Hairdresser Reacts: Blonde To Green Hair Transformations
Brad Mondo
Hi Beautiful! Today we dive into the beautiful world of green hair. Few are brave enough to rock the green hair but when they do it definitely pays off!

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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo

    I think green is gonna be the hair color of 2020

    • Sneaky Snek
      Sneaky Snek

      I died green streaks in my hair in December :3

    • Kirsten Horn
      Kirsten Horn

      arctic fox's phantom green is the WORST green you can use, I'm sorry but it's just not good

    • Real Raw and Random
      Real Raw and Random

      I love the lob grey girl's hair, it was so damn beautiful! If i could get mine that color I'd rock the shit outta it!!💚👽💚

    • Ashley M
      Ashley M

      Currently rocking green balayage and I love love love it!

    • jennifer lopez
      jennifer lopez

      Brad Mondo I dyed my hair green without knowing you had reacted to videos smh but 2020 should be for green hair I love it!!

  • Payten Jobe
    Payten Jobe

    Her hair probably went blue because they bought a color that requires a red base I had a similar thing happen to me and I red the inside of the box and it said small

  • Leila Carina
    Leila Carina


  • Sarah Stevens
    Sarah Stevens

    I want some green hair but I’m scared. maybe I’ll get a dip dye. if I do it myself, might end up on here tho 😂

  • TheArtBox

    I really do enjoy watching you and your enthusiasm, because I never have a good day and you always make a good day.

  • Danielle Larson
    Danielle Larson

    One thing I can think of (as I was watching the third girl, as a licensed hair stylist, and someone that does non natural colors) I like to put my hair color on shampooed only hair. No conditioner, no products, freshly shampooed hair. I've gotten my best results from that and could be why there is a difference in color in the first video.

    • Danielle Larson
      Danielle Larson

      Currently sporting green hair via punky colors alpine green 🤩👌🏻

  • Hannah Wilkinson
    Hannah Wilkinson

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="558">9:18</a> is my favorite part of the whole video

  • Leah Moore
    Leah Moore

    He should do an entire video reacting to Stella Cini. She’s awesome with hair.

  • queengoblin

    I mean I have the same same dye and just lightened my hair maybe it’s green time

  • Lil Ziggy
    Lil Ziggy

    I've used phantom green and my ends turned hella blue so I think it's just the dye doing it but I liked how it looked but I was confused on why it did that

  • Han Nes
    Han Nes

    All greens are a mix of blue and yellow but mostly blue based idk why. Yellow washes out way faster than blue. Her ends where platinum, if she has Asian hair this means these ends took some shit to get this light. Being this porous, yes they suck up colour like crazy but also don’t hold onto it as strong so that more yellow gets lost when washing the colour out, then in the healthier minds and roots making more of the blue shine thru ( bc let me tell u that shit stains ur hair for good). They are probably not completely blue but since they are next to hair that is bright green ur eyes perceive them way more blue then they are, stand alone they would look turquoise/ dark teal

  • Stella Lane
    Stella Lane

    Love the name stella😂❤️

  • IssyRo Tiger
    IssyRo Tiger

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="555">9:15</a> I love Brad 😆❤️👌

  • Aoife !
    Aoife !

    Brad: 2020 is the year for green hair Me:yeah there’s this thing called corona virus 🦠

  • Ashley Fowler
    Ashley Fowler

    Green used to be a color that poisoned people and if they wore it they died. If they were poisoned by it there last words were everything and everyone is green. But yeah~ it will be fine now👍🏻

  • Malon Kelly
    Malon Kelly

    This definitely makes me miss my green hair. It was SO HARD to get out so idk if I'll go back....but it is good.

  • BabyGurl Chaplin
    BabyGurl Chaplin

    Stella fucking SLAYED

  • Syra Wilcox
    Syra Wilcox

    Alternative name: Brad freaking out over green hair colors for 23 minutes

  • LySandra Grace
    LySandra Grace

    Brad looks like a member of NSYNC here

  • izuku midoriya
    izuku midoriya

    She likes mha yay

  • blackgirlj

    Ok I wanna dye my hair now

  • Levi Idk why I need a last name
    Levi Idk why I need a last name

    My theory for why the ends went blue: Maybe the developers were relying on yellow undertones in hair to make it more green. Since the ends didn’t have much, if any, yellow the dye stayed a blue. Either way I liked it... it wasn’t a solid color but it reminded me of a peacock EDIT: I wrote this before Brad said literally the same thing... oops.

    • PJ Vis
      PJ Vis

      The third girl really nailed it. That particular colour has a strong blue undertone and fades to blue. Mixing it with black would then also stop most of that from happening.

  • Hayley123

    Brad: hello buetiful people Me: sitting in bed eating food

  • Hhrlisa

    Green hair reveal, Brad humps his stool. I'm for it.

