God Of War's Mimir - An animatronic project by Bar-El Studio
This is it! After a long progress, I present you the last studio's animatronic project: "Mimir - the smartest man alive!"
Mimir is one of the main characters of the "God Of War" video game developed by @santamonicastudio only for Sony's @playstation 4 gaming console.
This is an independent project created by @barelstudio only as a tribute to the game and its creators.
All rights to the music, audio and character design reserved to Sony Interactive Entertainment. To see the progress of this project and more creations, please visit @Bar-El Studio on instagram!

  • Brett Whicker
    Brett Whicker

    I wanna buy one

  • Cholo Garcia Vitug
    Cholo Garcia Vitug

    Great... Now i want one...

  • User0815

    Go working in Hollywood

  • iTry Nano
    iTry Nano

    that would be, hands down, the sickest smart case (alexa or google home, whatever you use or like... i use alexa and siri)

  • nightspicer

    Damn boi :o

  • Alejandro Rocha
    Alejandro Rocha

    the logo sucks

  • Mostafa Jundi
    Mostafa Jundi

    It with amazing if he can be like Alexa or Google a smart assistant Cause hes the smartest man alive

  • Arjun Dev
    Arjun Dev

    almost wish I was there in this fantastic fantasy 👌👏

  • Bihari Márk
    Bihari Márk

    Remember this comment, when this channel reaches 1 million subs.

    • Bar-El Studio
      Bar-El Studio

      Ohh... It's gonna take some time... But thanks!

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  • Not Ted just Matthew
    Not Ted just Matthew


  • Marianockster XT
    Marianockster XT


  • Martin Szabó
    Martin Szabó

    Nice BOI.

  • diegobox

    Very nice. It looks real

  • Andi pratama
    Andi pratama


  • Nando Batallas
    Nando Batallas

    Así me imagino que se ha de ver en el PS5

  • Alison from Gamology
    Alison from Gamology

    Hi Bar-El Studio ! 🙂 Alison from Gamology here! (6 million fans on Facebook) I'm contacting you regarding this video on your NOsoft channel: (nosoft.info/hd/video/noiln5WlvK6luYc) Mimir has never looked so good! We would love to do a news video about your work, would it be possible to use your video so we can illustrate and ask you a few questions about the creation process? We will of course credit you accordingly and link your original video in the first comments. --- You can find our pages here: Facebook: Gamology US - FR - ES - Asia - TBOGM - GCN - Amazing Gaming - Crazy Gaming - Gaming Addict - Gamers On Board Facebook Watch: Pixel Heroes - Gamology Live Talent - Side Quest - Gamer Forecast Twitter: @GamologyOff Instagram: Gamology NOsoft: Gamology - Side Quest Snapchat: Gamology TikTok: Gamology Twitch: GamologyLive --- Let me know what you think - you can just respond to this email to let me know if you'd like to authorize us to feature your video on our pages. :) Have a nice day and keep up the good work! All the best, Alison

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  • Matt J
    Matt J

    Where can I purchase this?

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  • Headcase Games
    Headcase Games

    How much?!

  • Jorg Ancarth
    Jorg Ancarth

    Holly Fucking Shit this is very veryy Epiccc !

  • SuperZoom

    :O bruh

  • Greg Kiss
    Greg Kiss


  • Chase

    Incredible work!!

  • Rahat Khan
    Rahat Khan

    Somebody show Cory Barlog and SSM Studios!

    • Rahat Khan
      Rahat Khan

      @Bar-El StudioNice lets me know if you get a job lol

    • Bar-El Studio
      Bar-El Studio

      They already saw it and shared it :)

  • Superglue Hot Wings
    Superglue Hot Wings

    Never thought I needed something like this so much in my life until now

  • Santa Monica Studio
    Santa Monica Studio

    You guys are GODS, LEGENDS, this is amazing, HOLY SHIT is right, WOW. Please drop us a line at sms@sony.com, love to connect with you. WOW.

    • Bar-El Studio
      Bar-El Studio

      Thank you! Massages were sent. Please check your inbox(es) :)

  • meidanos -מידן מושל
    meidanos -מידן מושל


    • Ehud Bar-El
      Ehud Bar-El

      כן אדוני?

  • OriHadar

    HO-LY SHIT! Amazing work!

  • FullmetalJun

    This is so perfect. You'd think it's the head of a real human with the attention to details. This is going to worth thousands of dollars

  • Super Eggroll
    Super Eggroll

    Your friend seems to have really helped you out by posting this on Reddit.

    • Super Eggroll
      Super Eggroll

      @Bar-El Studio ah, but you also just started. So that's an amazing start, actually.

    • Super Eggroll
      Super Eggroll

      @Bar-El Studio no shame in getting some help. You got some real talent. Clicked on the vid immediately from Reddit, and am baffled at how small your channel is.

    • Bar-El Studio
      Bar-El Studio

      He's a social media's expert kinda guy and indeed, a friend. you can't do everything alone :)

  • Jonathan Anderson
    Jonathan Anderson

    Does he have a built in Alexa?

    • Jonathan Anderson
      Jonathan Anderson

      A few questions. How long did this take, and do you plan to make more?

    • Bar-El Studio
      Bar-El Studio

      It can actually be easily done 🤔

  • Thomas Yao
    Thomas Yao

    I wonder if it can give me a "Brother, behind you!" warning when it sees hot chicks LOL. Amazing job!

  • Furkan Çil
    Furkan Çil

    That exactly looks like the *HEAD* good job !

  • Tobi Ice
    Tobi Ice

    This video will blow up

  • What? Clucky
    What? Clucky


  • Corey Collins
    Corey Collins

    I'll take 5

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  • mezxv

    This is pretty damn amazing. Good on you. Ill take 3!