George Foreman: I didn't want any part of Mike Tyson | Max on Boxing | ESPN
George Foreman joins Max on Boxing as he reflects on his historic career. Foreman says he understands what it takes to reinvent a career as he moved on from boxing and is now a salesman. Foreman weighs in on boxers today including Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury. Foreman finishes by saying he never wanted to fight Mike Tyson who was a "monster" in the ring.
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  • Martin Walsh
    Martin Walsh

    What a gentleman he is

  • Eco Geek
    Eco Geek

    I am pretty certain that Mike Tyson at his prime was maybe the most dangerous boxer ever.

  • Vantheman12 Welshman
    Vantheman12 Welshman

    George is being modest per usual. George would have eaten Tyson for his breakfast!

  • Prettylynn Mea
    Prettylynn Mea

    I remember George saying that he wanted Tyson several times when the possibility was real. He explained that anyone who comes at him (George) he would knock him out, that those type fighters were tailor-made for George. I believe George would have withstood Tyson's early onslaught and then knocked him out. Remember the shots he took from Holyfield and remained on his feet ? George is being very generous to Tyson as the older, wiser man.

  • dmxdmx08

    George Foreman is the greatest heavyweight champion who won heavyweight champion title at 45yrs old. Even Ali can’t match it.

  • john cooper
    john cooper

    George and Evander are my favorite boxers of all times.

  • Horror City
    Horror City

    George did something in boxing nobody duplicated again 👑 bad bad bad dude..

  • Jeffrey J
    Jeffrey J

    Max "Beta-Male" Kellerman.... . the great white apologist.... This man loathes himself.. it's pretty pathetic...

  • DingleZilla

    Boxing needs a new Mike Tyson.

  • Tony Weaver
    Tony Weaver

    SALUTE BIG George!!!!

  • maleman julpax
    maleman julpax

    Aaaaammmeeeennn Preacher

  • Scaramouche da Vinci
    Scaramouche da Vinci

    You regularly forget the greatest boxers of all time. The Klitschkos. Wladimir Klitschko won all titles for more than 10 years. And he won from 69 fights 64. Wladimir Klitschko won the World Cup belts of the IBF, IBO, WBO and WBA and defended the IBF title a total of 18 times. You may not like that (maybe because he is Ukrainian and not American), but within a few decades he will be counted among the best 5 heavyweight champions of all time. I am sure!

  • Scott Mont
    Scott Mont

    George foreman is a class act...what a guy...and hes so genuine and truthfull Man a true champion!

  • Julio Inostroza
    Julio Inostroza

    Happy fat man😂

  • Ty Johnson
    Ty Johnson

    George Foreman is one of my all time favorite boxers and he's a great man outside of the ring but Mike Tyson would have walked right through him or Ali or anyone else from history. Mike Tyson was the best in the ring.

  • Got Game
    Got Game

    Cus said for Tyson never to fight George foreman and that’s the truth foreman is just being a nice guy

  • CJ -NYC
    CJ -NYC

    The humility of the legend that is George Foreman is so refreshing to hear and something that is greatly lacking in this era. ..

  • Batman M
    Batman M

    Great interview!

  • croplaya

    Prime tyson 88 would kill him. Post jail tyson is a better argument

  • Théo Becquet
    Théo Becquet

    Well, that settles the debate... If George Freaking Foreman didn't want any piece of a prime Mike Tyson , then that explains why Hollyfield and Lennox Lewis didn't want to fight him either in his prime. They only accepted the challenge when Mike was destroying himself with cocaïne and some other garbage, and didn't use his peak a boo style anymore. If Lewis or Hollyfield would have faced Tyson in his prime with Kevin Rooney and Cus D'Amato in his corner, the fight would have lasted 2 or 3 rounds. You know It, I know It, everybody knows It

  • Guy Etundi
    Guy Etundi

    Joe Louis the goat ?? Man i have to watch some videos i guess.

  • anthony patterson
    anthony patterson

    Don’t worry, George, he didn’t want any part of you either. He was tailor made for you, ask Cus.

  • Arjun Prabhu
    Arjun Prabhu

    Big George Foreman is just being modest, fact is that he would have knocked out Tyson !

  • Rich 91
    Rich 91

    he looks like a big baby lol

  • danni ragu
    danni ragu

    George was beast i luv mike but bad match up!!!

  • Michael Quintana
    Michael Quintana

    who is Joe Luis? lol i am not that old

  • Michael Quintana
    Michael Quintana

    i read His book God in my corner... its a good read... George was a beast himself....

  • turbopowered68

    Great work

  • thomas riner
    thomas riner


  • thomas riner
    thomas riner


  • King Artheus
    King Artheus

    I can only imagine God waiting for Foreman and Tyson to pass. And have his dream match.

  • Frank Bolton
    Frank Bolton

    George foreman is truly a great man God did a excellent job with him

  • Eddy Drijver
    Eddy Drijver

    Love Mike Hulk Tyson!!!

  • The Funk
    The Funk

    George still looks like he did in 1990.

  • LoneStar Cowboy
    LoneStar Cowboy

    Met Bert Sugar many years ago in the Hamptons. I asked him who was the best fighter he ever saw. He said Ali and then Foreman.

  • Wuan Lopez
    Wuan Lopez

    Wow thank you for this interview this really great here. George the great champion but you know what I want to say something in Spanish the MEXICAN people we called youJORGE EL GRANDE

  • 23 charlie
    23 charlie

    Your a legend George . Anthony Joshua will lose again because..... I'll quote Rocky Baboa . It's not how much you can give . It's how much you can take and get back up . AJ lost co's Andy Ruiz has more Heart . Thats it man . I'd bet my house on it

  • j go
    j go

    Favorite boxer ever! Don't care about any celebrities but he's the one guy I'd like to meet.

  • steven denham
    steven denham

    Big George should have been the greatest heavy weight of all time ..

  • Mr. 2 Hands Up
    Mr. 2 Hands Up

    Facts Ernie punched way harder Deontay has only knocked over cans you can't gauge his power against ATG HW's George looks great at his age!

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