I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW - Indiana (Official Music Video)
This one's for you INDIcators. Thank you for being the most amazing, unproblematic, passionate and loyal fans an artist could ever wish for. Thought you might like this remake I did of an iconic song.
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Some very special people made this project happen. You know who you are and you know that I appreciate you and love you. #newmusic #newartist #80smusic

  • Aly Girl
    Aly Girl

    I love this version the most ❤️💜

  • Xxlove_wolvesxX Wolf
    Xxlove_wolvesxX Wolf


  • hey there
    hey there

    Why is this not available on spotify?

  • C C
    C C

    I listen to all 3 covers and I like this one the best. Love you on Chicken Girls!

  • grace blancett
    grace blancett

    Brandon Rowland

  • James Wells
    James Wells

    This is a Great Video and I love Indiana Massara so much

  • Muhammad Asyraf
    Muhammad Asyraf

    im just vibing and listening back to you sing is just 😍😍😍😍

  • peace out
    peace out

    Who is he

  • Jehanzeb Akbar
    Jehanzeb Akbar

    Luv this indi

  • Rivka Ci
    Rivka Ci

    Indiana you have such a good voice, I love this song!!!!!

  • Kayla Stern
    Kayla Stern

    Is that- Brandon Rowland??!

  • Rachel Shipley
    Rachel Shipley

    I love her voice so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    That was awesomee.Your voice is very impressive and video as well 👍😊.Greetings from Turkey.

  • Layla Hussein
    Layla Hussein

    umm the songs meaning is quite..umm....inapropriate??

  • alina.nixhoff 05
    alina.nixhoff 05

    Who ist The Boy? He’s really really cute and I want to follow him on insta✌🏼

  • BrawlGamesByTusie

    I REALLY love you Indiana❤️

  • Emily Castro
    Emily Castro

    You sing good I wish I could be that good

  • Olivia Brindle
    Olivia Brindle

    Prettiest music vid

  • Diamond Srey
    Diamond Srey

    I love the song Indiana 😍❤️also u look so gorgeous gorgeous in the video

  • Francesca Louise
    Francesca Louise

    Im asking one question..Is Indiana a Umbrella Academy fan? 🌂

  • Ihcéne Mokhtar
    Ihcéne Mokhtar

    yep 2020 and I still listen to this song

  • Jasmijn van Iersel
    Jasmijn van Iersel

    please make more music. I LOVE IT!!

  • Ronikaa Ali
    Ronikaa Ali

    2020 anyone I love this ❤❤❤

  • Brent Kalwei
    Brent Kalwei

    This is a really good cover. I’m impressed.

  • Divine Manuel
    Divine Manuel

    I know this song, my parents are obssesed with it

  • Emerson Tyra-Griffith
    Emerson Tyra-Griffith

    her voice is beautiful with these music videos

  • Joshua Eikel
    Joshua Eikel

    Great cover tho👍🏼

  • Rayanna Herron
    Rayanna Herron

    Sing it!😃💛❤💜💝

  • Brookelynn Sanchez
    Brookelynn Sanchez

    I love you Indiana massara you are funny and you made me feel better because I’m about to get sick I think so yea you are funny

  • VivaLaBam916 *
    VivaLaBam916 *

    I luv u Indi 😘 u are truly BAE💯

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones

    The style of the song is closer to Tiffany's version I think than the Shondells, still good regardless, well done xx

  • That Bish
    That Bish

    Omgg Indiana you voice is just as pretty as you I'm still listening to this song in this year 😳❤️

  • Fedeliza Falculan
    Fedeliza Falculan

    I'm obsessed😍

  • MysteryGirl DAK
    MysteryGirl DAK

    I love this song. I thought it was Indiana’s song until I heard it on the vampire diaries (On season 2 episode 18 ‘the last dance’) I was confused and I was like this was ten years ago or something 😂

  • Gina CassAt
    Gina CassAt

    my girl Indi ♥️♥️

  • Rachael Iyunade
    Rachael Iyunade

    In sounds soon retro

  • tas chow
    tas chow

    Indiana: I think we’re alone now The camera man: uh don’t do anything too extreme now... 😐

