'FERNANDES IS YOUR NEW POGBA!' Mckola and Howson Uncensored
Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United could be on the horizon with rumours of the Portuguese midfielder moving to Old Trafford gathering momentum.
Adam McKola and Stephen Howson discuss the latest Manchester United transfer news as well as looking at how Eric Bailly and Tim Fosu-Mensah fared on their recent comebacks.
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  • FullTimeDEVILS

    Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United could be on the horizon with rumours of the Portuguese midfielder moving to Old Trafford gathering momentum. Adam McKola and Stephen Howson discuss the latest Manchester United transfer news as well as looking at how Eric Bailly and Tim Fosu-Mensah fared on their recent comebacks. Subscribe, FREE, for more MUFC: bit.ly/DEVILSsub

  • H A
    H A

    The Mckowson Show

  • Daniel Addison
    Daniel Addison

    I used to dream of Javier Zanetti playing for United but knew it would never happen


    With Deadwood in charge he will fuck the deal up he wont sign

  • Tony Thomas
    Tony Thomas

    Should we sign Johnny Evans back ? He could be expirenced back up CB we need currently .

  • Chandradeep Mukherjee
    Chandradeep Mukherjee

    Forget about Bruno Fernandes. He won't sign. Mark my words. And only Manchester United can fuck this up.

  • BSW

    As an oppo fan, McKola comes across as a decent bloke, howson is a fkn bellend tho, but at least he is consistent. Consistently wrong. How this clown's views are still listened to, shows anyone can chat shite. I wonder if he is still charging £20 a time to take people to the pub? Hahahaha! Muppets!

  • cyrus mutai
    cyrus mutai

    We need him, we want to stop Jorngen Klop on Sunday!!! Bruno should be in by Friday latest

  • King jaffe
    King jaffe

    This is what ftd needs on a regular. Mckola and Howson

  • Brad Parker
    Brad Parker

    But pogba isn't the shit midfielder...pereira, fred, matic, mata and lingard are the ones needing upgrading

  • Darren Wilson
    Darren Wilson

    Pogba out if Fernandes in..??….might be time to accept the reality and move him on...

  • James Gums007
    James Gums007

    You're fat muppet Howson! You having a laugh signing Josh King

  • shane stephenson
    shane stephenson

    Here we go again over hyping another player you lot never learn

  • Lf1 O76
    Lf1 O76

    Rui Costa legend

  • Crazi Tiggz
    Crazi Tiggz

    Adam and Steve have changed a lot.. Politically correctness is sooooo contagious.. Rio and Gary are the worst ex Man Utd players that are now pundits. Scholes and Roy say it the way it is. Ffs even RVP and Hargreaves are better Man Utd fans than some in here.

  • Scott Ferguson
    Scott Ferguson

    You two guys make smile every time you are on together! It should be a show? Howson and McKola! 👍

  • bob vickers
    bob vickers

    Fergie got Aguero wrong -he thought he was too expensive

  • I'm black so it's ok to say
    I'm black so it's ok to say

    I'm a Ghanaian and I became a Manchester United fan that day (UCL Finales 99), so I guess I wasnt very patriotic.

  • 101010101 _
    101010101 _

    1.Bruno Fernandes, 2.Maddison, 3. Saul Niguez , 4. Van De Beek 5. Thomas Partey

  • Deco Tronq
    Deco Tronq

    Red issue have your number. Parasites.

  • Cawale Drezzy
    Cawale Drezzy

    I would prefer Cantwell over graelich.

  • Zahfeer 786
    Zahfeer 786

    Our targets should b realistic, sadly I don't believe we have the luxury of having the influence we 1nce had that allows us 2go for the best of the best players as there's 2many other desirable destinations so we should rather go 4 the cut just below or up&coming potential superstars. Ruben Neves type guys. Richarlison is another more realistic target than Haland.

