Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Official Video)
This video is dedicated to touching.
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Tastes like strawberries
On a summer evening
And it sounds just like a song
I want more berries
And that summer feeling
It’s so wonderful and warm
Breathe me in
Breathe me out
I don’t know if I could ever go without
I’m just thinking out loud
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar

On a summer evening
Baby, you’re the end of June
I want your belly
And that summer feeling
Getting washed away in you
Breathe me in
Breathe me out
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high

I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high

Tastes like strawberries
On a summer evening
And it sounds just like a song
I want your belly
And that summer feeling
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high

I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high
I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high

Watermelon Sugar
#HarryStyles #WatermelonSugar #FineLine

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  • Kayden Glascock
    Kayden Glascock


  • Karringten Winn
    Karringten Winn

    His voice gets better every time I hear him sing

  • Katelyn Shorson
    Katelyn Shorson

    and suger!!! lool

  • Katelyn Shorson
    Katelyn Shorson

    i LOVE watermelon



  • Ostrich Socks
    Ostrich Socks

    Nice cover up with the watermelons, Harry

  • Bulimic Diet
    Bulimic Diet

    All these fine ass girls and I still have my eyes locked on Harry

  • Auquatxc

    I would pay to kiss him

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    Andrielly Rosa


  • magpieandtea

    the set must have been real hot and heavy lmao

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    Angela Regina Orta Perez


  • Fabio Gonzalez
    Fabio Gonzalez

    Esas sandías tienen más suerte que yo😂

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    unbear able

    โอ้ละมะบักแตงโม เวออิ้ง

  • Isabella Gargagliano
    Isabella Gargagliano

    anyone else get uncomfy

  • Samara Kramer
    Samara Kramer

    luckiest watermelons in the world 😔

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    MP lyrics


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    Nicole Morales Riveros

    I love you ❤️

  • James Henrique
    James Henrique

    Top 😎

  • Casual YouTuber
    Casual YouTuber

    I could write an entire essay on how the lyrics don’t make sense and the chords/melody used as the melody is simple and I’m a musician who notices the little things. I’m not hating.... just think that the music could have been better quality.... like if you are like me and agree. I do apologise if I offend anyone, it is not my intention.

  • Junnueth Garcia
    Junnueth Garcia

    El peor video del mundo

  • The Meme Man
    The Meme Man

    What of watermelon is he rly talking about hummmm...

  • The Meme Man
    The Meme Man

    These mf in the maths problem who buys 100 watermelon 🍉

  • Lucy Tyler
    Lucy Tyler

    me:ummmm WARTMELON SUGAR O yA

  • _Denz_ 666
    _Denz_ 666

    if one of those girls has corona MonkaS

  • Rubyistics YT
    Rubyistics YT

    I hope he never marries just so i can always pretend to be married to him

  • Bhavee Rathod
    Bhavee Rathod

    when everyone thinks you’re gay for your (ex?) best friend so you gotta drop a mv with a bunch of models

  • Maggie Haesler
    Maggie Haesler

    Is it just me or does he keeping looking more and more like Elton john?

  • Akmad Z
    Akmad Z

    Watermelon sugar hahahaha wtf Shortage idea to make a good song title 😂😂

  • Daniela R
    Daniela R

    Creo que todos queremos ser esa sandía 🍉🍉🍉

  • Leandro Kern
    Leandro Kern

    No se si quiero ser las sandias para que me coman harry o ser harry para comer todas esas sandias :_

  • Cierria Zeller
    Cierria Zeller

    They look like they're having a blast too. Getting my plane ticket now, kidding

  • Cierria Zeller
    Cierria Zeller

    Haha wouldn't it be funny if he was saying "watermelon sugar, HI" instead of "high"

  • Rowie Lutap
    Rowie Lutap

    Only Harry can do this: *Bites watermelon* “Taste like strawberry "

    • Fooking Styles
      Fooking Styles


  • Sienna Feinberg
    Sienna Feinberg

    If only he looked at the comments WHEN IS 1D COMING BACK TOGETHER!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

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    Fernando Medeiros

    I feel like eating watermelon now

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  • casey parkin
    casey parkin

    is that the same beach that the 'WMYB' music video was filmed at?

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  • zaynab

    Harry definitely has no issue with ppl invading his personal space😂😂😭

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    Odin Aksnes

    This gives me summer vibes😍

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    ll hernan ll


  • ava smith
    ava smith

    can somebody PLEASE tell me what happened on may 18!!

  • Austin Adams
    Austin Adams

    Hetero Harry just doesn’t hit the same... bummer lmao

  • Simply Toxic
    Simply Toxic

    This is one of the dumbest songs ever

  • Meidu tiss
    Meidu tiss

    Never thought im gonna say this about Harry but this whole video is just ew.

  • Nia V
    Nia V

    More than anything I wish hot girls were feeding me watermelon while we lounge around carefree at the beach.

  • Yara ImrieTV
    Yara ImrieTV


  • Ava M
    Ava M

    What's up with him and strawberries First strawberry lipstick and now strawberries again lol Also he just loves fruit he has a song named kiwi

  • Markable

    *Being bi is a huge advantage when watching this you can simp for the girls and harry*

  • Lucy Frias
    Lucy Frias

    Imagine being that watermelon

  • the brave one
    the brave one

    GUYS GUYS GUYS That tablecloth at the start is the sail of the boat from adore you.... My minds blown.

  • yara Adel
    yara Adel

    I want to put these girls in trash

  • Stefania rambaldo
    Stefania rambaldo

    Harry Styles sei sempre il numero uno anche quando eri con gli One direction,spero che tornerai dagli One direction

  • julia Marett
    julia Marett

    He’s like a modern Elton John, but just hot🍉

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    W Pakwan

    I love watermelon

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    please marry me

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    Giuli Borzino

    Is this Elton John? 🤔

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    camila meza

    Esta como el vídeo de Luis Miguel- Cuando calienta el sol

  • sunny day
    sunny day

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">01:31</a> am I the only one who likes this moment?

  • Liv_is_ok

    Yes sir

  • Olivia Skov Andersen
    Olivia Skov Andersen

    Love you Harry styles 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mariam B
    Mariam B

    This video is very haram for my eyes😳so I’m reading the comments👁👁 imma need some Zam Zam water

  • Helie Pro YT
    Helie Pro YT

    like si quieres una sandia

  • kaya Fleux
    kaya Fleux

    everyone wants to be one of these girls

  • Aplex14

    Welp Harry’s bi/pan/poly bc he wrote a song about 🐱and a song about 🍆

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    millen maggs

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a>

  • DBDM Player & Gaming
    DBDM Player & Gaming

    Great music

  • Neowns

    harry eu te amo

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    mds harry que baixaria é essa???, adorei.

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    Little Step chicken

    That’s a lot of watermelon 🍉 😯

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    uniters forever

    Noah urrea vem aqui

  • Talha

    I want a banana sugar version

  • Rianna Annair
    Rianna Annair

    This song feels like what summer 2020 was supposed to be ..

  • Гимнастика

    кто из раши?

  • Kandycorn 4
    Kandycorn 4

    Watermelon sugar is a type of heroin

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      Lola Rozandal


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    Josue Herrera

    Petition for this to be a track in Fifa 21?

  • Ciara Tau
    Ciara Tau

    watermelon shoeger

  • conan gray is bae
    conan gray is bae

    my friend really called this video weird....she doesn’t get the vibez