  • Allison Pauling
    Allison Pauling

    His reaction to “if not it’s always gunna wash out right” is my favourite 😂

  • Alyssa V
    Alyssa V

    I think her ends turned blue because they were more and treated/bleached and less yellow. Each time you touch up blonde roots there's generally a small amount of overlap onto the bleached hair, which can eventually lead to a variation in porosity throughout the length of the hair. I have almost white blonde hair, and while my colour is even throughout my hair, when I use my purple shampoo (Joico Violet) I have to be careful to not let it reach the bottom half of my hair so long because the closer to the end the more purple will come through. So like you said, she should have waited before doing her ends! Still looks lovely though.

  • Lu Lame
    Lu Lame

    When I did my hair w Arctic fox it turned blue w green splotches! And then the green splotches eventually turned purple :(

  • Isabella Torres
    Isabella Torres

    Me: watches in 2020 Brad:I think green is going to be the new haircolor of 2020 Also me: no it is platinum blonde.and yes I just recently dyed it to this color here is a image for your mind I am a very tan brown girl who is 12 who has hazel eyes really pink lips and dyed my hair the color of Elsa with the roots dyed pitch black and my hair is shoulder neck length also I take care of my hair and it looks really healthy and from time to time I wash it and put curl custard in it and I have spring back curls and my hair shrinks up really fast and it looks really shiny.I was not kidding about the brown part I am Puerto Rican and black and Samoan ,native American,also middle eastern so my hair grows back really fast.

  • Jessica Willis
    Jessica Willis

    My hair did the same thing when i bleached then tried to go blue it come out blue and greenish

  • christina marie
    christina marie

    Looks like it came out nice over the blonde and yellow areas and then blue over white.. maybe more blue pigment than yellow. To make it dark.. making it look blue at the white ends. 🤷‍♀️

  • Hailey St. Onge
    Hailey St. Onge

    I use the arctic fox brand all the time and the phantom green shade has huge blue tones for some reason but if your hair is yellow it turns really green

  • The Salyards Family
    The Salyards Family

    You're feeling all sorts of ways in this video haha!

  • Myah Smith
    Myah Smith

    Why was the second girl wearing a white shirt while coloring her hair

  • Alexa boy 31 Gamer
    Alexa boy 31 Gamer

    Her ends might be blue because they were so porous that the colour went in and then washed straight back out leaving just the blue holding in there.... that would be my guess but I haven’t been a colourist for a long time 😆 love you’re videos brad! So much fun to watch!

  • Cheyenne

    I soooo want to do my hair green/teal.

  • ally alfano
    ally alfano

    everytime i’ve used arctic fox the color is never accurate. i got this really pretty burgundy color and it came out BRIGHT RED. another time i got this periwinkle color that was more purple than blue and it came out completely blue. the colors are pretty, but never accurate

  • Zecoria

    I experiance the blue takeover with my grey hair. the blue colour sticks to the hair and the yellow and red pigments wash away (equal amount red,blue,yellow equals grey) so i always have to add yellow and red pigments to my grey dye(pravana silver).

  • Simone Rose
    Simone Rose

    how excited Brad gets over green hair s the kind of energy i need in my life

  • Elise Bowen
    Elise Bowen

    Her ends turned blue because phantom green is actually more of a blue toned green. I died my hair with phantom green and the same exact thing happened to me, my ends were probably a level 9 and my roots at a 7 or 8 and when you’re doing phantom green I think it turns out better on a yellow toned blonde because it brings out the green more than the blue

    • Elise Bowen
      Elise Bowen

      Lol I commented before I finished the video. I paused when brad said if you’re a hairdresser comment why it’s doing that so I didn’t see the the literally explained what I said so oops

  • clo je
    clo je

    I’ve had green twice now in my life and I loved it so much! :) it’s a GR8 choice. I’d go green again in a heartbeat but I’m trying to grow out a buzz cut and avoiding doing anything to it lmao

  • purple mushroom
    purple mushroom

    If someone went into the quarantine with red hair, then came out with green hair, some people wouldn't know the difference.

  • Meredith Schneider
    Meredith Schneider

    i dyed my hair neon green last week looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Becky Lane
    Becky Lane

    Oh sweet young man, I just LOVE watching you. Dear one, you ARE thee Most kindest young man that any mother would love and be so very proud of, and sweet one, I am a mother of 2 boys, Adam and Eric. so I being a mom can tell you how very proud of you I am!!! This world NEEDS more kinder people in this world. Ole' mama Becky which is what my kids, their friends, and every one calls me---------------even all the staff at all the many different specialists' that I have to see. And you know what, I've been called this for so many years that Mama Becky is my normal.I applaud your truth, your inside and outside beauty, your kindness, and that big ole heart you have. THNKYOU WITH ALL MY HEART, Sincerely, Becky L from MA.

