DJ BoBo - KaleidoLuna 2020 - Live
25.04.2020 - Sofia - Sports Hall "Arena Armeec" (Bulgaria)
02.05.2020 - Timisoara - Dan Paltinisanu Stadium (Romania)
23.05.2020 - Praha - Vystaviste Holesovice (Czech Republic)
24.05.2020 - Nitra (Slovakia)
06.06.2020 - Büsum - Watt-Tribüne (Germany)
26.06.2020 - Otepää (Estonia)
11.07.2020 - Kamenz - Hutbergbühne (Germany)
31.07.2020 - Ludwigsburg - Residenzschloss (Germany)
28.08.2020 - Giessen - Freilichtbühne Schiffenberg (Germany)
29.08.2020 - Bochum - Zeltfestival Ruhr (Germany)
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  • spiny coc
    spiny coc

    Today's my birthday I got no one to celebrate with so I just listen to him.

  • Zena Foad
    Zena Foad

    وين العرب

  • mst.lucky akter
    mst.lucky akter


  • Shazad Shawki Ahmed
    Shazad Shawki Ahmed

    happy birthday to me now in 2020 l am comppleted my 15 years of life

  • Baba Guaras
    Baba Guaras

    We just celebrate a birday of guys please watch this video

  • Gacha Pink
    Gacha Pink

    16 January

  • Emilio Jimenez
    Emilio Jimenez

    Today is my birthday !!!

  • 차송이

    David Seo 생일 축해해요~ 행복한 하루 보내시길 바래요🎂🍾🎁

  • Reema AlMohareb
    Reema AlMohareb

    Today is my 16th birthday

    • Annaly Playz
      Annaly Playz

      Well happy birthday to you!!! :) :D

  • Hema Devi
    Hema Devi


    • Hema Devi
      Hema Devi

      Today is my sister birthday

    • Hema Devi
      Hema Devi


  • غيمه ء
    غيمه ء

    Happy birthday to me every year 🥳🥳💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Mioura Andria
    Mioura Andria

    For my mother 31st birthday

  • pumbien shivalingum
    pumbien shivalingum

    Today is my son Kailan birthday having 3yr old

    • ahmed ahmed
      ahmed ahmed

      god bless him

  • Leena Sinha
    Leena Sinha

    My fav😍

  • Miss Concern Blog
    Miss Concern Blog

    For my mother 60'th birthday today

    • Miguel Sagmit
      Miguel Sagmit

      Happy birthday to your mom

  • فارس الجابري
    فارس الجابري

    الي جاي من كود احمد البارقي يصف معي😅

  • Dhom Alotibi
    Dhom Alotibi

    اللي جاي من سناب احمد البارقي ملقوف مثلي لايك 😂❤️

  • Gaming With IRON STEVE
    Gaming With IRON STEVE

    Today is my birthday can I get a like from each of you I never really had a lot of likes plz

  • Njr10 /Sh
    Njr10 /Sh

    Happy birthday to me😜❤🤣

  • min_ha 24
    min_ha 24

    Mine and ALaN 🤭 WaLKER 🤭 B'day date is same

  • XEF

    Hello DJ Bo, I've been using this music for birthday AVPs, thanks to you! But, this time I'm planning to upload it on Facebook and I am concerned about the copyright stuff. Is it possible that I can use it?

    • XEF

      @DJ BoBo So, can I use it on Facebook?

    • DJ BoBo
      DJ BoBo

      the Rights belong to believe digital / Zebralution !

  • Elene Nanava
    Elene Nanava

    today is my friend’s grandpa’s sister’s daughter’s boyfriend’s horse’s birthday can i get a like

    • wAt


  • بيان مشعل
    بيان مشعل


  • دُنيا هادي
    دُنيا هادي

    Today I celebrated myself😂💔🎶

  • Poyraz -
    Poyraz -

    Happy birthday Anoud 🎁🎁🎊🎊❤️❤️

  • Debadrita Mukherjee
    Debadrita Mukherjee

    I hv my maths exam today on my bady....I was practicing and my mom played this❤❤❤❤

  • Angie Maestre
    Angie Maestre

    Kdfke ue

  • Ann Fumilayo
    Ann Fumilayo

    Hello DJ Bobo, is it possible for me to play this song during Church services? Thank you very much, Sir for your response

    • Ann Fumilayo
      Ann Fumilayo

      @DJ BoBo thank you very much

    • DJ BoBo
      DJ BoBo

      yes :)

  • Reanna Walkers
    Reanna Walkers

    Today is my birthday

  • Othman Benj
    Othman Benj

    today is my birthday can I get a like

    • Othman Benj
      Othman Benj

      @jhope's chicken noodle soup thank youuu

    • jhope's chicken noodle soup
      jhope's chicken noodle soup

      Happy birthday!!