    • Zahfeer 786
      Zahfeer 786

      Salah is good example of that & look how he turnt out. Hate that Liverpool is my reference but no club did this very thing we should do better than them & it has lifted them 2 now being top destination again. Mane, Salah & Bobby were all gr8 examples of what our transfer policy should b shifting to instead of trying 2 go for players Psg,Madrid,Barca & Man City compete for because we bot gna get them. Haland just chose Dortmund over us & Sancho prefers Liverpool so Man U needs to acknowledge our predicament & make adjustments accordingly or we heading down the Ac Milan road😣😯😭

  • Zahfeer 786
    Zahfeer 786

    No player should b signed under Ole, his only British player policy unless there's no British available in that position is a fucking joke, 80m Maguire was signed over 70m Koulibaly & Alderwereld who was available for free or very Cheap. We have 2 strengthen I know but rather have that happen under the new manager

  • Zahfeer 786
    Zahfeer 786

    This show should b more responsible in it's content selection, FTV is partly responsible in why Lukaka left, every fan has an opinion but you guys personally criticised him horribly & giving each fan the platform to lay into Lukaka with worst comments him being a Championship level footballer. . . Again b much more responsible with content selection as this show will also b part of Pogbas' reasons for leaving too. We are at no fucking level to have the nerve telling Pogba level player 2 fuck off

  • Darren Mcclean
    Darren Mcclean

    New pogba ??? What shit , and dosnt want to be there 🤣🤣🤣

  • array s
    array s

    You said Haaland was a sure thing, same thing with De Ligt last summer. are you guys trying to jinx this one too? 😑

  • Zenthoriam VII
    Zenthoriam VII

    The best thing about signing Fernandes this month would be, the board would expect improvement in results, it's been said that the Board have had conversations with Poch for the summer. So if the results & the style of football doesn't improve then Ole gets the boot and poch comes in and has a signing he wanted at Tottenham. So it's a win win for United and the board won't feel like they have wasted money on a player for a new manager to turn round and say 'he doesn't fit my style' etc.

  • SmallPurpleBumpie

    Whatever happens we must not give Sporting Andreas in swap with Bruno. For all of Perreira's flaws, he is a play who will give anything for the club and can do a job and can get there.

  • Joseph Wright
    Joseph Wright

    because my eyes work.

  • Axel von Axelsson
    Axel von Axelsson

    Thomas Partey/Matheus Henrique and Bruno Fernandes/Reinier. No way we can sign Saul, his wages are already insane.

  • Sam Oso
    Sam Oso

    Lol everyone is saying bruno. But I’m sure these man have rarely seen him play

  • Skares

    Pogba fred cdm Fernandes cam GRM up front

    • Sam Oso
      Sam Oso

      Skares pogba isn’t a dm. Wdf

  • Paul Cooper
    Paul Cooper

    Why is it that every big transfer is such a drawn out saga !!! Go in their and get the player !! most other clubs seem capable of this.Woodward is clueless on how to negotiate.We should of got bruno in the summer !!!It is time for banners and chants continuously every game and walk outs or empty stadium into the first 10 mins of the game. The real big hitter is not to buy merchandise or renew season tickets but I realise this is difficult. Dont let signings please us like they have since the green and gold campaign.The fans are more powerful than they think Glazers and Woodward out ! Woodward has no prior experience in football such as ole has a lack of top level experience. The owners our clueless no other multi million pound company would hire a CEO with no prior experience.These fan channels should be used to push the campaign unless they are supporting this regime ???????? And if not prove it or explain why the glazers and Woodward should stay ?

  • Mathias Jo
    Mathias Jo

    How can one be "Norwegian by trade"?? Dang it Howson

    • BSW

      Howson is thick as fk.

    • Axel von Axelsson
      Axel von Axelsson

      De er ikke kjent for intelligens på fotballøya. Pils og skitsnakk, der er de.

  • Kob Ross-Aikins
    Kob Ross-Aikins

    Why cant we get Grealish as well for squad depth. Should Villa go down Grealish could be as cheap as £25m that is a perfect replacement for Lingard.

  • Nenad Radosavljević
    Nenad Radosavljević

    Bring back Aidan Barlow.

