Flirting 101 With The Kardashians 💕 | Keeping Up With The Kardashians
From slipping viagra into your husbands coffee or rather your son...To learning how to pole dance, here is the basic guide to flirting featuring the Kardashians !
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  • Jed Angelo
    Jed Angelo

    Did Kris actually tried to flirt with Scott?

  • Gabriela davis
    Gabriela davis

    Scott is literally impressing Kourtney

  • A

    Scott had a nose job...never notice it until this day seeing old episodes

  • Moaath MAS
    Moaath MAS

    She’s not driving G class!!

  • Kaiya McHugh
    Kaiya McHugh

    Scott is so fucking irritating, leave your pregnant girlfriend alone she don’t want the D

  • Bagel My butt
    Bagel My butt

    Kourtney makes some lovely sex noises

  • Zara B
    Zara B

    Lol scott’s like the down to this earth one

  • Listen Tome
    Listen Tome

    The thing that’s so entertaining about the kardashians is that it’s almost satire and so funny but it’s not and that just makes it funnier

  • Droid Base
    Droid Base

    6:05 what is Kim holding

    • Holly Erwin
      Holly Erwin

      It's an add that Khloe did for PETA


    Scott and kournty are sex freaks

  • Amilia Rose
    Amilia Rose

    Anyone under 18+

  • lara grove
    lara grove

    2:59 *you guys are... bad people* lmao

  • Sawsan Almusaher
    Sawsan Almusaher


  • heda taghizadeh
    heda taghizadeh

    Too bad they all break up

  • clouie cabungcal
    clouie cabungcal

    Wait are they having sex?

  • Katie ALDC!!!
    Katie ALDC!!!

    *Kris- I’ll just drug my husband and hope he doesn’t notice* Rob- drinks it Kris- aww shit

  • Isabel Fearon
    Isabel Fearon

    101 1o1

  • Cam does Anything
    Cam does Anything

    Rob: Why are you guys taking so long for Kris: Rob go away! 40 mins later Kylie: * playing on the stairs* Kendall: Mom the kitchen is on fire Mom: What?! Rob: What do you mean what?! Bruce: How bout you take them


    Can someone please tell me what that pill is

  • Beyza Daloglu
    Beyza Daloglu

    wait isn’t it weird to think that if a couple sleeps together but the wife is pregnant... that the men is sleeping with his baby 😂😂i think its just disgusting

  • Laecy g
    Laecy g

    Kris jenner with the evil smile wtf that was so scary 😂😂

  • liala brasacchio
    liala brasacchio

    omg scott trying to be noah in the notebook is everything

  • Greta .H
    Greta .H

    Devin from ladylike is from s factor

  • Rawan Turkistani
    Rawan Turkistani

    Aka the kardashians get sexual

  • fortnite tips and tricks
    fortnite tips and tricks

    Kendall : knocks on door Kendall : Mom Kris : What? Kendall : the kitchen is on fire....

    • Gabriela davis
      Gabriela davis

      Hahaha kendall


    0:20 G class in 0:22 a other Car? XD

  • Joyce Dorschner
    Joyce Dorschner

    I cannot stop laughing 😂 @ 7:08 KRIS JENNER 😂

  • queen tahira
    queen tahira

    Sex hahaha😂😂😂😂😂

  • Faisal TKO
    Faisal TKO

    The old hoe knows the best , The plasticashians are bunch of fake ass filthy hoes .

  • Layla Ali Nassr
    Layla Ali Nassr

    I think these videos are old but they were posted now I think ❤️

  • Sarmila Senchure
    Sarmila Senchure

    is it just me or who got the some kind of sexual attraction between Kris and Scott at 9:07 vibe? I felt like Scott was tryna stop it.

    • Erin E.
      Erin E.

      In my opinion it wasn't sexual it was just funny and a little bit awkward

    • Naya Amore
      Naya Amore


  • Purnima Gurung
    Purnima Gurung


  • travis my love
    travis my love

    8:47 omg- I BAHAHAH

  • mik mik
    mik mik

    I'm actually surprised seeing blac chyna on that stripper dance class and acting she don't know anything lol

  • Shi Talattad
    Shi Talattad

    All these flirting method and Kris didn't change the fact that Bruce is gay

    • freddyflakes

      Shi Talattad must’ve been too much for bruce to handle

  • R3m

    anyone else notice that kris’s car that she was driving didn’t match up w the one they showed on the outside? no just me? okay

  • Blonde Lovely peaches
    Blonde Lovely peaches

    4:48 imagine mason watching this knowing Kourtney was pregnant with him and her and Scott went to a class on how to have sex

  • Amber atagan
    Amber atagan

    Scott portraying Noah in the notebook makes me cringe (in a good way) 😂😂😂

  • Nicole Miller
    Nicole Miller

    At 5:03 Scott let's all go home & sex these pregnant girls

  • Hollie Bail
    Hollie Bail

    Did kris really just say that

  • Blonde Lovely peaches
    Blonde Lovely peaches

    It’s weird seeing black china now that they hate her

  • Blonde Lovely peaches
    Blonde Lovely peaches

    😍 Rob was Hot 😍

  • S H
    S H

    Kris telling her daughter to sex it up to get a house is the most kris Jenner thing ever

  • Blonde Lovely peaches
    Blonde Lovely peaches

    5:48 mood

  • Idk Anymore
    Idk Anymore

    Is anyone gonna talk about that really weird sexual class they were having ?

  • Samantha

    8:46 scott 'you like what you see?' lmao

  • Aathirra Noortyanissa
    Aathirra Noortyanissa

    well sofia riche should watch this

    • 123flower girl
      123flower girl

      Aathirra Noortyanissa why ?



  • Huzaifah Chowdhury
    Huzaifah Chowdhury

    Wtf 4:39

  • Red Rebel
    Red Rebel

    Lol that thumbnail with Khloe on the bathtub XD

  • Turki Alsaud
    Turki Alsaud

    Kendall Jenner is the best and the kindest

    • Jade Gosling
      Jade Gosling

      Turki Alsaud 😂😂😂

  • Rachel Huang
    Rachel Huang

    Khloe was so beautiful before

  • Iyla Idrees
    Iyla Idrees

    Scot and Kourtney are soo cute 😘 Scot is the funniest especially at 4.35 when he says “This sick deluded world we live in” 🤣

  • Simone Livesey
    Simone Livesey

    Kris slipping Bruce viagra and Rob accidentally drinking it, will forever be iconic 😂😂

    • Fineata Palau
      Fineata Palau


    • blu halo
      blu halo

      They weren't even real viagra it was herble ones they would not make you hard that long if at all even work plus I don't think she's that desperate to fuck the guy she treats like a guest in his own home and why they in the bedroom like there having sex if he can't get it up he never drank the herble tea and kids pounding on the door this was so fake and who gose to hospital for having a hard on all he had to do was rub one out and its gone

    • happy5808

      What hahahahaha

  • Kuldeep_guraya


  • Kuldeep_guraya

    Okie eww penuis

  • Kuldeep_guraya

    Heyyy. It’s me. Soo okay Peace out 👋❤️💗😐👿😴😴😩😩😩💚💛💛💙💙💝😂💝😂😭💗👯👯👋😰

  • Idk Anymore
    Idk Anymore

    At the end of every episode there is that music a the end WHAT IS IT CALLED I REALLY LIKE IT? 💜

  • jeesu

    Wtf i am watching

  • CuberGener

    Oh I get it she wants to have sex with him