  • Mariami Liparteliani
    Mariami Liparteliani

    Mai birsdai

  • Majode HD
    Majode HD


  • Lauren Tompkins
    Lauren Tompkins

    My amazing English always puts this on when it’s anyone’s bday in class. It’s the highlight of my day

  • Anime lover
    Anime lover

    TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY 🎂🤩🍰🥧🎂🥧🤩🤩🤩

  • Dave Hilton
    Dave Hilton

    Happy 52nd Birthday Dj BoBo from all your fans in Australia

  • Smitha Aravind
    Smitha Aravind

    Today is my birthday. 😊😊 Can I get a like??

  • Hermela Tibebe
    Hermela Tibebe

    Today is my 16th birthday🥳 can i get a like???

    • Jana Amir
      Jana Amir

      Hermela Tibebe happy birthday

  • Zainab Fahad
    Zainab Fahad

    16 DEC my mother birthday

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    Happy Birthday to myself

  • Livingston Fernando
    Livingston Fernando

    Today is my birthday 😊

  • Branimir Cyprus
    Branimir Cyprus

    Happy birthday everyone🥂🍾🍀🍻💯🎁🦅🕊️💎🌱

  • maria nazziwa
    maria nazziwa

    Happy birthday to me 1.january

  • Alej Frankh
    Alej Frankh

    Octubre my Mom happy birthday WOW happened heart

    • Shahzad Shizee
      Shahzad Shizee


  • Prajakta Pachpande
    Prajakta Pachpande

    Very helpful

  • d felder
    d felder

    Happy 1st birthday to my amazing son! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU!😘💕

  • weno zurc
    weno zurc

    happy birthday RCM

  • Lily. Jonesxx
    Lily. Jonesxx

    Today is my birthday 🍰😭🥳 (31 dec xo)

    • Lily. Jonesxx
      Lily. Jonesxx

      Meriam bn1 ty xx

    • Meriam bn1
      Meriam bn1

      Lily. Hope happy birthday to u

  • Salma الهاشمية
    Salma الهاشمية

    Idk why I think this song is special for those born in Dec, perhaps because I was born this month or because the date this song was published in Dec😂😂

  • VJ Shordee
    VJ Shordee

    I just love this song. I just keep sending this song to ppl. Today I’m sending it to me. Happy birthday Me 🎂

    • Lover Lips
      Lover Lips

      VJ Shordee Renee O'Neill Awe .... HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ‼️Sending you best wishes for the new year ... 👏👏👏👏🎊🎉🎆💥🥳👋👋💐💐💐💐💐💐

  • Fawad Kazi
    Fawad Kazi

    30th August my birthday

    • aafi sahardid
      aafi sahardid


    • Lily. Jonesxx
      Lily. Jonesxx

      Fawad Kazi happy late birthday x mine is 31 were so close :P

  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar


  • Online Super Oshxona
    Online Super Oshxona

    Good sang

  • araberger

    My birthday is tomorrow - 29.12. 😀

  • Ahmed Banaja
    Ahmed Banaja


  • Mitchilog TV
    Mitchilog TV

    Today is my 40th Birthday! December 28,2019 . Thank you Lord for another Year that full of hope and blessings. Thank yOu for my Life.. May God Blessed all.

  • gween 73
    gween 73

    11 day for my birthday ❤️❤️.

  • Inesa shehu Sauku
    Inesa shehu Sauku


  • yuvraj sunariya
    yuvraj sunariya

    In this song i am ferforming in my school birthday

  • Vibert Emanuel
    Vibert Emanuel

    Today is my 10th birthday

  • Marlon Christopher
    Marlon Christopher

    Nice song