Grandayy's Meme Awards 2019
Celebrating the best memes of 2019, along with a special Meme of the Decade award.
Massive thanks to all the creators that participated in this! I'm so proud of this community.
Host: @VoiceoverPete
@twomad 360
@Gus Johnson
@The Real Life Peter Griffin
Special guest and double award winner: @CaptainSparklez
Thumbnail by: @Thafnine
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  • Saitama

    the saddest part? in 10 years, if we are still around, we'll rediscover this video and think how things were different back then, getting hit by a strong nostalgia and probably attempt suicide.

  • Scunt .0
    Scunt .0

    2:28 Ricc astley

  • Ghostcake

    Grandayy you are my mental support.

  • JockyPocki

    what about meme of the century?

  • Boze 491
    Boze 491

    #rip Kermit the frog

  • ZackNado

    Honestly I guessed all of these correctly nostalgia

  • MarioBros Creations
    MarioBros Creations

    5:30 part of why I came here

  • Ned Kelly
    Ned Kelly

    Press f to pay respects fffffffffffffffffffff f f ffffffffff f f f f

  • Leo Komljenovic
    Leo Komljenovic

    Best meme youtuber is Tyler not mr beast!!!😠

  • GM V9
    GM V9


  • Michael Vanwolput
    Michael Vanwolput

    I'm sad that the pufferfish eating a carrot did not win

  • norik plays
    norik plays

    Why did pokimane sound like she was doing an asmr

  • Alf Barry
    Alf Barry

    how many people did grandayy have to contact to make this video?

  • Markus vlogs iutu
    Markus vlogs iutu


  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord

    I am so happy it was stefen Karl

  • Garv Bhupesh Verma
    Garv Bhupesh Verma

    When everyone forgets stocks meme

  • Garv Bhupesh Verma
    Garv Bhupesh Verma

    12:59 lol

  • Coneblox

    Make a funniest comment award

  • Toxin of meeenes
    Toxin of meeenes

    13:58 Pyrocynical disliked the video.

  • Bluenderd

    I thought Sonic would win the best movie meme, but the Joker winning also really great.

  • Proto is epic
    Proto is epic

    The fact that anomaly used a fucking flamethrower made it amazing

  • 1c7x 2
    1c7x 2

    Peter griffin lmao

  • Hala x
    Hala x


  • Katsumi Sora
    Katsumi Sora

    1:52 They gave jack a drumroll 7:03 They didnt gave her a drumroll instead she made her own drumroll Noice

  • Mark Finley
    Mark Finley

    F for F

  • Mr.krabs

    Dat boi should have been meme of the decade

  • Nick27

    Stefán Karl stefánsson won the meme of the decade... *or is he*

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    Yay I won an award *I M C U T E*

  • Meercatzz

    “Duolingo owl” what kind of monster are you

  • Dat one troller controller
    Dat one troller controller

    Creeper awww man died ages ago

  • Barny Buff Dino
    Barny Buff Dino

    7:55 he just wanted to say hi to Pokéman😂😂😂

  • Universe Brix
    Universe Brix

    Baby Yoda is not a meme. Baby Yoda is G O D

  • Echcryfish24

    Stefan call: we are number one Everyone:yes you are

  • Mega Alche
    Mega Alche

    Me:You forgo Jazz music stops

  • tired

    when sparkles said look at that crowd he shouldve said "IS THAT A CREEPER?"

  • Aerial QS
    Aerial QS

    Or Are They ?

  • Asher Gilderman
    Asher Gilderman

    I'm so sad that OK boomer won

  • Louis Keen
    Louis Keen

    ok boomer beating bruh is a crime against humanity or you could call it a bruh moment

  • Jasmin Bosnic
    Jasmin Bosnic

    14:26 that graph aint right

  • BartekSwag123

    Ricardo should win becouse he is a good meme

    • woke.

      I love Ricardo he has big mussels no homo reddit moment

  • Peter Sklap
    Peter Sklap

    For the Minecraft one you should’ve gotten technoblade

  • alan rock blaster
    alan rock blaster

    who thought pepe the frog deserved more?

  • Beast Of Beasts
    Beast Of Beasts


  • Ping spoof
    Ping spoof

    I thought that endgame spoilers are gunna win

  • falando sobre coisas
    falando sobre coisas

    Untitled goose game doesnt win any premiations Peace was never an option

  • Luca Martinel
    Luca Martinel


  • The Legendary Harvgull
    The Legendary Harvgull

    Why didn’t ‘others’ win meme of the year?

  • Rayquaza 22
    Rayquaza 22

    I loved the sans in smash meme I feel like it should’ve won the gamer meme

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy


  • davies’s bASS
    davies’s bASS

    where’s davie504

  • Geno Pap's
    Geno Pap's

    Who's here after you see Grandayy Comment in Lil nas Panini?

  • Random guy on the net
    Random guy on the net

    Wheres Jojo memes?

  • Founded

    Haha imagine being the “Untitled Goose Game” and being in animals and video games, yet not even winning 😂

  • Razor Seth
    Razor Seth

    bruh when i saw peter griffin i pissed myself

  • Dundo Maroje
    Dundo Maroje

    RIP in peace Pepe the Frog. You got snubbed at the memes award.

  • Gamer Retard
    Gamer Retard

    Pepe the frog! For meme of the decade

  • Mike oxlong
    Mike oxlong

    I’m the bald guy

  • jazz extreme
    jazz extreme

    10:06 Suffering from succes

  • benjaminbdraws

    He will always be #1

  • Silver GoldTwine
    Silver GoldTwine

    youtube should hire you to fix their youtube rewind