  • Miguel Mateus
    Miguel Mateus

    Bruno Fernandes is good but not better than Pogba. Calm down guys

  • Buta Map
    Buta Map

    You need more than Pogba in midfield to win Premier league. And you need also more than Bruno to win Premier League. Ole knows that. In modern football you can't rely only on one creative midfielder.

  • Gaurav Pyakurel
    Gaurav Pyakurel

    Bruno thing is not happening until that test Woodward is there...

  • Fred Smith
    Fred Smith

    Do you think Timbo can still make it? He seems to have been invisible for two years - has he played anywhere at all really in that time?

  • iancurtis123

    Wasn't expecting the football italia nostalgia trip there but enjoyed it! Batigol in the Nintendo Fiorentina kit with Sunday lunch smells brewing and muddy knees. Absolute heaven.

  • Tim Odera
    Tim Odera

    I'm the biggest fan of Saul Niguez but I think Atletico Madrid would sell their stadium before they sold Saul 😅.. They would only sell him if they fell apart and needed the money. Don't think that's happening any time soon

  • Jarle Malmin
    Jarle Malmin

    Actually. Fernandes is not a new Pogba.... Not sure why the title says that. Anyway if Fernandes does come to united, then you would get to see both Pogba and Fernandes on the pitch together.

  • United Publisher
    United Publisher

    Deffo happening

  • Jonny Begood
    Jonny Begood

    Im curious to know if Grealish and Fernandes want to come to Man U - i think Man u need to show some CL potential... Fernandes would need to play the Champs League if here were to move to a big team.

  • Jim Wilson
    Jim Wilson

    Overestimating Fernandes, failed in Italy, a star in the boondocks, premier league something else

  • dividend stock picker
    dividend stock picker

    Why no james Madison ?

  • Darth Watson
    Darth Watson

    5:07 Neves?

  • slashthe2nd

    We seem to be taking forever to sign just 1 player when we really need more signings. They really need to get a move on.

  • Shahil Modi
    Shahil Modi

    We may finally be buying the players to compliment Pogba...after selling him. Funny.

  • John Kamleitner
    John Kamleitner

    I think Ole and the board have agreed on a long term plan and Ole is taking all the shit up front with getting rid of players , playing youth and slowly bringing in the players he needs . I like that because next yr and then the year after will be UTD of Old. All it takes is a little bit of patience and belief. We have plenty of cover in the back even without Young, we at least 2 midfielders and another striker minimum. Then the year after you replace players that will leave like Mata , Matic , Young . Pogba will leave no doubts

  • Lyndon Underwood
    Lyndon Underwood

    If we get a proper DM why couldn't you play Pogba and Fernandes? What difference does it make to how we play Pogba at 6 with Mata or whoever at 10? You guys wanting 3 midfielders that are all attacking players is like when you're a 10 year old that just wants a team full of Ronaldos and Messis. We have no pure DM besides Matic and we have Scott and Fred playing as makeshift DMs. How none of y'all think a 6 would be a good pick up is a pretty mind-boggling thought process there.

  • faIRmODs

    Ahh God. You make me think United is a BIG club... moneywise fine. Actual players wanting to join especially with Woodcock doing the deals.... No one takes him seriously. This is never going to happen.

  • TheAMalik89

    I'll have some of what he's smoking if he thinks we're getting Fernandes Grealish and Saul

  • Karl Simmons
    Karl Simmons

    We need 2 CMs if pogba leaves and a RW at least between now and summer time.

  • Devil Doc
    Devil Doc

    Would hate to see Paul Pogba go, but, if he want's out, then let him go. I won't be magnanimous and say "good luck."

  • Robert Mansell
    Robert Mansell

    Not convinced it will happen one bit

  • Tee Mill
    Tee Mill

    Football Italia on ch4 on sundays with James Richardson was fuckin epic!! "Goooooallll Laaaaazzziiooooooo" ⚽️

  • Daniel Fofanah
    Daniel Fofanah

    Once Hawson smiling or seems to be at least something is happening!

  • Louis FCNLUFC
    Louis FCNLUFC

    Fuck off you two clowns