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  • Winnie prince
    Winnie prince

    It's my birthday 💞💞💞

  • Malcolm Jason
    Malcolm Jason

    Happy birthday to me

  • Johnson Artabou
    Johnson Artabou

    Who's watching when it's not their birthday?

  • Hellen Kimaro
    Hellen Kimaro

    Today is bby girl birthday plz like her

  • Agasaro murabeshyantagobish0boka
    Agasaro murabeshyantagobish0boka

    To day is my mom’s day 💋

  • Evans korir
    Evans korir

    Today is my birthday I like it

  • Enosch Dhala
    Enosch Dhala

    Tokoss , une belle chanson je suis amoureux 💕

  • Beatrice Nyawira
    Beatrice Nyawira


  • Henry Sindi
    Henry Sindi

    It's my wife's birthday.. Happy birthday Queen 👑

  • Carol Joan
    Carol Joan

    Its my Birthday,🙏. 2 0 2 0

  • Priscillah Ndung'u
    Priscillah Ndung'u

    Today is my birthday I thank God for another year .. feels good listing to this song , just two likes

  • Mercy Mamboleo
    Mercy Mamboleo

    Today is my birthday . happy birthday to me

  • Ciara Spence
    Ciara Spence

    Today is my birthday am so happy and listening to this I feel so happy

  • Ndeye Astou
    Ndeye Astou

    The four april its my birthday mother love🥰

  • Nandawula Fauziah
    Nandawula Fauziah

    Who else is there 2020. Birthday to me 🎂🎂🙏🙏

  • Caramel Food For Thought
    Caramel Food For Thought

    Project zorgo is always wacthing

  • resty Mlale
    resty Mlale

    Full of energy. Well done Harmonize. 🤗😍

  • resty Mlale
    resty Mlale

    Mpaka lini angekuwa under Diamond shadows!? Its good ameondoka Wasafi! To my opinion. Everyone has a right to their opinions. 😃

  • resty Mlale
    resty Mlale

    Nice song! U the great of the greatest! I didn't know how good Harmonize he until I listen to this song.

  • Bienheureuse Banzouzi
    Bienheureuse Banzouzi

    Today is my baby girl first birthday HBD to u my heartbeat forever in my heart mum love u so much ♥️♥️🎊🎁🎊. Just give like for her

  • Ahkami Salim
    Ahkami Salim

    Haiwezi chuja hii kitu wa 2020 gonga like tusonge mbeleee 🏃‍♂️

  • Mr Sweden 2018
    Mr Sweden 2018

    Yesterday was my mutumias birthday and we listen to this song first time which we really appreciate.

  • One love One heart
    One love One heart

    Eritrean 🇪🇷 I dont understand your language but I love this song bro 😍😍😍😍

  • cecilia6500

    My birthday is near

  • Edward Dawson
    Edward Dawson

    Leo siku ya kuzaaliwa binti yangu anatimiza miaka 3 happy birthday my lovely Faith

  • Merry Sandra
    Merry Sandra

    Nafura nitaimba nakucheza nafikisha mwaka 2020 thnx my God 💃😘😘😘

  • Simon Mgunya
    Simon Mgunya

    What a big chance to be the first person to comment on this beautiful song.2 nd ,Januari 2020.

  • Gazzah BuoyVEVO
    Gazzah BuoyVEVO

    Today my daughter just turned 6years ....and am dedicating this song to her... 6likes please!!!

  • Patrick Ndayishimiye
    Patrick Ndayishimiye

    happy birthday today it my first day

  • Kanyere Mahirwe
    Kanyere Mahirwe

    Today is my birthday 🎂🎉 party

  • Nancy Zola
    Nancy Zola

    Today is my son's birthday. I have to play this song for him... Show him some love with your likes. Thanks 🥰🥰

  • Red dices
    Red dices

    Africans man 🏋️

  • umuro adano
    umuro adano


  • Irene Mwirigi
    Irene Mwirigi

    Today is my birthday 30th December,can't get enough of this song

  • ruby Muasya
    ruby Muasya

    Today is my sisters birthday can i get 22 likes since she turning 22!!!

  • haman abdou
    haman abdou


  • Kevin Ogola
    Kevin Ogola

    Today is my wife's birthday.... Help me wish her.

  • Robert Wilson
    Robert Wilson

    Today my daughter turned 3! Likes please

  • Raheema Hassan
    Raheema Hassan

    Nonsense 😂😂

  • Millicent Simba
    Millicent Simba

    Happy to my father in law this made him to dance 🤗🤗🤗🤗😎😎

  • Juma Ramadhan
    Juma Ramadhan

    Today is my wife's birthday.can I get more likes

  • Innocent Byiringiro
    Innocent Byiringiro

    It’s my birthday again ❤️🙏🏾

    • Verona Balimoi
      Verona Balimoi

      Fuggjhkghhknjnk6 Jkvlvn et lknnnkk de np9yg8😉

  • Zinzi Barnes
    Zinzi Barnes

    My son turn 8 today and blessings are upon us ! Give him likes 😍 he is harmonize fun

    • Josephine Ongayo
      Josephine Ongayo

      Wow what an X Max blessing Zinzi tell him he is small Harmonize

  • nevian nyambane
    nevian nyambane

    Me too my wife is marry name of Mom Jesus xo tomorrow l have marry Christmas Jesus day

  • The Key
    The Key

    Happy Birthday Day to me

  • Ahmed mohamed
    Ahmed mohamed

    Morgen ist 24/12/2019₩₩₩ 2020 neu Jahres 👌😊😊😊

  • The greatest
    The greatest

    Happy birthday to my baby❤ She is turning 23 Today

  • Babale M.
    Babale M.

    Today is my birthday and a bro send me this songs Happy birthday to me

  • wizburn kungu
    wizburn kungu

    Happy birthday we love This song Kenya inaipenda



  • udaku extra
    udaku extra

    It's my 30th birthday today 😍😘 I had to visit here

  • Asukulu Mitaci
    Asukulu Mitaci


  • Mohamed Shire
    Mohamed Shire

    am muslim i never celebrate birthday

  • Mercy Mutheu
    Mercy Mutheu

    Today is my birthday wow 😍 can't wait to dance



  • Fatma Hussein
    Fatma Hussein

    Today is my birthday 😍💃👌🙏

  • Angelique Adila
    Angelique Adila

    My daughter Is turning 5 on Christmas Eve...been playing this song on her birthday ever since it was released..and planning to play until forever.... We thank God for this far He has taken us...it hasn't been easy but it hs been worth it..Glory to the most High.. Happiest birthday to you my precious stone...i need likes...huh!

  • maria sisina
    maria sisina


  • Josephine Ongayo
    Josephine Ongayo

    To day is my friends birthday can I get as many as this 💞💔

    • Josephine Ongayo
      Josephine Ongayo

      @Verona Balimoi Ghai unamaanisha mini Verona

  • Mary Thomas
    Mary Thomas

    Today it's my birthday