How I Fell Out The Sky In My New Music Video
KSI - Down Like That (feat. Rick Ross, Lil Baby & S-X) Out Now!

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Shot and edited by: @_o93c
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Photo Credit - IG: @dawnkingston
Graphic Design - IG: @kellansworld

  • ben nikoro
    ben nikoro

    His hair be defying physics.. His hair should be in front of his face not at the back 😂 but fire 🔥 anyways

  • Tazzle

    Oh I thought he actually fell off

  • man man
    man man

    Down like that u like it down like that I dont know finale discord got talent

  • Booboo Downes
    Booboo Downes

    One of my favourite songs ❤❤

  • Nicole Scioli
    Nicole Scioli

    This is AWESOME!!!

  • John

    When it said K I I thought it was gonna say KIS, reminding me of that big shaq video

  • Music Stream
    Music Stream

    Finally found the music i searched

  • Sam Garside
    Sam Garside

    Ksi: so we just finished the hanging scene Logan Paul: MoM gEt ThE cAmErA

  • Apathy Hades
    Apathy Hades

    “Gotta make sure everything is on point” IT IS NOW.

  • tbdavethebomb gaming
    tbdavethebomb gaming

    Lol I love but I'm kid put clean

  • Γρηγόρης Ρουφικτός
    Γρηγόρης Ρουφικτός

    Good god those are the SMALLEST subtitles ever .

  • jose_GANG

    i want that knockdown

  • XXSNIPS Gaming
    XXSNIPS Gaming

    Here after gib lost rip

  • Whisper


  • ohdatguy

    The subtitles are the same size as my penis

  • Lucas Vigo
    Lucas Vigo

    i think we all know what song this all reminds us of

  • TMAKT M0s4n1ty
    TMAKT M0s4n1ty

    What happened to seeing whether dax has gone good or not

  • ITS JT
    ITS JT

    Idk if anyone noticed but if you look at the very top of the bottoms black bar you can see tiny subtitles

  • Y1

    0:55 black man” alright so we just finished the hanging scene...” KKK: 👀

  • Cherryl Balintogo
    Cherryl Balintogo


  • Cherryl Balintogo
    Cherryl Balintogo


  • Weston Taylor
    Weston Taylor

    Idk why but I used to hate you till now

  • Roemer Remigius
    Roemer Remigius


  • Dakata Ivanov
    Dakata Ivanov



    🇯​🇴​🇰​🇪​🇷​🇸​ who all are never allowed to laugh for their 🇯​🇴​🇰​🇪​🇸​😜😜😜

  • Aarogya Pradhan
    Aarogya Pradhan

    hi to the fans of ksi previously I was a fan as well bbuuuuuuttttt he harassed some ones wife of some one you know in love and that is pewdiepie so you like some one (ksi) that is a ugly rebel who harasses a man who everyone knows in loves wife

  • Prince samson ademuyiwa Anifowose
    Prince samson ademuyiwa Anifowose

    Foc has been a bit too far away and has fjvjfkh in mind and he has fjvjfkh and you are not going am sure you will have the opportunity and you will have to look for some good 39inches to do this in the next couple and you can do you want a better deal and you will need a lot more money to make a better deal with your business and the future you are jelly and you are jelly to play with the same amount of group sales in a

  • MrSuperrajab

    its so dark

  • jae the savage boy
    jae the savage boy

    I don't like ksi but this song is fire 😀

  • Shdwws lol
    Shdwws lol

    When I see fire I know fire👍👌👍🔥

  • JudeRusga

    EVERYBODY! DO NOT skip this! basically my FIRST PROPER video comes out on friday and I want EVERYONE to see it! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to makesure you DO NOT MISS THIS... STAY TUNED FOR FRIDAY!

  • ItzMasterleen

    I won that knockdown Dejis dog it got put down

  • Zunaira Hossain
    Zunaira Hossain

    Ughhh the comments are so annoying they’re all the same

    • Dawnova

      I know it’s getting old

  • AD T
    AD T

    *It sounds like someone with downs is singing "Downs like that"*

  • supersam6969 Caryy
    supersam6969 Caryy

    Your a good guy yanno ohoh

  • FGM 0905
    FGM 0905

    The expensive version of the songs that the Paul brothers make Because those shitheads are cheap af

  • Lazi LP
    Lazi LP


  • TRSH_ Rush
    TRSH_ Rush

    Ngl lit song 🔥

  • ʏᴇꜱɴ'ᴛ


  • Diego Gonzalez
    Diego Gonzalez

    Did Ksi make a Jojo reference

  • Pokemon Starters gotta catch em'all
    Pokemon Starters gotta catch em'all

    I literally see this music all the time it’s just so nicely done. I really do approve this. It’s so fkn nice


    Ksi:I want a knockdown Referee:No Ksi:why you gotta let me down like that??!

  • goldybhoy hi
    goldybhoy hi

    Down not fown

  • goldybhoy hi
    goldybhoy hi

    It should be. I won that nick down deji’s dog it got put fown

  • 1000 subs with no videos challenge
    1000 subs with no videos challenge

    If you think KSI sucks, this button is grey ⬇️

    • Yeetus Meleetus
      Yeetus Meleetus

      So one person disagrees apparently

  • ZA BOZ
    ZA BOZ

    I tought everything was a green screen .-.

  • Beserk Cheeto
    Beserk Cheeto

    No one had a shred of a thought JJ actually fell out of the sky.

  • Blair Shum
    Blair Shum

    KSI: “We just finished the hanging scene” Me:"looks at comments"

    • Wennerof Mc
      Wennerof Mc

      Lmao stolen TOP comment

    • Eddie Barron
      Eddie Barron

      Stolen comment

  • some1mn N
    some1mn N

    00:30 omg I thought my house was on fire

  • 38BC

    2:10 this mf has no flow

  • FUG_Fusion

    I was so confused Bc his hair wasn’t going the right direction and I was like tf?

  • Corvo Attano
    Corvo Attano

    Gotta respect the editors grind tho

  • Zenzul

    Logan PauL

  • NeviGameZz

    Lets be honest, everybody searched for this only to see how the scene with the Fall was made

  • Kp1ayz


  • AllSorts Games
    AllSorts Games

    KSI I’m sorry but I’m a Logan Paul fan and to be honest it would be better if you actually did stuff instead of watch videos from 2 years ago I hope you take this the right way

  • Prince Kuz
    Prince Kuz


  • Phonzie TV
    Phonzie TV

    The only reason this song is good is because KSI only has like 12 lines

    • Fahad Raihan
      Fahad Raihan


  • Jimmothy

    ngl, that hair looks sick half black-half blond

  • Judy’s challenge corner Corner
    Judy’s challenge corner Corner

    Like for KSI 👇🏽