How North Korea Makes Money
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  • Joseph

    Switzerland-chan: *NEIN* Fat Kim: *That's not very cash money of you*

  • Vojtěch Maršál
    Vojtěch Maršál

    11:25 Haha, have you ever seen soviet era machines stop working?

  • Vermillion


  • Smarter Than You
    Smarter Than You

    Nike probably has a sweatshop there!

  • King

    By killing soleimani we shut kim up. Try another threat boy just try.

  • Serpent Ascendancy
    Serpent Ascendancy

    I like their system of government juche is pretty based.

  • Backcountry Skiing Canada
    Backcountry Skiing Canada

    Those are not "snowmobiles" those are snow cats or groomers!

  • lk nod
    lk nod

    why does every time left ends up like nothe korea and china and right tends in global leaders

  • The Jupiter
    The Jupiter

    I don't consider North Korea a country. They are a bunch of pirates living off blackmail money and being a leech feeding off China and acting as a Chinese puppet. In comparison South Korea has done very well. North is drooling at South Korea's prosperity but it doesn't want to work hard or it doesn't have intelligence to be par with South. All these missiles and nuclear technology know how is supplied by China. North Korea and China are playing this game very well.

  • titanente

    Shows imagery from a Swiss landscape at 10:55. Stating it would depict the "spraling fields of North Korea with barley any electricity". The footage was recorded on the S-15 train between the Stations Steinmaur and Schöfflisdorf-Oberweningen showing the northern side of a hill called Lägern.

    • titanente

      Which is quite funny, since the film "The Interview" also uses a Swiss train scene (depicting a Swiss ICN Train) claiming it would be North Korea

  • Kim Jong un
    Kim Jong un

    I think Austria is very mean to my people

  • Justin Liu
    Justin Liu

    North Korea was the 2nd richest country in Asia from the end of WW2 to the late 1980s. They had free universal health care, free education for all, free uniforms, free textbooks and free social programs including free housing for its citizens which the USA never had and will never have. Their standard of living at the time was ahead of modern day China.This is mainly because they had great investment and cheap oil from the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. The USA took this chance to sanction North Korea by banning import of all basic essential resources and oil into the country directly crippling their industrialized economy and leading to the starvation of millions of innocent North Korean civilians overnight. North Korea still survived and became almost completely self sufficient despite the impossible and inhumane conditions the Americans left them. So please LEARN YOU HISTORY before you start spreading hate and talking shit to a country you know nothing about you stupid ignorant arrogant idiots!

  • Darth Utah 66
    Darth Utah 66

    That's how north Korea works

  • Steve Pettersen
    Steve Pettersen

    How North Korea Makes Money: Why, the government counterfeits it, of course. How do you think that fat f*ck in charge gets all his luxury items?

  • Alexander Dahomey
    Alexander Dahomey

    Sanctioning a country and then wondering why they want nukes is prime cognitive dissonance

  • LA LA Toy Art
    LA LA Toy Art

    very informativ video. thanks.

  • Rio Kawaguchi
    Rio Kawaguchi

    10:02 Yen is Japanese currency. Not Chinese.

  • frank facts
    frank facts

    Free healthcare, college, guaranteed job. That's terrible.

  • Kyle Pasta
    Kyle Pasta

    How north korea makes money, trade with china and russia mostly

  • cocomunga

    Someday that stupid statue will fall

  • fern Haloo
    fern Haloo

    I betcha there's no Skid Rows in NK like the beauty in LA, I betcha.

  • Han Leo
    Han Leo

    North Korea is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends

  • Atipong Pathanasethpong
    Atipong Pathanasethpong

    I can't help wondering whether this video is part of NK propaganda. The information and figures are very specific, but somehow are not corroborated by other sources.

  • Melbu

    To me it still seems like it works way better than capitalism. Tall buildings are present in EU as well, but only rich people are there. So the system is BASICALLY the same. Poor stay poor. And only a bunch get rich and live rich lives. Society is just bad

  • CheapShot Mike
    CheapShot Mike

    No. He took Marxism exactly where it inevitably always will go. He understood it just fine.

  • Guyana South America
    Guyana South America

    Kim Jong Um says the lazy batty boys who likes to print money and build nuclear weapons they hate humanity and need to get wiped out from the face of the earth.

