Happy Birthday To You! (Traditional) First Time on YouTube
Ed Valenzuela's Nostalgic Pinoy Music Rediscovered
Happy Birthday To You! (Traditional) - No copyright infringement intended for this version.
(gif borrowed without permission from funmunch.com who owns the copyright)
Thanks to somebody who gave me this mp3. Just wanted this on my pinoymusic channel. Pinoy kasi ang dating sa akin nito...

  • Guyanne Kazarian
    Guyanne Kazarian

    Happy happy birthday to me my birthday is march 23 in 1 day mon

  • Paige Pendleton
    Paige Pendleton

    Happy birthday to my mom she be 41 years old tomorrow

  • Medhat Abdikarov
    Medhat Abdikarov


  • Julia Irish Cruz
    Julia Irish Cruz

    Happy Birthday Self!!!

  • niedd aznar
    niedd aznar


  • Акерке Жаркын
    Акерке Жаркын

    у кого день рождения поздравлаю просто я плачу потому что мой день рождения не будет

  • Franco Ynigo Paez
    Franco Ynigo Paez

    Ryrgeg Fnfhfn Ehrhrgr Rhthrgg Ghthrge Effrgfbf

  • Смарт Технікс
    Смарт Технікс


  • Theodore Peterson
    Theodore Peterson

    its modrion's birthday yesterday

  • Nikolay3001 XD
    Nikolay3001 XD

    I am 10

  • Paige Pendleton
    Paige Pendleton

    It’s abost my mom birthday her birthday on the 21st

  • Haylie Goodman
    Haylie Goodman

    Happy bday to all

  • Pawel Skorski
    Pawel Skorski

    kocham was

  • Judy Al Ahmad
    Judy Al Ahmad

    My birthday is tomorrow::::::::::

  • RainbowSteveYT Best
    RainbowSteveYT Best

    Hoy Philipines ka eh?

  • Mykey Balagtas
    Mykey Balagtas

    im in my office right now, i search for this song for myself. im turning 40 tomorrow march 14. i decided to celebrate it alone, no party, no drinks, no celebration. im emotional because its my first time that i celebrate it with nothing. almost every year my friends and family celebrating it with me. now, i want a different celebration, no celebration.

  • Laura Bisconti
    Laura Bisconti


  • Job Daniel Ubaldo
    Job Daniel Ubaldo

    Happy birthday 🎂 to my Grandma

  • Jocelyn Pascual
    Jocelyn Pascual

    My b day is comming 23

  • Ken Drick
    Ken Drick


  • eleazar ramirez
    eleazar ramirez

    Feliz cumpleaños a allemy Alexandra que cumpla muchos más aprsar de todo te deseo lomejor

  • Йордан Иванов
    Йордан Иванов

    Вие сте в България

  • Йордан Иванов
    Йордан Иванов

    Пишете на български език

  • Charissa Loyola
    Charissa Loyola

    Happy birthday to meeeeee!!!!

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy


  • Yorkshire GingNutz
    Yorkshire GingNutz

    Who's here for the coronavirus?

  • TTV_animal

    It was crap

  • Francesca Troiani
    Francesca Troiani

    Vorreri essesere li con te sorellina.tanto auguri 💞💞💞✋💟💟💟👌👇

  • Christian Scott Thomas
    Christian Scott Thomas

    Happy Birthday to my BFFL Jay today March 4!!!!

  • Luna Nightshade
    Luna Nightshade


  • Lyssa Grabello
    Lyssa Grabello

    Thank you to this song. No one sang hbd to me today so i played this song to myself.


    Parabéns pra você nessa data querida, muitas felicidades, e muitos anos de vida!

  • Hassan Alansari
    Hassan Alansari

    ____29_____2♥️ today is my birthday

  • Denise Flores
    Denise Flores

    in about 15 minutes it's my birthday after four years of waiting!!! yes, I'm a leap year baby! thanks for this song, I'm listening to it right now. This makes me fee soooo happy!!!!! wooohhh!!!!

