Happy Birthday with minions
Laura Dragne

  • Esmiitchh h
    Esmiitchh h

    Hbd exx✌♥️

  • Norbert Boldt
    Norbert Boldt

    Wow, perfect and very cool

  • Jaden Robinson
    Jaden Robinson

    yeaster day was m birthday

  • Mia

    When it’s my birthday every year my parents put this song when I wake up

  • VivianPlayz Roblox
    VivianPlayz Roblox

    Happy Birthday to my dog

  • Abe Rodriguez 319
    Abe Rodriguez 319

    This was posted the day after my birthday in 2015😭

  • Melina.

    Happy birthday y'all 😁

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther

    Happy Birthday Olympia! You're special, a strong, smart and beautiful woman! I wish u a happy year 💐

  • Haraldhorst Hartz
    Haraldhorst Hartz


  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy


  • Dessa Figueroa
    Dessa Figueroa

    Its armondos b day!!!

  • kayla mcelroy
    kayla mcelroy

    Lach flash meines Lebens ich habe nur nach einem Geburtstags Lied für meine kleine Schwester gesucht wirklich nices lied

  • scratch2430

    31 mil views and only 945 comments?

  • Fabian Alexander Santacruz
    Fabian Alexander Santacruz

    Video Perverso =(

  • lucy lastic
    lucy lastic

    Thank you Cliff:) Love ya beary one huggles

  • Joke Veenman
    Joke Veenman


  • Andrea Lucchi
    Andrea Lucchi


  • Jamie Cee49
    Jamie Cee49

    I love Minions. They are too funny...😆😆

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy


  • CosmiSpore

    this will be good for my grandma with Alzheimers

  • nena salinas
    nena salinas

    I love it

  • Nella Salemme
    Nella Salemme



    איזה סיבה בעולם יש לעשות דיסלייק לסרטון הזה? אין בו שום דבר רע

  • lydia

    its my cake testers birthday today xxx love you jj

  • SpringyBrute 42
    SpringyBrute 42


  • Carrie Dickerson
    Carrie Dickerson

    So funny

  • Robin Fontijn
    Robin Fontijn

    Net VLC

  • Christian DE NAPOLI
    Christian DE NAPOLI

    It’s actually my birthday today

    • Judit Végh
      Judit Végh

      Happy birthday!❤️

  • sexual jumanji
    sexual jumanji

    this is not happy birthday. please delete this.

  • Luka Pravi Vlogovi
    Luka Pravi Vlogovi

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, I came for <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="34">0:34</a> And you too

  • Doomato

    best video i got sent for my 18th birthday

  • Nicholas Jj
    Nicholas Jj


  • Nico Bückart
    Nico Bückart

    Heute hat mein bester Freund Geburtstag

  • Juliana Hamato Solorio
    Juliana Hamato Solorio

    it's My birthday.

  • Violet 101
    Violet 101

    About 10 million of these views is probably my school

  • Daniel Rodríguez
    Daniel Rodríguez

    My to

  • Anoniempje Love
    Anoniempje Love

    Mijn ....... is bijna jarig😍😍

  • Some fat boy
    Some fat boy

    Help me

  • Ali Isic
    Ali Isic


  • ΚΟΒΕ ツ
    ΚΟΒΕ ツ

    gay niggas

  • Wolfy Chan
    Wolfy Chan

    My mom just sent me this😆😆

  • Bálint giczi
    Bálint giczi

    this is the reason for cancer

  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez


  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy


  • Silverluna

    Got this in the mail for my b-day today. 😂

    • Elizabeth Grier
      Elizabeth Grier

      Or int bro

    • Elizabeth Grier
      Elizabeth Grier

      Elizabeth Grier love 💗 I wanna

    • Alex Mezei
      Alex Mezei


  • Laurie Tijerina
    Laurie Tijerina

    Happy Birthday Gerry! Love you❤🎊🎂🌹

  • Jay Pomona
    Jay Pomona

    bruh be like bruh

  • CyanideSailor

    This lady probably has no idea how the hell she has 30M views 😂

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment

    MINION!!! FUNNY!!1!

  • sophia barbosa
    sophia barbosa

    I love you

  • MyUsernames This
    MyUsernames This

    My dad sent me this XD

  • Kimberly Kim
    Kimberly Kim


  • Rosa Gomez
    Rosa Gomez

    Happy Birthday Banacrella 1235

  • Róbert Èvi
    Róbert Èvi


  • Gloria Bradford
    Gloria Bradford

    Sent to my 3 year old today for his Birthday... loves the Minions!

  • Krich

    niggardly ' ahahah SXEX!"

  • Throathead ✔️
    Throathead ✔️

    naw son

  • Panda Wolf
    Panda Wolf

    My Cousin send me this today (12.10.)😂❤

    • Miroslava V.
      Miroslava V.

      It's also my birthday on 12.10

  • Dancing roach
    Dancing roach

    He clearly likes it

  • Averybun_ 19
    Averybun_ 19

    The amount of times my father has sent me this video of my birthdays is infinite

    • Averybun_ 19
      Averybun_ 19

      Kayla sure

    • Tomura Shigaraki
      Tomura Shigaraki

      So your age is infinite? 🤔

  • XLThinOreos

    happy birthday to me and everyone else that celebrates on 8th of october

  • Sửu Ca Vlog
    Sửu Ca Vlog

    Ad cho mình xin mượn video chúc sn bạn nha cảm ơn ạ

  • Mysha Sikandar
    Mysha Sikandar

    today my birthday🥳🥳

    • WLG Teggeris
      WLG Teggeris

      And me 6th October

  • Nate Riebe
    Nate Riebe

    epic funny minion moment

  • Saberon Family
    Saberon Family

    Hahahaha happy birthday to you

  • Azeem Ahmed
    Azeem Ahmed

    happy birthday jake stevens aka crazysteve16

  • GamingMark

    Can someone make a video of instead of saying baa baa baa banana it’s bruh bruh bruh brih

  • skyr3x

    He clearly likes it

  • Joel The 7 Man
    Joel The 7 Man

    Haha funny minion minion funny haha

    • Jesse Kohler
      Jesse Kohler

      Very funny

  • chriZ PH
    chriZ PH

    Happy Birthday

  • King Lion Emoji
    King Lion Emoji


  • King Lion Emoji
    King Lion Emoji

    My birthday is in.....13 March and to happy birthday for u all guys and me to lol bye bye guys and my birthday is close so.....

  • garance chaussy
    garance chaussy

    Joyeux anniversaire Kahina ❤️ jtm

  • the cherry man from cherry land
    the cherry man from cherry land

    lmao hahaha funy!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!!!

    • mothiieeo


  • Christians A Nerd
    Christians A Nerd

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="5">0:05</a> *owo*

  • Eiman E.M.
    Eiman E.M.

    Die all of u I had it

  • Nisa :3
    Nisa :3

    My Sister sended me this today on my birthday haha🎉❤️

  • Andrea Macola
    Andrea Macola


  • Sarah-Louise Baird
    Sarah-Louise Baird

    Worst ever

  • LordMasterCow

    Happy Birthday with minions