partened I have several BMWs Oh.. cool, tell me more So you're a cheater eh?

  • somya is trying
    somya is trying

    3:15 we call it short term memory loss

  • The Hummingbird
    The Hummingbird

    Why doesn’t Emma come out as asexual? It seems like she doesn’t have the guts to admit celibacy. Self-partnered seems a little redundant, it’s a redundant term.

  • Yash Chugh
    Yash Chugh

    Jack Z?

  • Know It All
    Know It All

    It will not take much time before she cheats on her self .

  • Erin Jakeman
    Erin Jakeman

    For lots of ppl single is a choice. Lol.

  • Niks Mika
    Niks Mika

    What would George Carlin say...

  • LE Harvard
    LE Harvard

    "Self partnered" is just a fancy way to say incel

  • shef K
    shef K

    What people ignore in making fun of this is the fact that words have power to evoke different impressions even when they are describing the same thing. "Single" always has that feeling of being "available/missing something necessary etc" versus self partnered which implies that the person is expending time, money, energy on oneself for one's own benefit instead

  • Elle Jumbe
    Elle Jumbe

    Ron, it's not single it's self-partnered!

    • Jason SKg
      Jason SKg

      Elle Jumbe underrated comment 😂😂😂

  • BlimeyJoe

    Self-partnered doesn't make it sound like a choice, it makes it sound like your insecure about being single and are desperate for people to know it was a choice. If calling yourself single makes you sound like a loser (I don't really think it does) calling yourself self-partnered makes it sound worse

  • Yunel

    There is so many cynical and perverted people in the comment section geez.

  • marlon jay bernasor
    marlon jay bernasor

    Self-partnered? You mean hand-lover?

  • Ariaditya Pramestu
    Ariaditya Pramestu

    Self partnered? Is it like wanking?

  • ThiefKingofLegend

    take away women's rights

  • Jonathan d'souza
    Jonathan d'souza

    That's like being single with extra steps.

  • Station


  • chapachuu

    The comment section demonstrates the need for new terminology that separates the bitter single-not-by-choice people and the people who are single-by-choice and happy. I'm down with this "self-partnered" concept, but the term still holds connotations (that we should be or need to be "partnered" at all). Some people like being single! Cheers.

  • TheOrientalNightFish

    I mean, self-partnered? What exactly is wrong with the word single?? Why attach so much emotion and insecurity to a single (haha) word that simply means you aren't in a relationship with another person? Why does everything have to be so oppressive and wrong with these millenial victim snowflakes?

  • Aden Jama
    Aden Jama

    Sad Day 4 Trump #Berlinwallfall30Years

  • Bojana Najdovska
    Bojana Najdovska

    I feel sorry for people who stigmatise the "single" status.

    • Martian74

      Let the losers enjoy their single status.

    • Timothy Sebastian
      Timothy Sebastian

      @msul78 u mean self partnered?

    • msul78

      Wanna celebrate the single status with me?

    • Timothy Sebastian
      Timothy Sebastian

      Ikr? *Cry in the corner

  • I Incine
    I Incine

    I'm in a multiple self partnered relationship with me, myself and I!

  • Blah Anger
    Blah Anger

    wow talking about lame news, but since a holywood star said it it will be a thing now I gues.

  • Daniel Whyatt
    Daniel Whyatt

    Wait a minute...SHE’S GOING TO TURN 30 SOON?😨😮 SAY WHAAAAAT!

    • Nime Ano
      Nime Ano

      30 is nuuuthing lol you'll get there eventually 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Jonathan Fan
    Jonathan Fan

    George Carlin is rolling over in his grave

  • Shook One
    Shook One

    People can ride along the presidential motorcade in America???? Wow 😳

  • urban recluse
    urban recluse

    Single by choice??!!

  • Paul Burrows
    Paul Burrows

    I wonder if she'll eventually come up with a new word for pretentious git?

  • I am here
    I am here

    That just means incel...with extra steps..

  • ya na
    ya na

    Trevor nakkale love you 😍💖❤

  • x _
    x _

    I'm not homeless I'm "self-sheltered"

  • Das Handtuch
    Das Handtuch

    Go Partner yourself!

  • Dodadeus

    "Hey, I'm not a loser, just someone who chose not to be competitive!" People get creative huh when they meet the Wall. I wonder what new terms she will coin when she hits the 40. LOL

  • racoonzattack

    You hear that Incels? You’re not involuntarily celibate. You’re just self partnered.

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on

    Expert in borrowing