Hermitcraft 6: Episode 106 - THE DEMISE WINNER!
Hermitcraft 6: Episode 106 - THE DEMISE WINNER! Grian declares the demise winner and puts the mansion up for sale!
Server IP* (Java edition only): Play.wynncraft.com
Website: wynncraft.com/
I've been quite ill the last 2 weeks and am still not better. I really hope I can be back in action as soon as possible, so I appreciate everyone's patience with me.
*Disclaimer: I co-own this minecraft server and indirectly financially benefit from advertising it on my channel.

  • Super K-Boy
    Super K-Boy

    First impressions of Wynncraft: The server as a whole looks amazing, I can tell that a truckload of work was put into it and that it took a long time. My one complaint is that the quest system is so dang confusing if you don't pay attention to the dialogue or the quest tracking.

  • Jaden Plants
    Jaden Plants

    Iskall was the only one to live but he played for 4 days so he has no life

  • Jaden Plants
    Jaden Plants

    5 stacks seems the appropriate price

  • KrazyOldKatLady 19
    KrazyOldKatLady 19

    Wearing mumbostache while working with redstone😂

  • KrazyOldKatLady 19
    KrazyOldKatLady 19

    Love the Wynncraft trailer!

  • Spicey Boi
    Spicey Boi

    Grian:There’s not many tutorials for this MumboJumbo: *Cries in having a tutorial*

  • Enderchaos202 IC
    Enderchaos202 IC

    I finally reached lvl 100 in wynncraft it took foreverrrr, assassin.. also I think uhh nerfing shaman might be an ok idea...



  • rensiknausage

    I think there is a second, undeniable winner to Demise. GRIAN HIMSELF! He got the last Kill!

  • Sam Alderson
    Sam Alderson

    anyone eles trying to get on grians server and its not working

  • Marcin Kędzior
    Marcin Kędzior

    N'Zoth on Wynncraft? :o

  • s.arahluan

    see i really want to play wynncraft BUT i have a bad computer and ... i tried to run the resource pack and it crashed lol

  • Long Island Mapping
    Long Island Mapping

    Iskall sounds like gru

  • Kwachi Gamer
    Kwachi Gamer

    I really want to join your server!!! I love your videos and everything but Is it maybeeee for bedrock??

  • Jim JimC
    Jim JimC

    It's been a while

  • jindtasu plays
    jindtasu plays

    I will have minecraft nightmares after this

  • King Godzilla953
    King Godzilla953

    Grian should have put diorite at the ceremony then trap him And kill him

  • Raifeeo55

    That trailer was dope

  • infernolord 2
    infernolord 2

    Who was here when title was winner winner diamond dinner

  • Gyrre

    I just got broadsided by that "redstone costume".

  • Shwibi Tech
    Shwibi Tech

    Wait you sale the mansionn for 100 diamonds WHAT THE-

  • An[game]nehm

    Grian:"Lets trap Iskall" Iskall:"Not again!"

  • Mebo

    wait grian co-owns wynncraft what when

  • BlackDawnYaoiLover

    Grian: I'm not getting any use out of it, so I'm going to do the mature thing and- Me: Burn it down- Grain: Sell it- Me: Aw-

  • Tamra L
    Tamra L

    18:26 i should fix this, giant mistake that was made. My parents when I was born

  • ImAPotato

    wellllll......i play wynncraft and...did not know he owned in ;-;

  • Just_A_Random Human_Being
    Just_A_Random Human_Being

    I want the mansion!

  • IAintLois

    dude wynncraft still looks awesome

  • LEVI ToBeContinued
    LEVI ToBeContinued

    Ayo Nether Snapshot

  • Nonia Hearts
    Nonia Hearts

    Grian: my friend Salted Me: Now that’s a name I haven’t heard for a long time Seriously though, I miss Craftedmovie and am still subbed in hope for it’s return

  • Deino Greenstreet
    Deino Greenstreet

    Now Grian looks even more like Winnie the Pooh!

  • Mr. bla
    Mr. bla


  • Blake Kiffmeyer
    Blake Kiffmeyer

    Make Bdoubble0 a Architect.

  • Sketch Animation
    Sketch Animation

    I would definitely watch Wynncraft

  • JaveyCyberGames

    You turned into a deep fried meme

  • Nikki Bikki Bop
    Nikki Bikki Bop

    If I had a better computer I’d be so all over WynnCraft

  • Brittany Hutton
    Brittany Hutton

    Dude that trailer was awesome!

  • I need Help
    I need Help

    I LOVE THE Trailer

  • Mettatonyx

    I woulda sold it for 250 diamonds

  • Liam Quantum
    Liam Quantum

    I’ve seen wynn craft, but I want disasters!

  • GalacticStar

    Does WynnCraft cost money? If so I am now sad

  • Darksui _wolf
    Darksui _wolf

    Grian has server i want to join Grian: it's on the spooky side Me: *watches trailer* Me: oh hell naw😨

  • skydriver_78

    If you look closely you can see the cut at 5:18

  • Yzabella Demaisip
    Yzabella Demaisip

    I remember the days where all I watched were hermitcraft and Naruto 😢

  • Beta

    He has the corona virus

  • 2 Brothers
    2 Brothers

    0:20 I don't know the future as he looks at the blimp

  • upcoming amazing
    upcoming amazing

    Iskals skin might be mumbeld

  • BrownCheese 4
    BrownCheese 4

    Iskall is gonna suffer from ptsd from all tnt explosions and creepers from now on xD

  • ItzMcLightningCraft YT
    ItzMcLightningCraft YT

    Nice video grain!

  • Cat Foley
    Cat Foley

    Your price is two low Maybe 150 or 200 U should have an actuation

  • Chance Hurst
    Chance Hurst

    When is the second floor of the floating mansion thing I forgot the name of coming

  • DeeDee Gaming
    DeeDee Gaming

    Can you play wynncraft on iOS? I tried and it wasn’t working

  • Stuart Bates
    Stuart Bates

    Ha ha ha

  • Ninjaslasher 5000
    Ninjaslasher 5000

    Wynncraft would be an epic game in itself

  • Olivia Dahrouge
    Olivia Dahrouge

    6:02 or Italian

  • Max John
    Max John

    Grian man you virtually mugged poor Iskall of those diamonds xD

  • Alex Baillargeon
    Alex Baillargeon

    I need to play wynncraft! Is it on twitch or technic or...?

  • Kareem hr
    Kareem hr

    Grain skin was steve

  • Shawn Soward
    Shawn Soward

    Iskall: *Vietnam flashbacks