Epstein victim claims she was trafficked for Prince Andrew
In an interview with BBC Panorama, Virginia Giuffre claims she was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with Prince Andrew.
Giuffre implored "the people in the UK to stand up beside" her. She insisted "This is not some sordid sex story. This is a story of being trafficked".

From the BBC Panorama programme ‘The Prince and the Epstein Scandal’.
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  • Marina The Octoling
    Marina The Octoling

    Uh huh ya sure ya fcing attention desperate bimbo e.e

  • Paul Nigel
    Paul Nigel

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  • Paul Nigel
    Paul Nigel

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  • Paul Nigel
    Paul Nigel

    The following link which contains confession of an Israeli spy proves that Mossad relied on underage girls to blackmail politicians and other important figures. I doubt if any Westerner would deliberately indulge in sex with underage women, so it is quite possible that Mossad even furnished them with fake Ids regarding their age. The woman seems comfortable, relaxed and overjoyed in that photograph with Andrew, so it proves there was no pressure involved. She doesn’t seem, fearful, cowed or even intimidated. In all likelihood she was presented to Andrew as a young woman who had an irrepressible crush on him, provided with a fake age-Id to address Andrew’s fears, and then used to Blackmail him. 1- www.thesun.co.uk/news/10414087/ghislaine-maxwell-epstein-mossad-agents-politicians-sex-blackmail/ This other link which involves a confession from Rose McGowan, extracted by a man of Iranian origins on Russian state TV, RT, proves that the Iranian, Pakistani and Islamic cadres in global intelligence were behind orchestrating these raft of disclosures by hundreds of woman against the Israeli intelligence service, including the fact that they run Hollywood as brothel to entertain and blackmail important people. 2- nosoft.info/hd/video/aI27iIO4ka1tuaU Finally the fact that Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Epstein and Weinstein were all either Jewish rapists or pedophiles who interacted with financial scammers like Maxwell, Madeoff and others proves that the Mossad even used the network to swindle huge sums of money to cover the cost of its operations. 3- www.redressonline.com/2019/08/predators-united-from-weinstein-to-epstein-and-beyond/ 4- www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2010/07/20/is-the-madoff-scandal-paradigmatic-2/ The fact that all these rapists and pedophiles and even a mass murder, Lazar Kaganovich, who first staged the Russian revolution, then killed the Russian Royal Family, finally delivered a genocide to around 6 million Russians and destroyed every church in Russia proves how all of these extortion schemes, financial scams, revolutions and genocides tie into the Jewish world domination scheme. The fact that all of these pedophiles, scammers, and mass murderers have obtained asylum in Israel is proof of the fact that these were all different facts to one grand Jewish global conspiracy. 5 - www.fpp.co.uk/Letters/History/Kaganovich130898.html It is quite possible that Epstein might have been killed by the Iranian, Pakistani and Islamic cadres in global intelligence on instructions from the state sponsors of terror Iran, Pakistan and other Islamic countries to murder and tarnish people to expose the Jewish conspiracy and destroy Western leaders opposed to Iran, Pakistan and the Islamic world. This means that Iran, Pakistan, the Islamic world and Israel are all equally guilty in monumental crimes against European, Asian, Latin and African Christians, Hindus and atheist and their countries and governments, as the Islamic and the Jewish worlds compete for global conquest of all European, Asian, Latin and African Christians, Hindus and atheistsThis proves that the Iranian, Pakistan and Islamic cadres operated by Iran, Pakistan and other Islamic countries are the other dimensions to the theater of being complicit with the Jews in all of these scandals just to later betray them: 6 - medium.com/@munrkazmir/jeffery-epstein-harvey-weinstein-roman-polanski-and-woody-allen-71b8b239f1d1 7- Iranian, Pakistani and Islamic cadres working on behalf of Islamic states sponsors of terror Iran, Pakistan and other Islamic countries use a blend of Islamic terror, prostitution, scandal and murder to shape Western policy in their favor and against the Jews. The Jews do the same as both the Islamic and Jewish people vie for global rule over all European, Asian, Latin and African Christians, Hindus, atheists and others.Read more Show less

  • 1234qwer

    Yeah and you accepted to be part of this business for the money and the influence and now youre an innocent victim?... You also helped recruit and groom other girls for him... These women are just as guilty as epstein for helping this pedophile ring flourish... Where are the radical feminazis when u need them?

