Fake Millionaires Are Taking Over YouTube!
Andrei Terbea
Fake millionaire stories have gone too far. There are so many storytime channels blowing up lately with outsourced animation churning out a new video everyday and the quality of these videos is embarassing. Wilfur and I are back at it again, taking a closer look at this phenomenon.
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Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer
Background track: Spring Gang feat. King Sis - "Delusional (Instrumental)"
Secondary background track: Hand Trolley by Kevin MacLeod
Outro song: Joakim Karud - "Loudness & Clarity"

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    But story booth is true

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    game reaper x

    I got an ad saying you want to become millionaire


    got this weird ass ad from Share my Dream titled: "My baby lodged in my throat"

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    For some reason I laugh so hard at this video 🤣

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    Gamer101 x9

    Girl from first video is a drug dealer

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    Epicly chill Cocacola

    ThE only real and good ones are Storybooth

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    Eitan Ayash

    Im actually dying of how stupid this is😂

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    All I got to say is facts

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    Can we delete these channels? Nope cause NOsoft wants that cheap money

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    E cineva Roman Aici?

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    Зоя Калайджиева

    Can we talk how bad and indefrent the voices are? It is more than obviously that they don't give a 💩 about these stories and it sounds like can't read.

  • Zycanion The Slasher
    Zycanion The Slasher

    When I was 6 I was recommended an actually happened video and I just thought “that is clearly clickbait”

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    I became a millionare at 1 DAY OLD (OMG)

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    All the dislikes are from Rich kids

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    Odd1out and jaden

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    Can I just say how I *L O V E* the outro so much! The animation if sooo professional!

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    6:57 he also grows sleeves

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    Braedon McDudester

    When I grow up i want to be a utility service man

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    Scunt .0

    In the 1st animation the twins had yellow hair but when they are bigger they get brown hair

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    Why does his name looks so familiar to me XD


    i lost at 8:53 ................wat bout u

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    Who else noticed the parents looked like Bob and Linda from bobs burgers-

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    i turned a million at age 2 a orange elphant took me and gave me their water for teaching them so someone bought it for 1,000,000 i gave 50,000 to my parents and spent 900,000 on a boss sign

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    Here's my story:I had 1million dollars when I was one second old because my parents are rich

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    I cringed so hard when Niki and Gabi said his name but tbf it was expected considering it’s a kinda hard name to pronounce for non Romanian speakers.

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    Stop hate

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    Vicant_dead angel

    The one with bad quality animation about the girl with who got sick said millionare is russian rupples whitch is about 15k usd

  • Dahbia Guedda
    Dahbia Guedda

    Replace the "rich" in the first one with "sluts" Edit: the 2 non fake channels that make true storys they are "storybooth" and "minutevideos"

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    Window_Licker Mix

    Anyone else think those kids are conjoined

  • small bit
    small bit

    That voice has already been used in the beginning SO MANY TIMES

  • Baby_ NinjaHyper
    Baby_ NinjaHyper

    There is a real animated storytime youtuber its storybooth

    • Danny Copues
      Danny Copues

      Baby_ NinjaHyper no that’s also fake

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    Tilosity Gaming

    i was laughing so f ing hard that i spat out saliva

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    Are you from Romania Andrei? Cause I am

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    Andreh terbeh

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    storybooth is true tho :)


    I would buy a big boss sign, if I could

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    Andrei, bro, make a video with Jarvis Johnson. He hates these fake animated story-channels as much as you do.

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    Jüné Lë Śnēķ

    StoryBooth is cuz they use real voices

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    Mary Mejia

    There’s literally a channel that actually has real stories and not using the same voice actors. These channels are actual wannabes

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    spread the message

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    "I thought about HESOYAM and became a millionaire in just seconds"

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    The voice is Brit side