Happy Birthday Remix - Happy Birthday Song - Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Remix - Happy Birthday Song - Happy Birthday To You

  • Mala Singh
    Mala Singh

    Today is 18 january and it is my my mothers Birthday 🎂🎉🎁🎂🎉🎁 . I wish that she may live 1000 years.

  • Banana Splitz
    Banana Splitz

    Today is my Birthday!!! jan 18

  • just stuff
    just stuff

    Using for brother

  • ra hma
    ra hma

    Guess what 🙊!! It's my birtheday 😌 i am 20 now 💜 happy birtheday to me 🎂

  • Spirit Guns
    Spirit Guns

    It’s my 14th birthday LETS GET IT!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Loïs Vlogster
    Loïs Vlogster


  • Loreen Barbie
    Loreen Barbie

    It's my Bday today ♥^^

    • just stuff
      just stuff


  • Jonathan Regalado
    Jonathan Regalado

    Today is my girlfriend's birthday

  • ETN Pin up Bryant
    ETN Pin up Bryant

    Tomorrow is my bday

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James

    I am 7

  • Ruth Alfred
    Ruth Alfred


  • New Horizon
    New Horizon

    View the most beautiful version of the happy birthday soung in my channel

  • Cederick Kikomba
    Cederick Kikomba


    • Cederick Kikomba
      Cederick Kikomba

      Thank you

    • tonydatw

      happy bday bro

  • JaVaunte Perry
    JaVaunte Perry

    Today is my nephews birthday he is 5

  • skaiste

    its my birthday!

  • Abiyes Gazhali
    Abiyes Gazhali

    31 Dec 22 years my hand 2020

  • Ian Shannon
    Ian Shannon

    love you 17 80 may three

  • archana mourya
    archana mourya

    There's my mom's birthday

    • archana mourya
      archana mourya


  • daisy rose lacosta
    daisy rose lacosta

    happy birthday for my auntie🎉🎂❣️😘

  • Nawab

    today is Fatima.s birthday wish her God bless Fatima and she's been 9 years old

  • Kaviya Bills
    Kaviya Bills

    My birthday in July 13

  • Abigail Nyamekye
    Abigail Nyamekye

    Happy birthday to myself age with Grace more blessing upon your life

  • A Person
    A Person

    It's my birthday!

    • wAt

      Happy Birthday!! :D

  • Kun Khmer
    Kun Khmer

    Today is my birthday🥳🥰❤😊jan12.1

  • Xhemile Zili
    Xhemile Zili

    Happy birthday dear Linda♡♡♡

  • Hania Hassan
    Hania Hassan

    Today is my daughter's birthday and she's 1 year old

  • Vedansh Pande
    Vedansh Pande

    I’m am 10 on sep

  • NickL


  • no u 2000
    no u 2000

    This littely sounds like a fucking hentai remix

  • Matthew Kooshad
    Matthew Kooshad

    We had to pause this at the 35 minute point where we heard about grabbing waist and f word. Not good for birthday music for little ones.

  • Emmanuel Dongo
    Emmanuel Dongo

    Today is my moms birthday 🎂 she is 31 years old 💌

    • YazGMG

      todays my moms birthday

  • C JX
    C JX

    Happy Birthday to myself

  • Savage Pennybaker
    Savage Pennybaker

    its my sis 6 #BIRHDAY

  • MA. Teresa Ilalto
    MA. Teresa Ilalto

    Happy 9 bday my dauter frances tapnio..sna lumaki kng mgalang..my respito at my tkot sa diyos!mgaral ng mbti mhal n mhal k nmin ng papa mo luv u frances

  • Mouza Alshamsi
    Mouza Alshamsi

    S.3طططسسثثفغغ ا ن

  • Gaming With IRON STEVE
    Gaming With IRON STEVE

    Today my birthday!

  • Jason Muellenbach
    Jason Muellenbach


  • Stargazing Nova
    Stargazing Nova

    I only came here since no one cared. *Thanks song..*

    • what am i supposed to do? idk
      what am i supposed to do? idk


  • Anna Fysentzou
    Anna Fysentzou

    jan 11 its my birthday!!!!Today its my BIRTHDAY!!☺☺☺☺💖💖💖💖

    • Anna Fysentzou
      Anna Fysentzou

      Itstheunknowned thank you

    • Itstheunknowned

      Happy birthday

  • Martin Kelley
    Martin Kelley

    My Boss Birthday

  • Suman Sarswat
    Suman Sarswat



    Happy birthday 🎂🎂 yy

  • カワイイUkanabi

    my bros bday 8 yrs old jan 10

  • Imanie Badio
    Imanie Badio

    Today is my daughter's birthday she's 11

    • Rafael Gonzalez
      Rafael Gonzalez

      @SebastianPek18 I love you ❤😘

    • SebastianPek18

      It's my Birthday and I'm 11

  • Abdul Alejo
    Abdul Alejo

    It's my #BIRTHDAY!!! Alhamdulillah for another year of my life 💖💖💖

  • Malak Ali
    Malak Ali

    Go. M, e

  • loney George
    loney George

    40:07 song title pls?

  • Saeed Zaki
    Saeed Zaki

    Today is my sisters birth day they was happy

  • Maryam Khatibi
    Maryam Khatibi

    Very good like

  • Zani ToysReview and Fun
    Zani ToysReview and Fun


  • Master Lou Kontum
    Master Lou Kontum

    To day is my girl's birthday 🎉🎉🎉 Jan 8 2020

    • ParadoxalCat &
      ParadoxalCat &

      Master Lou Kontum today is the birthday of a friend 11/01/20

    • Noorlita Bintiamia
      Noorlita Bintiamia

      mine 13 jan haha

    • Karwa dinesh
      Karwa dinesh

      Today is my father's birthday 11,1,2020

    • PortaalGamer NL
      PortaalGamer NL

      I learnd this song on the piano to do it on mu sisters b day

    • PortaalGamer NL
      PortaalGamer NL

      Master Lou Kontum mine is 30 jan

  • cat Valentine
    cat Valentine

    My birthday is January 8th 2009 hahaha I love the birthday song thank you so much I'm going to follow you on NOsoft

    • Martha Lorenzo
      Martha Lorenzo

      Same but 2011

  • Khaina Pasatiempo
    Khaina Pasatiempo

    Happy bday ate

  • Kaizen engineering systems
    Kaizen engineering systems

    Amazing song!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera

    January 8 MY BIRTHDAY :D

    • Rapmonster is the kindest monster in the world
      Rapmonster is the kindest monster in the world

      imma 12 jan

  • Afeefa Nishath
    Afeefa Nishath

    Today is my birthday yay 😀😀😘😘😘

  • Joan Shanahan
    Joan Shanahan

    Very happy

  • Jimmy Francisco
    Jimmy Francisco

    It’s my birthday

  • soumia mahdar
    soumia mahdar

    المساند الرسمي لينا ههههه

  • Anime lover
    Anime lover