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Holy crap my little Dukeys, this piece was sooo challenging but I still feel that it was all worth it in the end :) Just so you know, PewDiePie knows that I made this and that I'm mailing it to him, so try not to spam him about it. I hope you all like it! YAAAAAY!!
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  • Bobby Duke Arts
    Bobby Duke Arts

    Hey guys! PewDiePie knows that I made this and that I'm mailing it to him, so try not to spam him about it. I hope you all like it! also, go follow me on Twitter if you have a big brain @bobbydukearts love you guys :)

    • Emma Boss
      Emma Boss

      @Doggo Kirby yes he is indeed, my friend. (I'm weird. Don't mind me)

    • BT Frosty
      BT Frosty

      Bobby Duke Arts please I’m begging you begging 🥺 since Christmas is coming could you make a vintage Christmas tree aluminum a 3-4 foot tall tree and send it to me for my mother she is so distraught about her father dying and it being the first Christmas without him most likely you won’t see this but if there’s a chance can you.

    • Luccalele Art
      Luccalele Art

      Bobby Duke Arts next you should try drawing with like copics or maybe digitally

    • SlewedToast 79
      SlewedToast 79

      Update plz Bobby?

    • Justin Mills
      Justin Mills

      You seem to be a big tool fan, why not try to carve 'net of being'..Alex gray style


    Its the wewd man

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    Absolute Legend.

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    Blue Kunt

    Could have gone without the minecraft block tbh

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    Fchb1239 DK

    6:11 uhhh (make a youtube rewind logo with a red cross over it) btw u cant say "i make" it doesnt make sense, but good vid

  • UnrealSushi

    This award is legit better than the NOsoft award

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    Nikho Prasetyo Pratama

    If you make that with or without the real gold and sell it globaly, i will buy it

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  • No Subject at All
    No Subject at All


  • Aadel M Navas
    Aadel M Navas

    Are you a distant relative of Jerry from Jerry Rig Everything? You sound a little like him!

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    Mr Rynx

    bobby when are you making another vids!

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    Isaac Das

    This is literally the best channel on youtube

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    tell me why the 50 mil award is better than the 100 mil youtube award (the one youtube sent)

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    Maitri Jamieson

    That’s awesome

  • Nicole Dennis
    Nicole Dennis

    Hey here's a thought why not try to make a sword out of bacon

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    Vy Vu

    I love how the motor bike just spawned into his world out of nowhere

  • Just a Lemon
    Just a Lemon

    Anyone think he should actually make a Minecraft wooden sword

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    Sailing Demøn

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    La Magnificent

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    Uncool Chris

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    Bueno48 -games

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    This man is a legend.

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  • Holly B
    Holly B

    Hey I was wondering if you make the shirts that say I want that with your face on it for youth? My daughter lovessssssss you!!! She is always watching your videos over and over you make her laugh so hard! She would be tickled pink to receive it for Christmas that’s on her list for Santa!!! She’s only 7 and I’ve been searching everywhere for one and it’s only for adults!

  • Midnight Shadow Wolf
    Midnight Shadow Wolf

    I turned on CC and instead of Wood it said Weed XD

  • Augusto Protti
    Augusto Protti

    You are a god

  • Xyle The Gamer
    Xyle The Gamer

    NOsoft: yay pewdiepie (NOsoft doesn’t rly care) give boring play button Bobby: hold my bear (makes Minecraft play button) Me: Noice

  • Foxes Yayay
    Foxes Yayay

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    Bag of Sunshine

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  • M.r ItZ_Nyleplayz Btw
    M.r ItZ_Nyleplayz Btw

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  • Michal Krakowiak
    Michal Krakowiak

    3:40 with subtitles on Bobby: "and then im going to cery verfully paint" Subtitles: "and then im going to carry their fully paint"

  • Smiley

    *jungshook 😮 good job!

  • O O F M E
    O O F M E

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    Dj Shady

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    Andre Smith

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    Ride The Gamer

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  • hannah zakaria
    hannah zakaria


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    XxCurios GamingxX

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