  • ybet1000

    She is a liar. 15000 to "entertain" Andrew in London...Did she try to escape from being forced to do that job? NO.. Was she underage in London? NO...15,000 USD .. Seriously? She knew what she was doing. She was a prostitute.. a highly paid one. Then she sold the happy snap of Andrew for 160,000 USD .. Wonder if she offer him the ability to buy it first before it was sold to a newspaper.. It;s all about the cash.. She is a hoe... and one that squeals

  • Ivor

    If this woman took his money, then she has no business making these claims.

    • Marnie Dezzie
      Marnie Dezzie

      The royals took his money too - in fact he paid off Fergies's debts. Does that mean that they have no business talking either?

    • ybet1000

      Slut... 15,000 USD for sleeping/entertaining Andrew...a million woman would do that. and keep their mouth shut,.,,. she was 17 and legal.. was she handcuffed and smuggled over on a plane?.. forced to? she is lying.. She sold the photo for 160,000 USd ...she is a cold hearted prostitute imho... she knew exactly what she was doing.. thats why she got the 15,000.. she wasn't cheap..she named her price....and getting paid big bucks to keep her mouth shut... How I see it... Andrew seems to like the girls young.. creepy to me... but heck I ain't the one to judge.. As long as they are legal.. he hasn't done anything wrong...knowingly underage.. then that's hang'em high territory...but dude getting his rocks off...and friend paying for it... none of my business..Hope she paid UK tax for the 15,000 she was paid working there.. Wonder if she declared she was arriving on a working visa rather than as a tourist =p 15,000 USD .. seriously? 160,000 USD for a photo seriously? What a filthy, nasty cum bucket

  • Douglas Brown
    Douglas Brown

    What really kills me with ALLof this is Bill Clinton was always in the forefront with Epstein???? But because our wacked out government has done nothing to investigate any of this or Soro??? Of your going to hang the Duke?? This is how fucked up the world has become

  • Tom Hay
    Tom Hay

    Or does she want some fame now that she’s older and larger? I always look to motivations.

    • ybet1000

      Cash baby... 17 she was legal in England AND got 15,000 USD giving Andrew a massage with "happy ending"... then she sold photo for 160,000 USD.. pretty obvious to me... look dad ...im 17 and g just got offered a massage job... =p come on... seriously?

  • Laurendina Miller
    Laurendina Miller

    Someone murder Epsteins .No way he will comment suicide.They get rid of him he knows too much..They are afraid to be exposed well it's already there.

  • Laurendina Miller
    Laurendina Miller

    I'm so proud of her for coming and spill the beans .This people she knows needs to be expose.They need to repent they are so evil and discusting.Va is so strong You need justice.Im glad you keep the evidence.I hope more.I belive va is telling the truth.

  • Jake Hagood
    Jake Hagood

    Do we really need to argue whether a prince f*cks underage girls? Of course he does, he's a prince. That's just one of the many 'perks' of the job and always has been. It's time for an end to this garbage. There is a certain level of privilege that people just cannot be trusted with.

  • Angel Valdez
    Angel Valdez

    I love you and I'm sorry keep fighting we good woman and men care and want justice for you and all women and children stay strong I love you beautiful

  • Carole Berry
    Carole Berry

    This woman had a glamorous, sex filled, privileged style life hobnobbing w the elite. Now, she wants us to believe she’s a victim? Forget it, she’s just sorry she was dumped at some point...maybe she got too old... say, 21?. I’m not defending that evil, hideous looking sex trafficker Epstein, but this Virginia Roberts was having the time of her life or she wouldn’t have been doing it. She enjoyed the perks, the money, the trips, the famous men. I believe she had sex w who she says, but she did it willingly. The men were breaking the law and should be punished, but she’s no victim. She skipped around the world w Epstein & that scuzzy woman who was his “girlfriend”, but never told her family? She wants us to believe she was victimized, but I don’t like people who come forward, revealing this dirt, when it’s obvious it’s all about the money. Prince Andrew should be punished for having sex w a minor. He said he never met her, yet sent an email to that slutty “girlfriend” of Epstein’s, asking for “information on Virginia Roberts”. But he had NEVER met her, can’t remember meeting her, much less screwing her on several occasions. He’s a complete moron and should face the music just as Bill Clinton should. Every man who hung w Epstein is guilty by association. The public want to hear the dirty details. Bring on the investigation, but as for Roberts... she’s complicit and I hope she gets no monetary reward for coming out now. She was a prostitute, plain & simple..It was her choice. Most decent females are still in school at 17, why wasn’t SHE? It was the glamour of it all. She was loving it. She can’t fool people w those tears.

