God of War 4 - Kratos, Sindri & Brok Throw Mimir's Head (God of War 2018) PS4 Pro
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GoW 4 brok and sindri toss mimir and leave him alone
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  • loafhero

    Its nice that for once, Kratos has allies that are not only actually decent people but survives the story too.

    • Baris Bal
      Baris Bal

      it was a good change indeed. in previous games, there was nothing to do except looking at his grump face during all those long silent and alone missions

  • darkbluemt

    Next game will probably have Hodd and Hel and Fenrir

  • Long Quang
    Long Quang

    I think he's going to get a new body in the next gow

  • Bashir Elier
    Bashir Elier

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> when I read the first question in the exam😂

  • Lucky_ Stern
    Lucky_ Stern

    What will happen if Mimir eye's get itch.

    • Deranged Crouton
      Deranged Crouton

      He can't feel anything

  • Cristhian Ramirez
    Cristhian Ramirez

    The love - hate relationship between Sindri and Brok is hilarous and so funny. Hope they will be in the sequels


    Is it just me or does brok look like a short blue red foreman?

    • Elexstehr

      CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES !!! Well, he certainly acts like him 😄

  • M1N1 RAGE
    M1N1 RAGE

    ”Oh no no no no ugh fine dammit”

  • Daymi

    stop putting spoilers in your title

  • The One
    The One

    I laughed so hard when he gave the head to the dwarves ahahaha ‘Oh No! No, no NO!’😂😂😂

    • David Chester Reyes
      David Chester Reyes

      The One this still gives me goosebumps ahahahaha

  • Marth

    If the dwarves took measurements would that imply they’re going to make Mimir a body?

    • Deranged Crouton
      Deranged Crouton

      @Mega Blade Chronicles hmm that is true.... I don't know well have to see. Magni and modi are dead so this version of ragnarok's gonna be a bit different. Why are there so many causes and factors involved with ragnarok?? It's sooo confusing

    • Mega Blade Chronicles
      Mega Blade Chronicles

      Deranged Crouton no I know, but hopefully they meet Fenrir before that, I mean jormungandr is an important player in Ragnarök and they met him in this game

    • Deranged Crouton
      Deranged Crouton

      @Mega Blade Chronicles hate to put you down but like the third god of war game where he completely massacres the pantheon and that is the end of the end of the first trilogy, this new trilogy will most definitely save ragnarok for the final game.

    • Mega Blade Chronicles
      Mega Blade Chronicles

      @Deranged Crouton oh I know they will but I hope its in the next game and not in a possible third game

    • Deranged Crouton
      Deranged Crouton

      @Mega Blade Chronicles of course they have to meet fenrir wolf. Hes a key part of ragnarok he was even in the marvel film of the same name but there he was called fenris

  • Wasnionero

    I am very confused starting from where I am digesting this story, very unorganized

    • Cristhian Ramirez
      Cristhian Ramirez

      Just watch the movie cutscenes here in yt,i don't have a ps4 so I have no other option

    • Dark Emperor
      Dark Emperor

      Clearly you didn't play the game nor watched the entire story.

    • Murri16

      yeh play the game dude lol

    • Robert Alcazar
      Robert Alcazar

      Wasnionero 11 maybe becauae you're just watching clips

  • Who da Fook is dis guy?
    Who da Fook is dis guy?

    Fuck that spoiler

  • Rayvon Johnson
    Rayvon Johnson

    Bro wtf, ruined the game with your titles and thumbnails smh, why tf are you in my recommended anyway

    • Zempheus

      What the fuck you gonna do? cry? piss your pants maybe? maybe cum a little?

    • Frost The Foxxo
      Frost The Foxxo

      Quit crying ya little bitch.

    • Hououin Kyouma
      Hououin Kyouma

      +Rave crazee I thought that the last part would make it really obvious that it was a joke but it's alright fam.

    • Darrell Hendrix
      Darrell Hendrix

      "Why are you in my recommended" Sounds like a question to ask youtube

    • Rayvon Johnson
      Rayvon Johnson

      DarkkAngeL Slayer riiigghhhhttttt

  • bladeattack 123
    bladeattack 123

    Short asss clips what the fuck views are not that important damn

  • Ferdi Alif
    Ferdi Alif

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="139">2:19</a> nice reflections....

    • Ao Chen
      Ao Chen


    • Child Fs
      Child Fs

      Nice eye, Bigby!


    I rlly wanna see kratos battle grimlock XD

    • Skinny Penis
      Skinny Penis

      HOMETOWN CABBY that's a really shitty fanfic battle you got there boy

  • Christoffer Jespersen
    Christoffer Jespersen

    Wait didnt he only have one eye? How did he get the other eye?

    • I’m Bored
      I’m Bored

      Let me tell you a tale. See kratos, and his B O I went into the world serpent in search for mimir’s other eye which was swallowed up when the world serpent ate Thor’s statue whole! While they were in the worlds serpents body they found the statue and found the chess that the dwarves build to keep mimirs eye in. So Kratos and his B O I took the eye and shoved it back in his empty eye hole cause it was G R O S S

    • PorIssoMesmo

      Jayde Flayme that sounds so dumb it's kind of funny.

    • Jayde Flayme
      Jayde Flayme

      Christoffer Jespersen Odin hid it in the Thor statue that the serpent later ate out of spite

    • Christoffer Jespersen
      Christoffer Jespersen

      Now what were it doinge there......

    • ShadowmanX1989

      in The world serpent's stomach

  • GD. LightningRaven
    GD. LightningRaven

    Why tho

    • Quaiton Mcfarland
      Quaiton Mcfarland


    • fulcrum 29
      fulcrum 29

      Why tho

  • Caius Nephilim
    Caius Nephilim


    • Adam Strix
      Adam Strix

      Caius Nephilim congratulations