HIGHLIGHTS | KSI vs. Logan Paul 2
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  • Hercules Gabarda
    Hercules Gabarda

    I didn't Know Logan Paul is actually a boxer..

  • Niners 21
    Niners 21

    Logan Paul held him then upper cut him. Hella cheat

  • big chanklasYT
    big chanklasYT

    Ksi with the windmill technique

  • mr meseeks
    mr meseeks

    5:01 that punch connects logan wins

  • Alexander EC
    Alexander EC

    Estamos luchadores son amateurs ? Digan que es cierto por que profesionales sería un insulto

  • Ricky Buckner
    Ricky Buckner

    Wow both were terrible

  • Mega gaming Naa
    Mega gaming Naa

    2:59 since that moment, he was already done. F

  • Henry videos cool
    Henry videos cool

    I saw mike face form fgteev 1:22

  • Joris Prop
    Joris Prop

    I am glad ksi wins cause he is a legend

  • Mobin Noori
    Mobin Noori

    Go ksi go yyyyyooooooo

  • Michael Dodd
    Michael Dodd

    You can tell they took it seriously it’s hard to fight 6 rounds even for a well trained amateur fighter

  • Rex Next
    Rex Next

    I was be so happy in the moment KSI wins!


    Kai beet the brain put this man

  • Deki vleki
    Deki vleki

    Black rocky vs ivan drago

  • Deki vleki
    Deki vleki

    Just when ksi go wild Logan hugs him

  • Samikshaa Sundar
    Samikshaa Sundar

    I feel bad for the reffree though.he was literally babysitting those two

  • Jazz Trav
    Jazz Trav

    Who's here bc of the AB rumors??

  • FaZe Jay
    FaZe Jay

    I’m looking at Justin Bieber sitting ringside 😂❤️🙏

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy

    All I’m saying is if that was a real fight Logan would have killed Ksi Bc Ksi head was looking at the canvas and Logan could have unloaded but it’s boxing so

    • Big Daddy
      Big Daddy

      I take Boxing and Mma so how you going to tell me what’s wrong or not

    • Big Daddy
      Big Daddy

      Bc the ring and Ksi got rocked and I like Ksi I’m just saying facts

    • richard f
      richard f

      What? Ksi literally knocked logan down. And even when logan knocked ksi down and hit at the back of the head ksi instantly came up. Logan gets tired easily

  • Mystic Warrior
    Mystic Warrior

    Manz got robbed

    • richard f
      richard f

      Please tell me how

  • Jejsjsjjs Jajsjsjskz
    Jejsjsjjs Jajsjsjskz

    I feel Logan could have done better ✅

  • XY_Sega

    I really wish JJ’s knockdown was counted

  • BlaSTz_ Nico
    BlaSTz_ Nico

    I know when cancer gets cured. When Logan Paul stops on NOsoft

  • Awakened Higher Self
    Awakened Higher Self

    Logan paul is like fiery when he fights which is bad cause he doesnt analyze and just rushes in and is impulsive and runs out of fuel to fast

    • 1234 •
      1234 •

      Awakened Higher Self in pretty sure you are calling KSI “Logan paul”

    • Awakened Higher Self
      Awakened Higher Self

      @1234 • talking about the way he fights

    • 1234 •
      1234 •

      Awakened Higher Self what are you talking about

  • Mr Rich
    Mr Rich

    Let's Go Champ.. Both guys are LOSERS

    • TSRG

      Both guys??

  • Tyler Harrington
    Tyler Harrington

    If logan wouldnt have punched him while he was down he would have won

  • LightShade

    Jack rice

  • Dani Trutovic
    Dani Trutovic

    Haha take that logan

  • Asparoth

    Both guys defend horribly. Like, sub rookie level

  • Larry Larry
    Larry Larry

    3:50 dang beast mode

    • richard f
      richard f

      Idiot mode

  • William Dance
    William Dance

    Announcer: “KSI , Knowledge Truth and Integrity.” 🧐🧐

  • StrafieMan

    K.T.I my favorite youtuber/boxer

  • SlyRacoon9

    From the United KINGDOM 🇬🇧

  • Hey Frosty
    Hey Frosty

    I wasn’t expecting them to be like Muhammad Ali, but I did expect something more action packed

    • amandahensley78

      I hate beartraps there so annoying but easy to counter

  • NightsPhenom712

    Ksi didn’t get a knockdown, that was back of the head and then he slipped

  • Sterling M
    Sterling M

    I don't know who ksi is and I wish I didn't know Logan Paul either.

  • Giovanny Suarez
    Giovanny Suarez

    This ain’t no boxing match 💀💀

  • Enlightened Rogue
    Enlightened Rogue

    I never heard of either one of these guys until a couple of minutes ago. Non-professional fighters who entertained me more than many professional bouts. Kudos, gentlemen. ☝️🥴👍. ✨🤪🤛

  • davud fernandez
    davud fernandez

    best fight in da World

  • Yarasa GT
    Yarasa GT

    logan. paol. king. 💪💪

  • bruh69

    I may hate KSI but I hate Logan Paul more so I was rooting for him

  • Eyyüp Yücel
    Eyyüp Yücel

    Reynmen vs Logan Paul 🖕 .VS. 🖕

  • Aaron Camble
    Aaron Camble

    Logan didn't score a knock down

  • Mete GSL
    Mete GSL

    The punch from ksi at 2:56 dayum

  • The Boss
    The Boss

    You will never know how this comment got so many likes!

    • richard f
      richard f


    • S7Up_AOF IceWallowCome
      S7Up_AOF IceWallowCome

      The Boss it’s only one like

  • Isaac Chin
    Isaac Chin

    K nowledge S truth I ntegrity

  • thiga jr
    thiga jr


  • howard cobb
    howard cobb

    Logan pual

  • John Ver De Vera
    John Ver De Vera

    Is Logan a Middleweight?

  • lyric louds
    lyric louds

    why logan is too confident

  • Livie Baby
    Livie Baby

    Bruh they can't even box tho 🤣🤣🤣 they looked like high school kids

  • Canadian Commando
    Canadian Commando

    Knowledge truth integrity. Nice call

  • Dennis  Williams
    Dennis Williams

    Wat is tha Prize

  • The5GIO5

    The ring was way too small, look at aj ruiz ring size

  • Andrei și atat xD
    Andrei și atat xD

  • Dani 1122
    Dani 1122

    This is so cringe bro

  • Malox360

    Me: So how many times does Logan Paul hugs KSI in this match? This video: I don't know. How many slices of bread have you eaten in your life?

  • Rafa Nadal
    Rafa Nadal

    I just come back every time here to hear the decision From the United Kingdommmm

  • OG Lex
    OG Lex

    2:34 Logan Paul’s defense is underrated

    • Master Shake
      Master Shake

      To be honest ksi telegraphs tf out of his punches and throws the same right left right combos.

    • shaker _blackout
      shaker _blackout

      Sohaib Sohaib true

    • Sohaib Sohaib
      Sohaib Sohaib

      OG Lex yeah I like how he blocked the punches with his face

  • KyleBJobey

    1:12 - Ah yes, The famous acronym for KSI - Knowledge, Truth and Integrity. *facepalm*

    • S7Up_AOF IceWallowCome
      S7Up_AOF IceWallowCome

      KyleBJobey 🤣

Oh no...