Goldbridge! Manchester United 3-0 Partizan Match Reaction
Manchester United 3-0 Partizan! Mark Goldbridge reacts to a good win for United and Solskjaer. Get the Manchester United player ratings and news on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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    Very interesting and fabulous video today I have seen. JUST LOVE IT ❤❤❤

  • Mohamad life
    Mohamad life

    Young played really well today tbh

  • frank woods
    frank woods

    Partizan Belgrade farmers/players force their pigs to smoke cigarettes and they marry their sisters....don't mean to be offensive or anything 🙄🙄

  • Anisa Ali
    Anisa Ali

    I just read some of the live chats and caught McTerminator in there and just laughed 🤣🤣 We need to use that more often.

  • Anisa Ali
    Anisa Ali

    I called that Greenwood goal before the game even started. I told my mate "Watch Greenwood score the opening goal" with confidence. He laughed in my face and bet 30 quid that he wouldn't. In the end I got the last laugh.

  • tanmay chopra
    tanmay chopra

    Man Utd forever

  • Newham 7 aside
    Newham 7 aside

    Dont kiss that badge your the most toxic person towards this club

  • mickey moynihan
    mickey moynihan

    Ole should listen to Paul Scholes!, Guys!

  • Devils God
    Devils God

    you write down sack ole why not sack top wages player's never kiss a legend chest unless you support the manager building the team to winning ways ya we won 13 titles unlucky 13 for 13 years to build the club back to winning ways year 2026 we be back what goes up the ladder must come down the snake we will be back but we must stop sacking managers now Ole wants to rebuild leave him lots time

  • Devils God
    Devils God

    stop sacking managers now blame the top wages player's sack top players after 6 months

  • Jay Ess
    Jay Ess

    Fred & mctominay 7? 6 at best imo.

  • Bo Bi
    Bo Bi

    I am angry on ole. he plays the exact same team against everyone. McTomniay got a little injury Maguire also. Lindeloff is injured. and why? because Ole is a IDIOT!

  • Peter Cameron
    Peter Cameron

    It’s getting like ArsenalTV bi polar!!!

  • Dane Duffy
    Dane Duffy

    Martial played striker in 2015 and mark will say he didn’t, straight cap from goldbridge

  • man utd football
    man utd football

    That goal from martial 👌 That goal from rashford power house goal from left leg 👍🏼 Green wood goal clever

  • robert charlton
    robert charlton

    Ollie should stand down or get a better tactical coach in.

  • Joey T
    Joey T

    You’re going way OTT with your Martial hype. Yes he’s improved but I’ll wait until he has a great game at no.9 against a decent opposition before waxing lyrical about him

  • whatwhat3432523

    All they do is football. I expect millionaires to be able to play 180 minutes a week. Jesus Christ.

  • jegthepeg

    Connah's Quay Nomads held Partizan Belgrade to a draw earlier in the competition

  • Roland Ceu
    Roland Ceu

    Happy to win a game. But with this staff and board it's only gonna get worse. Let's enjoy midtable before we go way way below soon

  • Gunslinger Oy
    Gunslinger Oy

    I agree the squad could be rotated better, however, of the players you listed there... who exactly do you think we have to replace them? Using AWB as an example - shaw and dalot are injured. Young was playing. Williams will be playing against Brighton due to young suspension.

  • Siya MZ
    Siya MZ

    Ole on th.................

  • Manuel Fernando
    Manuel Fernando

    Mata = pub level, Luke shaw injured at home = 10/10. This is how this guy donplauer ratings. Bias

  • Manuel Fernando
    Manuel Fernando

    This guy must be the most negative in whole of Manchester

  • Richie 1138
    Richie 1138

    We don't have enough of a squad to rotate. We have no other CMs, apart from Garner who did play in the end. I see what Ole wanted to do - play strong, get qualification, then we don't have to play strong team against the rest of the sides because we're already through. Can play youth against Astana etc We don't need to play a strong team against Colchester, so more rest time

  • Man Like i
    Man Like i

    My Biggest worry is that a club like Partizan felt they could go toe to toe against Man Utd and had opportunities although the final ball was poor, which brings up the question, why? The weekend game yet again is going to expose the team & manager we have.

  • Tim Robertson
    Tim Robertson

    I'm still ole out, always will be now

  • #Truth #Blessed
    #Truth #Blessed

    Snipit of you kissing the badge because you won 3-0 against a nobody team shows it all really

  • Ian Deeley
    Ian Deeley

    Last 32, here we come!

  • Neel Sattigiri
    Neel Sattigiri

    rojo should get a 10 everytime he doesn't get a red


      Hahaha 😂

    • Anisa Ali
      Anisa Ali


  • TheBradcaster

    Maybe you lot should give Lingard a break and direct the witch hunt towards Pereira, who is utterly useless, but for some reason gets more game time. Why OGS persists in playing him is a mystery.