  • Amanda milson
    Amanda milson

    Pedophiles with cash

  • Ducati Paso
    Ducati Paso

    A minor requires a legal guardians permission to obtain a passport.

    • Carole Berry
      Carole Berry

      Illegals come into the US w fake passports and fake drivers licenses all the time... I’m sure in Europe as well. . A billionaire knows where to pick up hookers like Roberts and where to get phony documentary’s..

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    Someone needs to offer somgood cash for some Slimmy Bill Clinton (Slick Willie,) pics, from one of his 26 excursions the Island.

  • EDKH

    Epstein Didn't Kill Himself - www.EpsteinDidntKillHimself.lol

  • RitaPersyn

    Dr Phil sex traffic victim Kendall (before the girl even could speak , that's what she recalls . This is a witness of many years ago

  • Whitesepulchre

    Andrew is innocent, he is the type that would be so loyal, he wouldn’t have noticed Geoffreys behavior.

    • Whitesepulchre

      Ok, he probably shot his bolt over her and dripped sweat too. Just like in the fairytales

    • Sarah Wright
      Sarah Wright


  • Natashaw3

    I do sympathise with virginia and believe her she was definitely taken advantage of. The other girl in the doc with the red hair was 22 when she met Epstein an adult and well aware of what she was getting into so don’t know why she was included in this documentary.

  • Lucky Oswald
    Lucky Oswald

    Andrew and Fergie were a match made in heaven, I suppose. When parents are total f*ck ups you really feel sorry for the kids that had to grow up with such role models. Hopefully they'll learn from their parents mistakes.

    • Roya Rafferty
      Roya Rafferty

      Lucky Oswald poor those beautiful girls

  • steve cook
    steve cook

    I wonder if Prince Andrew will be as surprised as EPSTEIN was when he " hangs himself" while sitting on the floor. Bet Prince Andrew kills himself in a cool way. Maybe dropped the ROYAL toaster in his ROYAL bath or Kicked in the head by a ROYAL polo pony. If he was smart he would have a ROYAL stroke and never be heard from again before he has to commit suicide like EPSTEIN.

  • Nike Galavis
    Nike Galavis

    Después q ganaste muchísimo dinero, te diste parranda, fiestas, bombas de LUJOS . Ahora si son pedófilos porque quiere es más dinero eres insaciable . Lo q hicieron lo hicieron a consciencia... v i v i d o r a .. e s t a f a d o r a

  • paola perez
    paola perez

    Andrew and monarchy evil people

  • Ben Latour
    Ben Latour

    at 17 you can be killed by the American government for crimes....so why does she get a pass on her actions at 17? she knew what she was doing and now has found a opportunity to get a leg up from this situation once again so she will take full advantage.

    • Carole Berry
      Carole Berry

      I guess Roberts had run out of the money Epstein had given her... she needs to keep up the lifestyle that she’d become accustomed to... now, it’s all a publicity stunt to try & gain public sympathy. The men who flew back & forth on the Lolita Express, getting blow jobs from Roberts, need to be questioned.

  • Nigel Mapletoft
    Nigel Mapletoft

    A lethal cocktail of someone who has too much time on his hands, an overblown sense of entitlement, a belief that he is above the law, and is very dim.

  • unforseen laboratories
    unforseen laboratories

    Why didn't she run out of the house and tell the police she was trafficked around the world . Was she been paid at the time?

    • L tt
      L tt

      Or spoke up sooner

    • Selma De Faria
      Selma De Faria

      How much are they paying you??

  • timewise timewise
    timewise timewise

    All these women are just after Prince Andrew. What about Clintons and Co? Oh, they don't want to commit suicide with four bullets at the back.

