Harry Styles - Falling (Official Video)
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Director - Dave Meyers
Director’s Rep - Jamie Rabineau
Producer - Nathan Scherrer & Fuliane Petikyan
Cinematographer - Scott Cunningham
Production Designer - François Audouy
Stylist - Harry Lambert
Editor - Greg Scruton
Colour - Stefan Sonnenfeld
VFX - Mathematic
Prod. Co. - Freenjoy
I’m in my bed
And you’re not here
And there’s no one to blame but the drink and my wandering hands
Forget what I said
It’s not what I meant
Now I can’t take it back
I can’t unpack the baggage you left
What am I now?
What am I now?
What if I’m someone I don’t want around?
I’m falling again
I’m falling again
I’m falling
What if I’m down?
What if I’m out?
What if I’m someone you won’t talk about?
I’m falling again
I’m falling again
I’m falling
You said you care
And you missed me too

And I’m well aware I write too many songs about you
And the coffee’s out
At the Beachwood Cafe
And it kills me ’cause I know we’ve run out of things we can say
What am I now?
What am I now?
What if I’m someone I don’t want around?
I’m falling again
I’m falling again
I’m falling
What if I’m down?
What if I’m out?
What if I’m someone you won’t talk about?
I’m falling again
I’m falling again
I’m falling
And I get the feeling that you’ll never need me again
What am I now?
What am I now?
What if you’re someone I just want around?
I’m falling again
I’m falling again
I’m falling
What if I’m down?
What if I’m out?
What if I’m someone you won’t talk about?
I’m falling again
I’m falling again
I’m falling
#HarryStyles #FineLine #Falling

  • Tricia Daves
    Tricia Daves


  • Iraleigh Rañola
    Iraleigh Rañola

    Iloveyou Harry 😘♥

  • Reagan E
    Reagan E

    Song like these are going to make future kids say they were born in the wrong decade

  • mia mendes
    mia mendes

    i just now understood that there’s a happy ending. the very first few seconds show him AFTER he got out of the water, cuz he was all soaked. and then the rest of the video shows how he got submerged in the water in the first place.

  • sara glass
    sara glass

    Am I the only one who heard “warm dirty hand”??

  • Puput Charm
    Puput Charm

    I get the feeling that you’ll never need me again 🥺

  • Guille Carrau
    Guille Carrau

    Im crying but in a COoL WAy

  • judy goodwin
    judy goodwin

    Bless his heart... the one whom he gave his heart to just doesn't feel the same anymore which is how life is. This song is so relatable

    • judy goodwin
      judy goodwin

      Btw let me just say you can't help who you love and I believe this is for Zayn with my whole heart. It's sad though because they did have something but in my opinion it's not the way Zayn's life path is made. It's sad but hope the best for them both

  • 1995 Ucles
    1995 Ucles

    I don't know why but when I listen to this I do two things 1. I cry 2. I get one direction feelings

  • Valentina Salazar
    Valentina Salazar

    Todos: ¿Quien le habrá hecho tanto daño a Harry para que haya escrito "Falling"? Louis: *gay silence*

  • Mary Piper
    Mary Piper


  • Mary Sue
    Mary Sue

    I love the fact that the thing he is wearing looks like a dress and is very "feminine"

  • emily vibes
    emily vibes

    Okay we all know who this song is about

  • hafsa wali
    hafsa wali

    Karma got him bad. Man, taylor cried for him. He cries for camille. Isn't it said?

  • Jenna Theobalds
    Jenna Theobalds

    Anyone who doesnt cry to this song is a heartless cyborg

  • Jenna Theobalds
    Jenna Theobalds


  • Geny Martín
    Geny Martín

    No se le puede triple, cuatrupe o el mayor número de likes, no puedo darle sólo uno. Te Amoooo Harry💕

  • iwanna leni
    iwanna leni


  • Sarthak Raj Jindal
    Sarthak Raj Jindal

    This song deserves a billion views.


    Te Amo Harry

  • Vianey Gonzalez
    Vianey Gonzalez

    Estoy llorando

  • lesley rhind
    lesley rhind

    Awesome voice !


    Where are my Young And Beautiful stand yet??

  • gabriela

    Harry is truly an icon.

  • Grace Larkin
    Grace Larkin

    my god i am sobbing

  • Nobody Fromnowhere
    Nobody Fromnowhere

    I’m in love with this. HORRIBLY

  • Krishna Gonzalez
    Krishna Gonzalez


  • ricky wizard
    ricky wizard

    There thousands perhaps millions of us who feel like that at the moment ..far away from who you love at the time .

  • Cris Cutter
    Cris Cutter

    Fuckin hell what a great video!

  • Bonnie

    This is rather odd

    • 제니Jenny

      @Nicole Thomson Then why are you here again after 2 leaving a comment 2 months ago 😂

    • Nicole Thomson
      Nicole Thomson

      Ikr its so weird i dislike him

  • Alessia Barbera
    Alessia Barbera

    I love you. Forever.

  • Anwesha Mahanta
    Anwesha Mahanta

    you are my inspiration. and you're music and you are just so beautiful :)

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey

    Powerful words 👌🏻

  • Chris Kleinhaarhuis
    Chris Kleinhaarhuis

    Heerlijk nummer, prachtige clip.