  • Loren Señeres
    Loren Señeres

    Great cover!! I love the original and I think maybe I love this even more :)

  • Hunter Fantagoe
    Hunter Fantagoe

    Dynasty brought me here 💚


    LOVE IT!!!! ❤️🙌🏻

  • Sheela Vinod
    Sheela Vinod

    Indi, please dont get mad at me for this question but.. Is the boy your boyfriend?? Luv you indi😘😘

    • Gero Giménez
      Gero Giménez

      I was her boyfriend

    • Gero Giménez
      Gero Giménez


    • Gero Giménez
      Gero Giménez

      Sheela Chandran no, I’m her boyfriend

  • maquuii gonzalezzz
    maquuii gonzalezzz

    I' m here forma cazzie🙄🥰

  • Jennifer Bozeman
    Jennifer Bozeman

    I think she could teach me how to sing

  • dina dawson
    dina dawson

    brandon 🥵😍

  • cassidy johnson
    cassidy johnson

    For a second I thought the guy on the thumbnail was Jaden Hossler xD rip.

  • liz ped
    liz ped

    The ☔brella académy then sing refrigerator one of stranger things pis

  • Sofina Jagirdar
    Sofina Jagirdar

    Love you Indiana

  • Grace Scott
    Grace Scott

    I need to call heaven they left an angel(Indi)

  • Jesus Fernandez
    Jesus Fernandez

    This shit go crazy !!!!

  • Soph y
    Soph y

    You guys should make another song together

  • Soph y
    Soph y

    Your voice is so beautiful

  • Soph y
    Soph y

    I ship

  • Soph y
    Soph y


  • xdouble g
    xdouble g

    Clearly used tiffany's voice

  • Ramani Venkatesan
    Ramani Venkatesan

    This song is my jamm! It is stuck in my head... Luv u Indi

  • Abby Tan _ _ xoxo
    Abby Tan _ _ xoxo

    Is that Brandon Rowland

  • Marie Hyppolite
    Marie Hyppolite

    I’m a big fan 🤗❤️😝

  • Ariam Mengistu
    Ariam Mengistu

    ur voice is so beautiful!

  • - Ely Sian -
    - Ely Sian -

    Are you together

  • Necole Fairclough
    Necole Fairclough

    Love you

  • tiana mcghie
    tiana mcghie

    Love it

  • ellie claire
    ellie claire

    i didn't learn this song from umbrella academy - i learned it from my wonderful mother

  • Celeste Tan
    Celeste Tan

    I heard this song on the radio!!

  • brooke's vlogs
    brooke's vlogs


  • Preparation Station
    Preparation Station

    This song is forever stuck in my head 😂 love u Indi 😘🥰♥️

  • CrayCray_Juliana

    I love this song!!!

  • gamer strom
    gamer strom

    Ted... Lol

  • Brian Austin
    Brian Austin

    Who is that guy is that your Boy friend Or is the your best friend 😉😂😉😉😉

  • nuning mahdini
    nuning mahdini

    Who that boy?

  • 辛迪

    the best version ✊

  • Daniel Callais
    Daniel Callais

    I think I think of that guy dancing from Ted

  • Lo inception
    Lo inception

    Yea I see the cast dancing to this lol but this chick is so beautiful I love her I think I’ll be alone now with my hand lol jk lol lhhhh dope song tho

  • Fvexa99

    I loved your song and he is a handsome boy luv u guys

  • Jessica Gutiérrez
    Jessica Gutiérrez

    Sounds like a 90 song right

  • Oof it’s Katelyn
    Oof it’s Katelyn

    Did y’all date before

  • griselda chavez
    griselda chavez

    Iove you indiyour so good😘😍😁😚

  • Inasa Xia
    Inasa Xia

    spotify recommended,so i come

  • Byhna Edwards
    Byhna Edwards

    watching 2020

  • Spindle Studios
    Spindle Studios

    Your really pretty

  • Byhna Edwards
    Byhna Edwards

    love u...anytime i watching at u i like and comment also yu dont need reply me

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