    • phoenixash Delfuego
      phoenixash Delfuego

      @Ben Latour are they pistachio nuts? If they are could you please post the details because picking pistachios while wearing a tin foil hat sounds like an unusual job.

    • Ben Latour
      Ben Latour

      go grab that tin foil hat nut job

  • Nauzet 1387
    Nauzet 1387

    wow somebody paid a lot for the hateful comments in here huh? Pandoras's box has been open folks xD

  • R K
    R K

    Also this American Diplomat wife who is using her immunity to get away with murder, surely Andrew has absolutely no obligation to answer any kind of questions, given this protection still exists right?

  • R K
    R K

    I am not a Royalist but for this woman to come along and make out that she was forced is complete crap!! All those girls/women who slept with famous actors and singers back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s did it for fame and the chance of bragging rights! Being raped or abused is one thing but this is whole new level of accusation. Like I said ,just waiting for the Elvis accusers to come out.

    • ybet1000

      She sold the photo for 160,000 USD .. She was paid 15,000 USD for "entertaining" Andrew in London... She knew exactly what she was doing... She was of legal age... 15,000 USD tells me she knew exactly what she was doing...she is a prostitute.. and a cold hearted one at that...

  • Valerie Good McGilvrey
    Valerie Good McGilvrey

    The age of consent in the UK was and is 16 years old so he didn't have sex with a minor. I don't doubt she was trafficked, but this detail matters.

    • L tt
      L tt


  • Tropical Australian
    Tropical Australian

    She was apparently 17, not 7. She was a young woman and WHAT was she doing with Epstein? She knew exactly where she was and why she was there. In the UK and almost every other normal advanced country, SIXTEEN is the legal age of consent, and for good reason. She must accept responsibility for her actions and not lay all the blame on Prince Andrew, she could have said NO !. Epstein may have been a creton, but that doesn't make Prince Andrew one for having what would ultimately be consentual sex ! For all he knew, if any of her story is true, he could have been lead to believe she was 20 plus !!?

    • Tropical Australian
      Tropical Australian

      @Peter Yep, I think she may be after an easy pay day !

    • Peter

      No mate she was 18 not 17 ,this was common knowledge to the FBI , the age lie was because in Florida the age of consent is 18 which is strange given that California and Florida are the most liberal states in the union. Bible belt states are 16 and 17 for age of consent. Virginia is a pathological liar

  • fistweaver

    Why did it take more than a decade for you to say something about it I think you enjoyed it and now you're just trying to get compensated

    • Selma De Faria
      Selma De Faria

      ''People'' like you have no idea what they are harnessing to themselves by spewing poison on the innocent. I could feel for you in advance if I bothered!

    • bibbly bobbly
      bibbly bobbly

      I think YOU enjoyed peeing in your own mouth.

  • Vic Richards
    Vic Richards

    Where were your parents? Where were all the Adults in your life that supposed to keep you safe. Did Epstein paid their parents to allowed them to leave the country? Interesting why none of their family members are showing their faces. Their parents should be charged for child endangerment and negligence.

    • Bonnie Gendreau
      Bonnie Gendreau

      I totally agree... Been asking myself that question, where were the parents? Did they even know their 15 and 17 yr old daughters were missing?

    • Mario.f

      Great comment! Another thing she looks happy as Larry in that photo. Who took her to the airport or bus stop to get picked up by Epstein to go to this island or all over the world? I assume she spent weeks on end with the couple and nobody batted an eye lid. It was basically consensual in my view. I think she is coming out now because Epstein is dead and dead men dont talk!

  • jack allen
    jack allen

    Britain is a basket case

    • phoenixash Delfuego
      phoenixash Delfuego

      Pot kettle

  • Yv Na
    Yv Na

    Why didn't this happen before Epstein died. She knows more names but she's targeting the Prince more. Name the others girl the LEADERS now you've started

  • Peter Post
    Peter Post

    She looked pretty happy in the arms of her lover, wasn't she told not to go with strangers, by the way she should pay to get fk by a Prince, there probably a 2000 woman who would pay a princely sum of money 💷

  • Peter Post
    Peter Post

    She's not a virgin and fk bevore that and by the way is she not suing the person who took her virginity after all. Must have been a sweaty job memory los and can't extract money lock 🔒 her up

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