i lost
Logan Paul
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I wanted you to hear this from me.
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

  • Chapzi

    KSI won period! 2 points is fair, u should be disqualified if u think u won ;D

  • Sha Freese
    Sha Freese

    Logan Paul I'm so sorry that you didn't beat up KSI but i still watch your videos and I ain't no different

  • Sha Freese
    Sha Freese

    I wish I could be the one your videos Logan Paul

  • Kolbe Roberts
    Kolbe Roberts

    Don't come back to NOsoft

  • Pietro Faggion
    Pietro Faggion

    WHY! Why does it have to be KSI I don’t like KSI

  • Kian Khan
    Kian Khan

    I wanna get 1 like and 1 dislike

  • Synrift 18
    Synrift 18

    Your a sore loser Logan Paul 2 point deduction

  • adrian gyemant
    adrian gyemant

    you pussy logan paul

  • Gas station for men—Click my photo
    Gas station for men—Click my photo

    2018: I won the Christmas war this year 2019: Christmas fucking this year I fuking ... work hard to win ...

  • Expertz

    You know what’s funny? Ksi’s most viewed video is 109 million,and Logan’s is 243 million😂😂

  • FaZe MaRhSLO
    FaZe MaRhSLO

    Gg bro❤️❤️

  • Camperkiller619

    I pray Logan is sterile

  • Camperkiller619

    This guy is just has loser in his name he grabbed ksi head and punched him repeatedly after holding His head

  • Moses Gitonga
    Moses Gitonga

    Get your head in the game.We want the savage maverick old king back


    GUYS doesn’t means who win or who lose the thing matters is that the both great fighters are ok and I want that both of them to take Same time and get back to there work That is entertaining people and inspiring them love you both guys 😘😘😘

  • Lily Rayson
    Lily Rayson

    i rate this

  • Alf Martin
    Alf Martin

    Mate u clearly loss

  • Harry Os
    Harry Os

    Achoo achoo achoo

  • Мирослав Красимиров
    Мирослав Красимиров

    Logan paul big winner

  • lil musk
    lil musk


  • yaramaz çocuk
    yaramaz çocuk

    Papara Hesabım: 2098385542 Sebaba Girmek İsteyenler İçin 😁🤩

  • Goncalo Correia
    Goncalo Correia

    Imagine not uploading in 3 weeks ahaha

  • Michael Staveley
    Michael Staveley

    2 points was the right call

  • RNG Joe
    RNG Joe

    logan i still like you are my best youtuber keep up the good work

  • whyamitrashxD

    You "lost" but think bout it logan was -2 points and in the final he got 55 now put that 2 points and u get 57 and ksi 56 so technicaly logan won

  • ShotZz_GFS

    Nigga you suck man

  • Shay Campbell
    Shay Campbell

    Im suprised tou even made it through the 6 minutes considering you sneezed 3 times. Thats a mad one m8

  • car gamer 2020
    car gamer 2020

    Ksi is the best

  • PoliceGuy1111 Rblx
    PoliceGuy1111 Rblx

    Logan you stupid you 6ft2 ksi is 5 ft 10

  • Big Moose
    Big Moose

    You don’t feel like you lost but you did

  • Bless Adi
    Bless Adi

    Logan paul I am with you are not lose you are the winner

  • Toby Lerner
    Toby Lerner

    Rematch him

  • Enola

    You lost

  • Toby Lerner
    Toby Lerner

    You won but you hit Ksi when he was down

  • Rory Coupland
    Rory Coupland

    Winning is for losers I think I one the fight

  • Y games Y
    Y games Y

    استمر العرب معك

  • Y games Y
    Y games Y


  • Kingsley

    Always acting like a man, why can’t you accept you’re lose as a man?

  • 100k subs with single video
    100k subs with single video

    100k challenge

  • lucinc 9
    lucinc 9

    just accept it fam , your trash

    • 32

      but he's still a multi millionaire