Happy Birthday song
This traditional Happy Birthday Song video from infobells is sure to create a lot of excitement in every birthday. Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this birthday song video bring you an extra smile on this wonderful day. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Song Lyrics:
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear one
Happy Birthday to You.
From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.

  • Emc Emc
    Emc Emc

    HaPpy New York Times reports on the way of doing Enshalah and lekrkw

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    Aawash Gahatraj


  • Monster High 66 Bratzillaz 2
    Monster High 66 Bratzillaz 2

    Happy Birthday Black Widow

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    love it.and saved for birthday purpose.thanks from#spinningknowhow

  • Elton Harizaj
    Elton Harizaj

    Today is my birthday 17January

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    Mona de lala

    Yeahh.. Today is my 21st birthday.. Thanks God❤️

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      Mona de lala shut up nigga

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      Soraya F

      It is my sister's 21st birthday today and I am about to play it lol right now XD

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    Ihsan Ullah

    AJ Mai yaha Aya kio Mera birthday hai lkn koi wish Nahi Kia chalo comments Mai sub mujhe kaho.yaar happy birthday

    • Naman Gamer
      Naman Gamer

      Happy birthday bro BTW my birthday is also on 17th jan

  • Kennedy Karlin
    Kennedy Karlin

    January 17, 2005

  • Monster High 66 Bratzillaz 2
    Monster High 66 Bratzillaz 2

    Happy Birthday Butterfly

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  • madhuri nice Bhjan midla1
    madhuri nice Bhjan midla1

    Today is my daughters HAPPY birthday. DR MONICA JAIN 3rd year students

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    SH LE

    Today is my birthday January 16

    • SH LE
      SH LE

      • Yume thx thats not to stange

    • SH LE
      SH LE

      Nikhil G thx

    • • Yume
      • Yume

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! :D I will sing for you the Brazilian version :3 *PARABEEEENS PRA VOCÊEE!* (Happy Birthday to you!) *EU SÓ VIM PRA COMER* (I just came to eat) *O PRESENTE QUE É BOM* (the gift that is good) *ESQUECI DE TRAZER! :D* (i forgot to bring) The Brazilian version is strange; i know but it's wonderful ksjsjskdk

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      Nikhil G


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    CookieKoala Rellie

    Who’s here in 2020 because it’s you or someone else’s birthday? Happy birthday if it’s yours!

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  • luna

    im here because today is my birthday, and no one will sing this for me. happy birthday to me

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    Saba Qaiser

    Thanks 🙏

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    Hema Sijwali

    Today is my grandfather's birthday

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  • Pineapple

    Yay I’m 14. Now people will have more expectations from me

  • Terlina Pawlamik
    Terlina Pawlamik

    Happy birthday to me. I'm 66 years young today Jan15.

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    Syeda Ali

    I can't wish my aunt bcz she lives far away in USA and that's why I shared this song with her!!!

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    Monster High 66 Bratzillaz 2

    Happy Birthday Jade And Mal

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    weyuna YT

    Today is my birthday. I'm gona love it! :D

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    fabian Salas

    January 14 !!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 26 yrs young

  • 마나라아미

    Happy birthday to me

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    Cali Dodger

    Happy birthday Dave Grohl 🎉😄

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    Cali Dodger

    Jan 14 Squad 👍

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    Toooooooooo meeeeeee 👌👌👌👌👌 thxs

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    Je vous invite à écouter la meilleure version de la chanson happy birthday sur ma chaine youtube ;)

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    New Horizon

    View the most beautiful version of the happy birthday soung in my channel.

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    Deswin Raj

    Today is my brithday. Born 15/1/1998. im turning 22 this year. Wishing myself happy birthday

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    Princess Iya

    Today is my birthdayy


    Today is my mom birthday🎂🎉🎁

  • Diane Wimberly
    Diane Wimberly

    Happy birthday to me January 14 I thank God for allowing me to be another year old

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      Suga's Sugar

      Happy birthday 💜🎁🎉

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    zachary ghostblade

    any miz frogs

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    Paidi raju raju

    Super songs

  • Kasa Jizo
    Kasa Jizo

    The rhythm is all wrong. The word happy is supposed to come on the upbeat and the word birthday is supposed to come on the first beat of the next bar. Also, the time signature is wrong. It's supposed to be in 3 time, but this one is in 4 time for some reason. This isn't the traditional Happy Birthday. No one sings this version.

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    insta business

    Such a nice song Visit for beautiful birthday photo happydaybirthday.com/author/admin/

    • Kasa Jizo
      Kasa Jizo

      It's incorrect. The traditional happy birthday is in 3 time but this is in 4 time for some reason. This changes the song completely. Now it just sounds cringey.

  • Thilette Fontanilla
    Thilette Fontanilla

    Happy birthday to me :) jan 14

    • 마나라아미

      Me 15th jan

    • harshit jindal
      harshit jindal

      Me too

  • Yasna Ansya
    Yasna Ansya

    Happppyyy advanced birthdayy avyudooo!💚💚🧡🧡💩👻

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      Yasna Ansya

      Avyu Shakya wooohooooi

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      Avyu Shakya

      thank you hehe

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    Le’ Dyn

    Toedy is mai burday


    My mom has a birthday today! 🎉🎉🎊🎊

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    Rajput Singh

    #My bug bro's b'day too

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    pin piyapach

    Today is my birthday!💖

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      Pariza Zahin

      Hey blink today is Jennie's birthday🎉🎉🎉

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      Ludovico Ducoli

      Also Nare

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      Thilette Fontanilla

      Same hahaha happybirthday :)

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    My birthday!! 13th january

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    Givanildo Pires

    Hoje é meu aniversário 13de janeiro 2020

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    Keyzoo Official

    14th January stay alone no suprise 🥺

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    lalalali lalalali

    Heute hat mein junior Geburtstag 13 Jahre alt 🥰

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    abbie birch

    it’s my birthday woowooo and my friends forgot ;-;

    • Gurudas Mangeshkar
      Gurudas Mangeshkar

      Wishing e

  • Clash King
    Clash King

    My dad‘s birthday is in January 13th

  • Satyam Pandey
    Satyam Pandey

    Today is my incarnation🎍 day🎉( 13 January 2000)!🎊 Happy Birthday🎁 to me 🎂! now I have entered in my 20😞

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      Cindy Naserian


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    John John


  • Monster High 66 Bratzillaz 2
    Monster High 66 Bratzillaz 2

    Happy Birthday Sashabella Paws

  • Moon Minh
    Moon Minh

    7/1 is my birthday but there are only 5 friends and my mom, my younger sister remember. No cake, no candles, no song. And it was not a good day

  • Naana Ghana
    Naana Ghana

    My son's birthday...my his creator bless him 🙏🙏

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    Hà Trần

    Happy birthday to me❤❤❤

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    Марина Джапаркулова

    С днём рождения!🌹🥀🌺💐

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      Yet f ersatzdu

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