HIGHLIGHTS | KSI vs. Logan Paul 2
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  • Puppet Face
    Puppet Face

    I really thought gib had a chance then I was like all that training just to get beat in round 1 If I was viddel I’ll fight gib myself. ksi be swinging wild but he was more aggressive they were both throwing nothing but haymakers

  • Tammy McKee
    Tammy McKee

    Dude his life was about entertainment he better taze another rat bro

  • roblox reported
    roblox reported


  • well Daniel look kddkskekeekwlw Quintana
    well Daniel look kddkskekeekwlw Quintana

    Both of them a joke

  • well Daniel look kddkskekeekwlw Quintana
    well Daniel look kddkskekeekwlw Quintana

    Is this a joke

  • Pedestrian #1
    Pedestrian #1

    for everyone saying jake paul will beat ksi , he won’t Jake paul is white.

  • Fack_Blac

    The Legends say he's still grabbing him by the leg 2:54

  • Josiah Sanchez
    Josiah Sanchez

    And they finna try telling me the stadium wasn’t full 😂

  • J V
    J V

    This poor ref - it’s like basically being an umpire in tee-ball 😂

  • Mark1508871 Dagoat
    Mark1508871 Dagoat

    I think Logan paul acctually won

  • eli Rivera
    eli Rivera

    Me: How Is This The Most Viewed Video On DAZN? Still Me: not caring but being happy that youtube got a w Everyone Else: Actually We Took A L Cause No Other NOsoftrs On The Undercard So Not Just NOsoftrs Made This #1. Me: Mayweather Vs Connor Everyone Else: (gasps and faints)

  • eli Rivera
    eli Rivera

    What did logan look like he had no soul while he was walking to the ring?

  • eli Rivera
    eli Rivera

    JJ: I Want That Knockdown Ref: Slip

  • Mike Floral
    Mike Floral

    Logan paul won ksi was getting dogged i don’t care

  • Samuel Flores
    Samuel Flores

    Logan actually won

  • Wxter

    Logan won period

    • Lui Pires
      Lui Pires

      Did he?

  • Zafeer


    • Lui Pires
      Lui Pires


  • Atilla Efe
    Atilla Efe

    ay fakyu velkom tu may gat

  • Noah Shannon
    Noah Shannon

    KSI payed the refs

    • Lui Pires
      Lui Pires

      How u know lol

  • PikleMyNikel

    Ok I hated this fight because the action of this was…um…well *HORRIBLE* literally the whole fight was just a windmill machine fighting a lefty and that’s not entertaining but at the same time Logan and ksi gave it their all and I respect them for it

  • Duncan Carlson-Bancroft
    Duncan Carlson-Bancroft

    Logan is to savage to put up his hands

  • Dorian Dodaj
    Dorian Dodaj

    Logan paul vs ksi 3

  • Hero Of The Forgotten Past
    Hero Of The Forgotten Past

    They ate totally destroying the game

  • Adrian Roper
    Adrian Roper

    Most boring fight ever

    • Lui Pires
      Lui Pires

      Have u seen the Jake vs gib

  • Charlie Teece
    Charlie Teece

    Lei though. That man though

  • dripzzz 200
    dripzzz 200

    just watched the fight in slow motion and there multiple spot where Logan could have thrown right and left hooks like for example 4:23 right hook 3:31 left right

  • dripzzz 200
    dripzzz 200

    4:50 u can see Ksi lip bleeding

  • Connie Smith
    Connie Smith

    And jake coming for your ### too.

  • Connie Smith
    Connie Smith

    Ksi a bi###

  • Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy

    Should've been a draw

  • Luke DiCamillo
    Luke DiCamillo

    1:15 does he say truth instead of strength when he’s talking about KSI?

  • Maik Dreijer
    Maik Dreijer

    You can't really win with that hairline though..

  • Konstantinos Vandoros
    Konstantinos Vandoros

    Bruh i am a kick boxer this match is awful

  • Blade0grass 90
    Blade0grass 90

    If this was a street fight KSI would be a gonner

  • ItsGordie

    who not paying for the KSI vs Jake Paul Fight?

  • Trending Music
    Trending Music

    Justin Bieber???

  • Tobias Muther
    Tobias Muther

    “Knowledge truth integrity” kti does this guy have a brain?

  • Jack Fox
    Jack Fox

    The commentary was so biased towards Logan Paul

  • Nhoj Tcideneb
    Nhoj Tcideneb

    1:15 *KSI* Knowledge *TRUTH* Integrity

  • sweetener

    *Archie Andrews and Hiram Lodge are laughing in a corner*

  • Marcus Skjoldbjerg
    Marcus Skjoldbjerg

    Black vs white who wins

  • Tm DeadEye
    Tm DeadEye

    Knowledge, Truth and Integrity KTI

  • Alex C.
    Alex C.

    Straight up would beat both of them..click click pow

  • 26savenger

    Watching it again...... Im a ksi fan but to be honest if u count logan dropped more hard punches then ksi 😅

  • Eggboi Gregman
    Eggboi Gregman

    Gonna tell my kids that this was Glass Joe and Mike Tyson

  • Noah Vandyke
    Noah Vandyke

    This wasn't a fight it seemed more like the 2 were dancing then fighting.

  • Scrimple

    down like that

  • Denion Jarazi
    Denion Jarazi

    Did you see Logan put his hand up and thought he was going to win

  • Homerboy44

    Wii Sports Matt VS Ryan Lite edition

  • H Flores
    H Flores

    What has boxing come to...

  • German Guillen
    German Guillen


  • Dustin Caravaglia
    Dustin Caravaglia

    This was better than Fury vs Wilder. I'm a boxing guy and don't know how I ended up here.

  • Adash Dhakal
    Adash Dhakal

    I just watched Ryan Garcia’s fight and these guys look so sloppy and big and hunky and slow, it’s so unimpressive

  • Soilder Plays
    Soilder Plays

    This just makes me sad again

  • can tunç
    can tunç

    I think it was cheated.

  • Jerboa 456
    Jerboa 456

    Ksi looked so cool when he was entering the ring

  • Arianhq

    Ksi; Ok Lets Fight Logan; Ok lets Hug eachother

  • Emirhan Haylar
    Emirhan Haylar

    logan paul winner winner

    • Emirhan Haylar
      Emirhan Haylar

      @Terminator 371 logan daha iyi

    • Terminator 371
      Terminator 371

      Emirhan Haylar logan should’ve won

  • GhostHydro GT
    GhostHydro GT

    The title should be 6 mins of logan paul trying to dodge ksi's punches

  • Ankit kalita
    Ankit kalita

    The punch which ksi delivers is not at all boxing, come on man look at his punches

    • Terminator 371
      Terminator 371

      Ankit kalita same 🔥

    • Ankit kalita
      Ankit kalita

      @Terminator 371 maverick for life

    • Terminator 371
      Terminator 371

      Ankit kalita if a rematch happens Logan won’t do the same mistake,he won’t lose any points and he’ll beat ksi for sure,team paul

    • Ankit kalita
      Ankit kalita

      @Terminator 371 u feel that too right

    • Terminator 371
      Terminator 371

      Udita Kalita ik ksi’s only swinging