  • MyDagfinn

    Ole Gunnar Solskjær played with a strong team in order to qualify soon and avoid going on a long journey. So secure possibility to rest players. I say he thaught ahead and deserve kudos for this.

  • Mulu 90 Sport
    Mulu 90 Sport

    Graham Potter's Brighton will be harder even harder than Bournemouth

  • Mulu 90 Sport
    Mulu 90 Sport

    Graham Potter's Brighton will be harder even harder than Bournemouth

  • OConnor_60

    A 7 Scott and Fred should of got 4

  • kelele

    lingard is stealing a living at United

  • Mulu 90 Sport
    Mulu 90 Sport

    For this game only Mata should get an 8 because he was the one linking plays with the front 3 if Pereira played instead of him we wouldn't have scored even ones, for me Mata is MOTM like if you agree

  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe

    Martial class goal .. if that was messi it would be called world class...

  • Ian Rodricks
    Ian Rodricks

    What's with Goldbridge kissing the badge in the thumbnail? What a pathetic performance, when you consider this is our best team, not including De Gea and Williams. He's basically left the team to suffer for the Brighton game

  • MemoryLaneCinema

    Haha Mark cries over the use of first team players in this match. Clearly Ole is smart. Ole says he wanted to win this match so he can save many established players from travelling all the way to Astana.

  • Anton_ 17
    Anton_ 17

    Rashford can be like sterling is now ,but he needs the right coching

  • nevermindthe bollocks
    nevermindthe bollocks

    Martial is not world class , where was he against Bournemouth, he's an average player in an average team.

  • Rejaul Karim
    Rejaul Karim

    Would like to see a 4-4-2 with Martial and Greenwood as the two strikers and Rashford and D.James as the wingers with Fred and McSauce as our CM

    • Richie 1138
      Richie 1138

      @Slabhead you can play Rashford and Martial up front in that system. But I think 4-3-3 works better

    • Richie 1138
      Richie 1138

      @Slabhead so basically a 4-4-2 diamond.

  • fint riez
    fint riez

    be grateful..we win that all matter

  • Steve Remikie
    Steve Remikie

    Pereira as had enough chances.

  • Jonathan Pelham
    Jonathan Pelham

    Switching off now, 2mins in and Goldbridge is all “we did this, we did that BUT whinge whinge whinge.....” Whatever.........can’t listen anymore. Do u secretly support City or what?

  • Lars 123
    Lars 123

    0:30 we also didnt have a shot on target against Alkmaar


    Does anyone know if we can bring Smalling back in January?

    • Prime Neymar
      Prime Neymar

      CTM VIDEOGRAPHY yeah but Roma want him permanently

  • incognito96

    Papering over the cracks again let's see what happens at Brighton, in the prem were it counts.

  • Mafia Farming
    Mafia Farming

    I hope they can win the next match against brighten

  • Ajay Gokal
    Ajay Gokal

    Ole wanted to secure qualification. In the 2 remaining Europa games he will play all the other players and rest 1st team players. Hopefully this momentum will be carried in the Brighton game and rest of season. Ole need to start with Greenwood more often.

  • rowen

    cool shirt..i want one

  • Reuben Coetzer
    Reuben Coetzer

    Ander Herrera was the biggest loss for United ever and him leaving on a free is not mentioned enough. With him in the midfield this season we would have been a totally different entity

    • Hayderofficial 786
      Hayderofficial 786

      Wooyoung Park get the profile pic of

    • Sugam Gautam
      Sugam Gautam

      350k a week for a player like that is ridiculous. De Bryune earns that much

    • Jason Hughes
      Jason Hughes

      350k a week for let’s be real. A Hard working player and wears his heart on his sleeve but was just an average midfielder. He wouldn’t get in the Liverpool squad. He’d sit on the bench most of the time.

  • Imy Khan
    Imy Khan

    What's with the stand behind the tunnel spinning their flags?

  • Imy Khan
    Imy Khan

    What's with the stand behind the tunnel spinning their flags?

  • Kirito Janger
    Kirito Janger

    Phil Jones is not playing bcoz he was caught saying "sacked in the morning". And Ole is punishing him.

    • Richie 1138
      Richie 1138

      According to who?

  • M shibili
    M shibili

    Fred was brilliant!

  • M shibili
    M shibili

    Martial should leave the club, he is wasting his talent here

  • Cristian Smikle
    Cristian Smikle

    I think Ole's finished with PL and focusing on winning Europa for UCL money

  • Lewis Polden
    Lewis Polden

    "They turned up in their farmers' boots, bit of straw... I'm not being disrespectful" ??? Erm... YOU ARE


      😂😂😂 Yeah but u gotta love him

    • briefcasewanker

      @Roland Ceu still disrespectful.

    • Roland Ceu
      Roland Ceu

      It's the truth?