  • MetaView7

    just like cuba, it is a slave camp. The elite have cellphones and luxury cars. The mass have nothing.

  • Akash

    To viewers: In all 13 mins, the narrator tells nothing about how N.Korea makes money.

  • Brad C
    Brad C

    Obviously what keeps them up and Iran is secret Russian/Chinese backings. These attack dogs are kept on a firm leash....but will forever be a thorn in the side of America.....just as Russia and China wish.

  • Ggdivhjkjl

    Thumbs up to show your love for the Supreme Comrade!

  • IB Freely
    IB Freely

    8:55 for a bit more detail - the way it functions is that the husband works a government job which gives the family housing and access to schools etc, women work for money which is used to support the family within this infrastructure.

  • Sudarshan

    1:27 that's not a bad hair cut

  • Sudarshan

    0:39 😂😂

  • Jacob Brewer
    Jacob Brewer

    So North Korea is basically a lavishly spoiled school girl?

  • mark katwire
    mark katwire

    Is this a china propaganda channel...*subtle*subtle*psych ops*

  • Tim Chuma
    Tim Chuma

    Trying to export drugs to Australia also

  • Bloody Gamer
    Bloody Gamer

    North Korea: **starves its people, tortures them, abuses every single human right** ALSO North Korea: switzerland not selling us chairlifts is human rights abuse

  • Mr. Conservatarian
    Mr. Conservatarian

    Little rocket man.

  • Jeremy Sitorus
    Jeremy Sitorus

    North Koreans: *bow to the first two Kims * Bible: Now we need six friends of a guy named Daniel and t w o j e s u s e s

  • NeoXenoZ

    Russia: *Gives supplies* China: *Gives more supplies* North Korea: I am no longer friends with russia, now china is my friend.

  • poot poot
    poot poot

    nebula would work if it was free with ads

  • Music Spacelamp
    Music Spacelamp

    North koreas 2 main exports are meth and dead fishermen

  • Bills Terzo
    Bills Terzo

    Bad haircuts.

  • Toshiaki Ou
    Toshiaki Ou

    Does your Curiosity Stream ever teach you how to pronounce Pyongyang?

  • Yusuf Khan
    Yusuf Khan

    When you make video how north Korea make a money and start explaining history of north Korea and increase your watch time with the diff thamnail.hackerman bosdiwale

  • Endrank luvs da 4 loko
    Endrank luvs da 4 loko

    Or maybe the NK government is releasing "defactors" to spread misinformation about how things are in North Korea?

  • Ebenezer Stooge
    Ebenezer Stooge

    The North Korean government is the biggest cancer on the face of the Earth.

  • Mykol

    They don't. Saved you 13 minutes.

  • Vamavid

    The bias makes it hard to take this video seriously.

  • Brayden M
    Brayden M

    Okay, but this video lied about one thing and it was a BIG lie No one goes to that resort. Nobody can. The people who go there are families of government officials, and it is ALL staged, just like the "shoppers" that you'll see on Cuban state televison. Anywhere outside of Havana, people absolutely cannot shop the way they make it seem.

  • N Drizzle
    N Drizzle

    Odog Gow just left me a comment about how every problem n korea is America’s fault. He must love his man-god abomination more than anything else

  • Pietr joe
    Pietr joe


  • Ado422

    I mean it just needs to become like china an I'm cool with it.

  • Billy Engerson
    Billy Engerson

    You see the GOP..$upports communist North Korea..ohhh China..

    • Billy Engerson
      Billy Engerson

      Third party Trade deal$..sillys..

  • BahadirM

    This video is a bit biased, if you attack NK/Kim Jong Un about the haircut and nuclear weapons.

  • Billy Engerson
    Billy Engerson

    Communist panhandlers.. they learned that from our wonderful DNC..

  • Billy Engerson
    Billy Engerson

    Sounds like demockkkrasee too me too..

  • Gautam Kumar
    Gautam Kumar

    Baised and ill informed . Propaganda vdo. Sucks

  • ruok bitch
    ruok bitch

    dont give up ur nuclear weapons unless you want to be invaded by U.S

  • Angel X
    Angel X

    Does anyone have a link to anything about the August 3rd rule? I've been searching it up and not finding anything