  • Muhammad Adil Qadeer
    Muhammad Adil Qadeer

    The starting kinda sounds like story of my life

    • Muhammad Adil Qadeer
      Muhammad Adil Qadeer

      Yes I does

  • Jerry Martinez
    Jerry Martinez

    Harry: I'm falling Me: I'll catch you

  • Abigail Dosso
    Abigail Dosso

    Now all you have to do is compare it with TheKosmic 8's video and stop it a <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="168">2:48</a>. Try it is is hilarious.

  • Blake Revis
    Blake Revis

    Why do you have to hit these notes Harry damn 🥺 ...

  • Ambika lenin
    Ambika lenin

    He has come a long way.... From a British boy who sang for love ..and now a man who experienced it....

  • rk rk
    rk rk

    I'm actually obsessed with his videos..all of them have a piece of art in it..the music and visual create a perfect fusion..just wonderful Harry..

  • rk rk
    rk rk

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="213">3:33</a> is just PERFECT 😍

  • SP Snyman
    SP Snyman

    I hope all of you guys get through it

  • SP Snyman
    SP Snyman

    Man sometimes I wish that I had cut in the right way so I would die.

    • Amy Irene
      Amy Irene

      Your life is worth living! People care about you.

  • Dance with Anu
    Dance with Anu

    I'm literally in tears!!❤😭😭 I'm of lost for words. This is truly a masterpiece, u can hear the pain in his voice!!♡♡:(((

  • C. D.J.
    C. D.J.

    Harry: *dressed like a male salsa dancer* 🕺

  • Lu Churchill
    Lu Churchill

    im- i cant even-

  • Harriet Nzula
    Harriet Nzula

    This mans songs make you crack up a lot of literature lmao

  • Sofi Laciar
    Sofi Laciar


  • Mako ._clan
    Mako ._clan

    Whos watching while sleeping??? 😴😴😴😴

  • ASMR Bloom
    ASMR Bloom

    Left me in tears😭❤ Day1 of listening- 29 May,2020

  • Ionut Popa
    Ionut Popa

    Does it only seem to me that this girl is divinely beautiful and has an angelic voice? God, how beautiful and how talented this girl is! nosoft.info/hd/video/ZKemhXarto6FvpU

  • Leane Lopess
    Leane Lopess

    i love you so much, thank you for this masterpiece that makes me cry in a cool way every time i get to listen to it.

  • lina ben
    lina ben

    the first partie is like the first in story of my life 🌚 i gat you😊😊 harry styles

  • Lucas Duarte
    Lucas Duarte

    Estou Caindo de 💔

  • Edna Oliveira
    Edna Oliveira

    Como escutar essa música e não chorar? Perfeição ❤️

  • Sheyna Adamo Attar
    Sheyna Adamo Attar

    Tell me that it was some movie effect!?! Huahua Not true that you used a true piano! 💜🙏

  • Sheyna Adamo Attar
    Sheyna Adamo Attar

    Poor piano!!! Huahuahua

  • abidal kadr
    abidal kadr

    راح ارجع بعد فتره واشوف التعليقات

  • Laurine La
    Laurine La

    You gotta be honest, this is the 100th time that you're here

  • A A
    A A

    Kurban oluyum cok yakışıklı yaaa one drection da da güzeldide yalnızkende güzel

  • غدي عبدالله
    غدي عبدالله


  • Daiana Zavan
    Daiana Zavan

    Falling dura <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="236">3:56</a> minutos, pero me va a doler toda la vida

  • The Xavi Gaming
    The Xavi Gaming

    I miss team one Drection 🥺

  • Alyssa Goldfield
    Alyssa Goldfield

    Am I the only mad curious about how they filmed this??


    *NO VOY A LLORAR* *:')*

  • Nobody Fromnowhere
    Nobody Fromnowhere

    İt is hurts

  • Nikos Preda
    Nikos Preda

    Σε μισώ!

  • Usevalad Parechyn
    Usevalad Parechyn

    what about us

  • Mallorie Maddron
    Mallorie Maddron

    Such a beautiful video ❤ so many emotions listening to the song and then watching this had me feeling those emotions all over again and then some. Well done Harry! This is absolutely beautiful

  • TPWK _HS
    TPWK _HS

    I'm crying in a cool way Harry darling Who hurt you dear

  • Sarah Hurley
    Sarah Hurley

    That water is fake because it went up so quickly 🙃😑

  • Sarah Hurley
    Sarah Hurley

    This song makes me cry😔😭😪

  • aviva amara
    aviva amara

    Im cry

  • chotam91

    Wtf is he wearing?

  • Merab Naveed
    Merab Naveed

    harry: drowning me: DANG look at his shirt

  • Jennifer Rodríguez
    Jennifer Rodríguez

    I just woke up and this is the song that is in my head and I can't stop singing it ugh

  • giu trx
    giu trx


  • Katerina

    Im crying in a cool way

  • Abigail Lennon
    Abigail Lennon

    I can't listen to this song or watch this video without crying or at least tearing up

  • Ryenne and Jaron Fun Times
    Ryenne and Jaron Fun Times

    i felt like he was sad and drowning.

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