  • Sofia Gabrielle Caldino
    Sofia Gabrielle Caldino

    Happy birthday to meee

  • Noery

    Playing Happy birthday because nobody else is here to wish me one 😞

  • bra mohamed
    bra mohamed

    Ok reicht

  • mija



    Happy birthday to me😆🤣😄

  • sisters star
    sisters star


  • Saykiella Sofia
    Saykiella Sofia

    My barbie birthday the first time

  • Cheyenne Moyer
    Cheyenne Moyer

    Yesterday was my little brother, Nathan's birthday, and he turned 8 years old.

  • A B
    A B

    Bugün de benimki aga

  • Кымбат Муратова
    Кымбат Муратова


  • Mohamed Tamimi
    Mohamed Tamimi


  • Zoe Behning
    Zoe Behning

    Alles gute zum Geburtstag Mami ich hab dich lieb 😍

  • Martin Holland Films
    Martin Holland Films

    In England we personalise the song by including the persons name.

  • Jolly Chakraborty
    Jolly Chakraborty


  • мис гүлім кз
    мис гүлім кз


  • Hamideu Rahmani
    Hamideu Rahmani


  • Tufayel Ahmed
    Tufayel Ahmed

    It's so nice

  • Денис Копытов
    Денис Копытов

    Я знаю как это переводить на русский))) С днём рождения тебя с днём рождения с днём рождения с днём рождения друзья

  • ツСтич

    Happy birthday my!

    • SVekola

      Congratulations on your birthday!Happy birthday to you!

  • TheGamingChemicals

    I'm turning 12 and i used this exact same for all of my birthdays. This makes me cry all the time because i've used this song alot and it made some good memories. Goodbye 11 year old me. This song is amazing!

  • Dani Khan
    Dani Khan

    Happy birth day zara

  • Annalie Pentocan
    Annalie Pentocan

    happy birthday to my mother

    • SVekola

      Congratulations on your birthday!Happy birthday to you!

  • Elen Arakelyan
    Elen Arakelyan


  • nota uzmanı
    nota uzmanı


  • mia love
    mia love

    Thank you

  • Leonora Ramos
    Leonora Ramos

    My daughter Dianne birthday yesterday Love you ❤️ nak

  • Trelin Vlogs YT
    Trelin Vlogs YT

    My cousin sent this to me on my birthday (today)

    • SVekola

      Congratulations on your birthday!Happy birthday to you!

  • Lyle Genevieve barrameda
    Lyle Genevieve barrameda

    Happy birthday anak ko

  • Daryl Melencion
    Daryl Melencion

    16 years old pa lang ako si daryl 😊😊😊😊😊

    • SVekola

      Congratulations on your birthday!Happy birthday to you!

  • Paige Pendleton
    Paige Pendleton

    Today is my best friend birthday she is 14 years old as same as Nicky

  • agent cube _L
    agent cube _L

    Aahhh. La musique originale.

  • mehmet tozlu
    mehmet tozlu

    Mal gibi

  • XxAngxlic._. DevilxX
    XxAngxlic._. DevilxX

    My mom just turned 39! Happy Birthday mom! I love you ❤💕

  • Jabien Amores
    Jabien Amores

    54m views geatay yayamanin na siguro ito pautang naman dyan pang handa ng bday ko next year 😆😆😆

  • estetepta228

    happy birthday to me :))

    • SVekola

      Congratulations on your birthday!Happy birthday to you!

  • Yvonne D.
    Yvonne D.

    Happy Birthday to me!!😁🎈🎉🎁 and anyone celebrating one today (January 24th) Enjoy your day!!

  • Aqua Gaming
    Aqua Gaming

    Happy bday to my mom so dearly :)

  • Anas OUDADDA
    Anas OUDADDA

    Its my birthday people.. I become old hh

  • Guit Bissane
    Guit Bissane


  • Guit Bissane
    Guit Bissane


  • Аружан Сагатова
    Аружан Сагатова

    С днем рождения Сестренка❤16.01.2020

    • Redaktop

      Ты гей?

  • asulilbear15

    Thanks youtube singing happy birthday to me now january 15 2020.

  • Sean aesir Cauilan
    Sean aesir Cauilan

    Happy birthday

  • Kris ann Manabat
    Kris ann Manabat

    Happy birthday lola

  • Ian Shannon
    Ian Shannon

    happy birthday too you ian shannon 900 million 17 80 old may3

  • VShopov13

    welp see you next year again

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