I AM LEGEND 2 [HD] Trailer -Will Smith Horror Movie [Fan Made]
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13 years have passed since the virus that wiped the world. Robert Neville (Will Smith) and Anna (Alice Braga) becomes a world known heroes that brought the cure. Suddenly a sudden outbreak hits the city of South Korea. Eventually Robert and Anna later learns that this virus was twice deadly than before.
►Fan Cast:
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Hey guys I would like to make it clear that this is a fan made trailer. Sadly this trailer is not REAL. That means it contains clips from other movies, put together with special effects using Wondershare Filmora video editor and Pizap photo editor.

The purpose of my videos is to bring dream movies to life. If you are looking for a real trailer sorry this is not for you. As stated in the beginning I created this for ENTERTAINMENT and the FANS of the movie.

Creating this video take days to produce and publish. I do lots of research and takes a lot of time. The thumbnails and posters you see are originally created by me. (Follow me on twitter @Macamtvofficial to get more details of my work.)

Originally Will Smith said 6 Billion people in the world. Since this movie was created in 2007 now 2019 there is 7 billion so I looked for interviews when he said seven and just edited it.

I wanted to make this trailer similar to the trailer of the original movie. Which means I used the same style of font for the wordings. I also used some original segment like "God didn't do this, we did"

The process of creating this fan made trailer I had to re search different types of movie that contains these kinds of scenes, apocalyptic, original cast and zombies.

Some wordings in the trailer also was similar to the original movie trailer. Instead of using "I Am" all the time, I used "I was" referring to the previews movie. For example "I was a survivor" and "I was the only human being on earth". But then I used "I am" to make it fit with the title and create an impact title sequence.

Feel free to SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT and LIKE this video, I would appreciate it a lot. The more popular the video is, the better chance it can get seen and maybe come true!!!!

Special Thanks to:

►Footage Used:
Video Credits | City of God | Queen of the South | How It Ends | The Dead Don't Die | The Cured | Max | I Am Legend | Fire Inferno Background by Channel Art Background | Gemini Man | Bright | Flu
► Music Credit:
Music Credit | Beauty of My Dreams by Royalty Free Zone - No Copyright Music | Alxd - Return uploaded by MFY - No Copyright Music
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  • Shannon Chenall
    Shannon Chenall

    I’m high asf watching this and this is really badass looks good imagine if it was real

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      king star

      I m legend ka Partha 2 nhi aaya hai it's rong information

    • Foggy Gaming
      Foggy Gaming

      i am too haha and i thought the same thing

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      esse eu vou assistir pode ter certeza


      your comment made it come true

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      Corona virus

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    Dream lover

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    meme machine off

    Why didnt 2020 looked like this?

  • Nova Terra
    Nova Terra

    This trailer looks interesting 👍🏻

  • Lucinda Tursi
    Lucinda Tursi

    and yes will is right we caused covid 19

  • Lucinda Tursi
    Lucinda Tursi

    this sound like covid 19

  • Brandon Cloutier
    Brandon Cloutier

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  • SyrentMix

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    zain 7

    im soo waith watching film. its so perfect

  • Ry TheMan
    Ry TheMan

    Me when I watch this: coronavirus


    Im Legend 'in 2 si falan yok. Bu tanıtım videosu da değil. Dikkat edersiniz Fan made yazıyor. Dıger zombi filmlerimden birer parça alarak montaj yapmışlar.

  • Wilmer Pettersson 5
    Wilmer Pettersson 5

    didnt will smith die in the last movie

  • محمد محمد
    محمد محمد

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  • Miluska Filipcova
    Miluska Filipcova

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  • jader servino
    jader servino

    IT'S RIDICULOUS when a trailer that is already short is full of dark spaces between scenes wanting to give suspense ... PQP WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!

  • jader servino
    jader servino

    É RIDÍCULO quando um trailer que já é curto estar cheio de espaços escuros entre as cenas querendo dar suspense ... PQP QUE DESPERDÍCIO DE TEMPO !

  • h20 Louie
    h20 Louie

    I with they made a second one four. I am a legend

  • Brett58546

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    Norbee Vinsmoke

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    Marty Ellison

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  • Netty !!!!!
    Netty !!!!!

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  • Bless Child
    Bless Child

    This movie was incorrectly named it should be called surviving Coronavirus

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  • The Challenger
    The Challenger

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  • The Challenger
    The Challenger

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    sintex grup

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    Miguel Angel Velez

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    Slobodan Marjanović

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    kristopher velasquez

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    Hayder Alcala

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  • Jeniyah Nia
    Jeniyah Nia

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  • Krzysztof Marchel
    Krzysztof Marchel

    This is a cluster of several different films, this trailer is fiction.

    • Deni Izhakov
      Deni Izhakov

      Naaaahhhh it even says its fan made

  • Nanas Annasya Kids TV
    Nanas Annasya Kids TV

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  • Safkhan Safkhan
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  • Safkhan Safkhan
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    Alejandro Vasquez

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    Gladwin Maphuti

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  • Tere Ovejero
    Tere Ovejero

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