I'm An Incel. Ask Me Anything.
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  • Jubilee

    Hey Goodhumans! Thank you to the many of you who showed up to ask questions during the filming of this episode. Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with what we're up to, and for more opportunities to participate in our videos (in person, or virtually)! instagram.com/jubileemedia We appreciate your thoughtfulness and willingness to create a safe space for open, honest, and challenging conversations. Together, we believe we can inspire radical empathy and create a movement for human good. Thanks for watching!

    • Indrid Cold
      Indrid Cold

      Good God there are so many radical left wing ideologs here. Calm down people.

    • gizelle SLAT
      gizelle SLAT

      y’all should’ve done a male who hates females not just disagrees with them

    • Cult Boy
      Cult Boy

      Alan Friesen You can’t just add clauses to definitions you fit you’re own preconceived notions. You’re bascailly suggesting all incels must fit your stereotype. That isn’t the case! An inception is defined by INvoluntary CELibacy....

    • Alan Friesen
      Alan Friesen

      @JAVANZY WHISKEY It's not just about rights, it's also about perceptions, expectations, and practical results.

    • Alan Friesen
      Alan Friesen

      @Cult Boy Except that the whole concept of "Incel" is that you are hurt, that you're claiming that you're suffering because you're being treated like a pariah (or at least ignored) by desirable women. And while that can be very painful, it's also very normal (love bites), and it is not legitimate grounds for attacking women, individually or as a group, the way many incels do. Feminism is also born out of suffering. And while there is a perception, rightly or wrongly, that women who have a hard time attracting male attention gravitate towards feminism, you rarely see the hatefulness and the advocacy towards violence within feminist circles that you see in the incel movement. Also, for the most part feminism is a progressive empowerment movement based on ambition while the incel movement is very regressive and based on self-pity. While I wouldn't say that there are no instances of individual feminists taking it too far, it's more the exception than the rule. For these reasons I think equivalence is inappropriate.

  • Ava Hampton
    Ava Hampton


  • Mysterious Woman
    Mysterious Woman

    He's cute and I love how quiet and well-spoken he is... but actually listening to the words coming out of his mouth makes my vagina seal itself shut

  • Mysterious Woman
    Mysterious Woman

    Damn this man would LOVE Saudi Arabia. He would fit right in

  • the Bot
    the Bot

    This is a fun game! Woohoo

  • Brent Pilgrim
    Brent Pilgrim

    😒😒😒🤦🏽‍♂️...dude there are literally 8 billion people in the world...everyone gets rejected...you pick yourself up and move on...just because you were exposed to a few negative things regarding women doesn’t mean those are representative of all women...he clearly lacks knowledge and valid data to support his claims and he’s being an entitled brat who believes women should meet his subjective, immature and unrealistic standards...news flash dude if every woman you meet doesn’t like you or has issues with you maybe you should take some time to do some introspection and realise it isn’t the women that’s the problem maybe it’s you...either your personality, approach or something about you needs to change....it could also be the type of women you’re interested in...I’m just saying if you don’t like the result of a situation then change it... it’s that simple...oh and this is coming from a straight man who has been rejected before like everyone else...smh

  • malena mourino
    malena mourino

    they just need queer eye

  • CyranoForever101

    Why call them incels? There's already a word for these kinds of people: conservatives.

  • goth boy
    goth boy

    I don’t support what this man does but I certainly know where he’s coming from by the good questions given to him

  • Alexander pentz
    Alexander pentz

    It’s all about the upbringings

  • Cooper Harness
    Cooper Harness

    This is sick

  • Ciaran L1998
    Ciaran L1998

    Im 21 and Still a Virgin, at times it does feel like something is missing in my life cause all of my Friends are in relationships But it doesnt mean i want to go out and hurt people. I hate people who Blame others or other groups of people For thier failures Just cause ive never had a relationship doesnt mean im an incel, It doesnt make me gay Either Even tho my parents think that lol

  • ChickenNuggetDinosaur ChickenNuggetDinosaur
    ChickenNuggetDinosaur ChickenNuggetDinosaur

    I like how they pointed an arrow to him saying “incel” in the thumbnail, as if it wasn’t already obvious enough

  • Andy VS
    Andy VS

    So yeah, society hurts people, girls, non binary, color people, etc... boys also, but society is not girl's fault, and how can u except to improve it by doing the same thing society wanted you to do in the first place and being "traditional" and reinforcing this ideas that led to people being hurt and lonely?

  • Shut Up and Drink
    Shut Up and Drink

    The majority of these comments are either from Incels, feminists, or women with secret Incel fetishes, but what else would I expect from a shallow surface level channel like Jubilee.

  • Screen Addict
    Screen Addict

    Once you let go of that incel mentality and start having confidence you’ll be surprised by the doors that open

  • tuesday Walker
    tuesday Walker

    Wow wow wow

  • sweendawg

    Men... there is a simple solution. Follow your dreams and hobbies and walk away from females. They will cause nothing but misery over time. Ask any man who has been married for at least ten years. You will pay child support, alimony, court fees, extra taxes, she will take your house, car, etc.

  • TheEliteTeKK

    Anyone know the name of the song that starts playing in the background starting at 0:49

  • McMilk

    He’s got a lot of red pilled views and he’s spot on the nail with a few of them but he fails to implement this knowledge into his own life you got to bring something to the table too you can’t expect woman to just accept you they are free beings and are allowed to have free will, go to the gym, cut ur hair, knock off the entitled attitude and develop some social skills and ur be fine.