  • Alexis

    After I watched this video I dyed my hair green/aqua. And it’s still that color Also I have no idea why it turned blue, Arctic Fox Phantom is a yellow based green. I added aqua to get that forest green color🤷‍♀️

  • Bea Maralit
    Bea Maralit


  • rafé t
    rafé t

    Brad : You look stunning Me laying in my bed at 3 am looking like a potato : :)

  • Marta Rosa Mora Márquez
    Marta Rosa Mora Márquez

    people trying to get the green color and getting blue instead, for me is exactly the opposite

  • lejla mujakovic
    lejla mujakovic

    brad you should do an episode where you fix people’s hair fails that you’ve reacted to

  • june autome
    june autome

    Yeah, 2020 is the time for green hair alright. Maybe even green skin, to support our green friend Corono.

  • gaming with Abby
    gaming with Abby

    Let her be the midoriya that she wanted

  • k. rich
    k. rich

    The first girl was really cute with the blonde/white hair...even the green looked good on her. I don't see the problem

  • reyna x
    reyna x

    That second girl; 😍😍😍

  • Isabelle's life
    Isabelle's life

    first Girl: ...underneath Brad: *interrupts* " and I frickin oop"

  • Glen Alvarado
    Glen Alvarado

    I love how excited he gets

  • gracy taborski
    gracy taborski

    fun fact arctic fox fuckin sucks ass

  • Victoria Alexandra Scaggs
    Victoria Alexandra Scaggs

    Phantom green by arctic fox is more of a blue based green and typically deposits more blue than green so her ends turned blue because of the formula.

  • Ttyler Bailey
    Ttyler Bailey

    Went red to blonde to green a few weeks to a month ago. Fried my hair in the process, and the green needs to be redone lol. Keep an eye out for if I do a correction video, if I do. I need you to yell at me 😂

  • Eileen Zajac
    Eileen Zajac

    I wish I could come to you to get my hair done 😭 I want to color my hair for the first time in my life (a little balayage) and I’m 22 almost 23 😂😂

  • ellie belly
    ellie belly

    brad. you are so beautiful!

  • Grace Hanning
    Grace Hanning

    Boo boo “punch punch “ brad: those are love punches...hi beautiful thanks for being here...You look sssssstunning!

  • Amanda Sumosky
    Amanda Sumosky

    The first one, the blue just came from the shade and that color brand’s formula percentages of blue to yellow. I’ve seen it happen with a few color brands. Joico color intensity has that tendency too to pick up one portion of the color formula without an even starting tone. Weird. But it’s just the formulation as far as I can tell.

  • nobonez

    When it comes to those boxed dark greens usually they'll use more blue pigment than yellow. Like i'll tell you i used an emerald green you'd think would be more well "emerald" and it basically turned blue even with my hair being bleached

  • Katelyn Krout
    Katelyn Krout

    jay is a cosmetologist

  • sad shit
    sad shit

    Dyed my hair green one year ago, still in love with it

  • Marissa Hill
    Marissa Hill

    I tired to dye my hair navy blue just after high school and it turned out Christmas green... honestly probably one of my favourite colours I've been

  • Abbie Rodrigues
    Abbie Rodrigues

    Green is my absolute fav colour atm!! Phone case green, jumpers green LOVE IT💚💚

  • Phoebe

    it's quarantine time. I'm about to fuck my hair up and I'm here to take notes 😂

  • Alexandra Garvin
    Alexandra Garvin

    Phantom Green from Artic Fox is a beautiful color but it really is the lie of the century 🤣 I used it last year for green hair and after one wash I had extremely vibrant blue hair and then it faded it to teal and aqua 🤣 if you ever use that dye just make sure your okay with having different shades of green and blue and never knowing what color it will be the next wash .

  • Jenise Spiteri
    Jenise Spiteri

    I wish I have made a video of when I dyed my hair lime green. Brad would've lost it. 1in Magenta roots, blended into like 2 inches of turquoise, blended into like 12 inches lime green

  • Angela Murovhi
    Angela Murovhi

    Hi I loved this vid😀

  • CLynn 2007
    CLynn 2007

    Billie eylish WHO

  • Amyrah Williams
    Amyrah Williams

    I watched her video before her green hair she had electric peach;)

  • DomSkilla710

    The girl w the deep gray hair wow her hair turned out beautiful 💚💚💚

  • Taylor Rozier
    Taylor Rozier

    Brad went straight for a second wit the second girl. "Omg ur so freaking hot!"

  • Emily Pentland
    Emily Pentland

    Green matches my eye color i wanna go green 2020 and i might but professionally not at home

  • Kenna Dillon
    Kenna Dillon

    “An I freaking ooooop” - Brad Mondo 2020

  • Jessica Isaksson
    Jessica Isaksson

    Haha I had green hair before it was cool;-) nice that even basic bitches love some odd colours nowadays;-)

  • CHughes 17
    CHughes 17

    Who else has online classes today and are procrastinating by watching his videos

  • Enchanted 1802
    Enchanted 1802

    The first girl has emerald green as hair it’s so beautiful 😍

  • Enchanted 1802
    Enchanted 1802

    Econnoecnoeoonceonecnoceonomce! Anyway Billie has green hair