Flipsyde - Happy Birthday
Flipsyde & Piper

  • Freezy BronZz
    Freezy BronZz

    2020 this still a hit

  • Steven Pryor
    Steven Pryor

    2020 happy birthday! Miss talking to these guys back on myspace whaaaat? 2020 and still listening.

  • the channel without subscribers
    the channel without subscribers

    2020 anyone?

  • Yarthav Mathiaparanam
    Yarthav Mathiaparanam

    Tomorrows Christmas so tomorrow is my dads birthday and thought playing this song tomorrow

  • sami oughli
    sami oughli

    Some songs you can't forget it and you feel that you have to listen every day ... is anyone still listening to it in 2020

  • Den nis
    Den nis

    Dude what? Most underrated video on youtube!

  • God of oldTown
    God of oldTown

    Tatu awesome Voice omg 🔥🔥

  • Anurag Das
    Anurag Das

    Thank you bro

  • Ezekiel Jamfu
    Ezekiel Jamfu

    Was NOsoft even invented when this was made😂😂

  • Nicole Carlson
    Nicole Carlson

    i discovered you guys way back through winamp aol channel and love your music , you guys have been great to my ears and i thank you much . hoping to catch you in oakland at the elbow room . keep it up you guys are awesome!

  • O. K. E.
    O. K. E.

    The first song I ever played on the piano. I went on to learn many others. Years later, most of which are forgotten. School and stuff have gotten in the way. But I still remember this one. Forever.

  • Владислав

    Happy birthday ma homie

  • HonZin

    Today is my birthday 28th November 👏😤

  • Dex

    Anyone from November 2019?

  • My NoneAF
    My NoneAF

    Paper ur nice bless you amen

  • Justyna W
    Justyna W

    One of the best songs ever!! Respect to the artist.. love the instrumental as well.. peace!!

  • Jay Jo
    Jay Jo

    ⭐❤️😢 Love you who ever you would have been

  • MultiDK87

    Das Lied ist wirklich traurig aber auch schön. :'( Und mir tun all die Eltern von ihren wundervollen Sternenkindern so unfassbar leid.

  • katrina brie
    katrina brie

    This song made me cry.

  • Dtx Jace
    Dtx Jace

    Happy birthday lil one where ever you are now i wish I could of change things

  • Colm O'Dwyer
    Colm O'Dwyer

    For anybody who's moved by this song, look up 'Plan for Me' by Manafest

  • Renomusic24*7 Joy
    Renomusic24*7 Joy

    It's true some songs will talk to us

  • Kay Alley
    Kay Alley

    I had 2 miscarriages and this hit me

  • Fantastisch36

    i never wanted kids, but this song always make me think about my decision.

  • Jonas Haeg
    Jonas Haeg

    I used to love this song when I was a kid. But in hindsight, the message of the song if shieeeeet. Still a banger tune tho

  • Jesse Drysdale
    Jesse Drysdale

    Every year

  • Sandra Elisabeth Ohlsson
    Sandra Elisabeth Ohlsson


  • Sabbir Ahammed
    Sabbir Ahammed

    Miss my school days use to listen this song a lot huhuhu . Feeling so much missing

  • Veisa Lanah
    Veisa Lanah

    I listen this song on my birthday...

  • Lukasz Minge
    Lukasz Minge


  • Lukasz Minge
    Lukasz Minge


  • saïkik saïk
    saïkik saïk

    0:44 ain't it "i pay" instead of "i paid"?

    • saïkik saïk
      saïkik saïk

      @Capt. Badger yes, and don't you think he could still be paying for this experience? (His Conscience)

    • Capt. Badger
      Capt. Badger

      No, he’s speaking from personal experience from the past

  • jperezhaan

    Make me cry every time.... Real talk 4 all the ones who knows the pain

  • Erlan Kojonazar
    Erlan Kojonazar

    Музыка когда мне было лет 10 - 16 очень слушали хороший трек особенно когда там девушка поёт

  • Erlan Kojonazar
    Erlan Kojonazar


  • MzzyQueen Xyooj
    MzzyQueen Xyooj


    • B Fritz
      B Fritz

      Lol susi så jævli le Frida


    It seems that song is from t.A.T.u. - Gomenasai nosoft.info/hd/video/pK20eIOzymSym3M

  • s0uL Shatterer
    s0uL Shatterer


  • PsaychoMantic

    happy bdayyyy toooooo meeeeeeeee

  • saniiboy1


  • 本坐間月ら


  • GTA_90s Barker•—•hehe
    GTA_90s Barker•—•hehe

    HOLD THE F UP THIS IS 2006 😯

  • whatsthischannel

    He would have been a great father

  • Acroon | League of Legends Player
    Acroon | League of Legends Player

    august 19'?

  • TR0T !
    TR0T !

    Sleeped on, mixed and mastered to today's standard's, massive hit

  • Rami Sen
    Rami Sen

    Some songs u love to listen after years

  • Silliek 69
    Silliek 69

    legendary song

  • Askhat Saben
    Askhat Saben

    *Old but GOLD*

  • The Best
    The Best


  • Nejc Jemc
    Nejc Jemc

    I will still listen to this in the year 3000

  • Walid Tahir
    Walid Tahir

    2019 and still ❤️❤️

  • z2oxid


  • jessica savage
    jessica savage

    This is so beautiful

  • Back To God TV- BTG TV
    Back To God TV- BTG TV

    tell me guys is this song about true story?

  • Back To God TV- BTG TV
    Back To God TV- BTG TV

    ohhhh maan this song takes me back

  • Zainul Abidin
    Zainul Abidin

    Wednesday 17 July 2019 still love this song..anyone with me.??

  • Ahsan Joseph
    Ahsan Joseph

    Who is listening in july 2019

  • Adam j
    Adam j

    most powerful song ever

  • Ruby

    Thats the greatest Song i‘ve ever listen too.

  • Damian

    Fuck my life. I'm gothic with full heart and do not like most hip hop. But this song does not get out of my head and I dont want it other way. One of the few songs with a damn soul...