  • Cesia Nash
    Cesia Nash

    So are we going to ignore the fact that this man picked a booger out his nose at 4:19 😷😷😷 nooooo You need some hometraining yourself sir! But on a possitive note i hope you are able to heal and grow and obtain the healthy relationsships you desire

  • Andy Woan
    Andy Woan

    So he's just a boomer lol?

  • Retro Lover
    Retro Lover

    When did NFKRZ became an Incel? Man im out of this yt scheme for way long...

  • ♡Lovely♡

    LMFAOAO y’all really found an incel or is this dude acting bro 😭


    hey buddy, ever heard of a shower?

  • Eric Cunningham
    Eric Cunningham

    Based BrendioEEEcel

  • Grace taveo
    Grace taveo

    dude couldn’t get any so he needed an excuse

  • Violet Carrasco
    Violet Carrasco

    Ew ew ew everything he just said 🤢

  • DatGuyMash

    Get a load of this society

  • Leyton Tovar
    Leyton Tovar

    Sad sad virgins

  • Grace Gomez
    Grace Gomez

    Everything he said I was like uhhhh? What?

    • anderson

      Everything he said I was like uhhhh? He's right.

  • Diamond Covers
    Diamond Covers

    Imagine a guy from Jubilee walking up to you and being like "Hey, wanna come talk to an incel?"

  • DorotheeCC


  • BasicallyBrentt

    This fool believes in traditional gender roles, doesn’t think a woman can be president, thinks men should be the “provider”...but he had the longest greasiest hair and is unemployed.

  • ceruchi


  • dope fresh
    dope fresh


  • Taariq Blackwell
    Taariq Blackwell

    When you know your going to be a virgin for the rest of your life you become an incel 🤣

  • Popular Failure
    Popular Failure

    If he didn’t treat women like children which belittles them then maybe he could get laid. It’s his own damn fault he’s so unlikeable😂

  • Garrett Weeks
    Garrett Weeks

    It sounds like he got cheated on and rather blaming the girl or relationship, he’s blaming society for what happened. Tbh it’s not far fetched. Im Gay and my straight sister bash males (jokingly) all the time. The typical “guys suck” comment. This is just a case when someone takes those thoughts or ideas too seriously IMO. *Hurt people hurt people.*

  • Carhyne Brown
    Carhyne Brown

    His whole body language is just ...🤢

  • Kingdomrush Strangecombinations
    Kingdomrush Strangecombinations

    That first guy was dipshit all like "huh huh I'm here to make a point and stand up for my sisterhood"

  • Flowmasta Flam
    Flowmasta Flam

    The amount of sexism and misogyny coming out these lefties comments is astonishing. Something went wrong in this country, when you are utterly attacked for holding traditional values. The traditional values that built the country.

  • Calvin J
    Calvin J

    If she breathes.......

  • matt

    “we rented a space in Hollywood” *zooms in on New York*

  • matt

    “we rented a space in Hollywood” *zooms in on New York*

  • Zed Kast
    Zed Kast

    "I dont hate women but they dont deserve rights"

  • Lavania Del Rey
    Lavania Del Rey

    Wash the hair, cut it, thread the eyebrows, hit the gym, benzoyl peroxide wash for the face, throw out the man child wardrobe, therapy. His personality isn’t horrible it’s his views due to a layers of psychological issues.

    • anderson

      So all in all become 100% someone else. So much for "Be yourself" and "lOokS dOn'T mAtTeR". Hypocrite.

  • Richard X.L Johnson
    Richard X.L Johnson

    Bro is he really the average incel or did they just find a far right virgin

  • Capybara More Like BarelyCapable
    Capybara More Like BarelyCapable

    I don't think that's a real thing, you could pay for sex at any time... If you said you were involuntarily single I'd understand a bit more. Could someone explain this to me?

  • Kathy Pink
    Kathy Pink

    This makes me more sad than mad.

  • Cassie Thompson
    Cassie Thompson

    Something tells me he’s a trump supporter... 😬

  • SHP

    I don't agree with most of what he said but some of ya'll really have no tolerance for different ideals. He sounds conservative more than anything and he even acknowledges, maybe indirectly, that what he thinks might not be the right way to think and that he wants to be better. It's pretty funny to think how blessed and how deluded from reality most Americans are since is this the way most men from third world countries think. Hopefully these ideals will be the minority's in the future.

  • SGRKing

    Everyone deserves happiness. Not everyone deserves intimacy.

    • SGRKing

      Anthony Derderian A good relationship doesn’t have to be intimate.

    • Anthony Derderian
      Anthony Derderian

      Are you saying someone can actually be happy without having a good relationship in their life?

  • stoneman472

    Yeeesh, this is just sad. This kid has gotta unlearn some ass backwards thinking.

  • TheBlub

    Maybe a shower would help him not get get rejected...

  • TheBlub

    Is it sad that I know exactly what Derrick smells like just from looking at him?

  • cyntia

    so an incel is a raging virgin?

  • Nathyn Fyte
    Nathyn Fyte

    all the guys that weren't incels were just beta white knights

  • shawnam1023

    I'm really sad that people like him exist... 😕 Like, people don't want to be with you or have sex with you because you're an entitled, sexist asshole, dude... jesus christ. Hearing some of his opinions about women made me feel kind of nauseous. Why do people have such division of respect when it comes to men and women? It should be about the type of person you are, not your sex or gender. I hope he can grow and learn to become more respectful to women.

    • NoName5567 P44
      NoName5567 P44

      it's sad the people like you exist

  • simona agostino
    simona agostino

    he could probably get a girl if he didn’t have such a disgusting personality