I was in a COMA but I heard EVERYTHING ! A TRUE story animation
Azzyland - I was in a COMA but I heard EVERYTHING ! A TRUE story animation
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    A. N. E. vlogs

    The comments are literally identical to the actual stories XD

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  • Imogen Child
    Imogen Child

    Like my comment if you feel sad for the little girl.

  • Adiimos

    Don't know why I am crying 😭😂

  • floofy kittens Do whatever i feel like posting
    floofy kittens Do whatever i feel like posting

    6 6 6 k likes

  • Andrew Gordinier
    Andrew Gordinier

    AND I got cancer

  • Andrew Gordinier
    Andrew Gordinier


  • Deku Madoria
    Deku Madoria

    I will build you a tree house haha

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  • Damian D'Hooghe
    Damian D'Hooghe

    26/02/2020 14:10 oh no the devil came there are 666 091 likes on this vid

  • Awwcho Lay11
    Awwcho Lay11

    This mom is a bed woman

  • Abdul rahman Alenezi
    Abdul rahman Alenezi

    666 k likes lol

  • Alo Alotep
    Alo Alotep

    When the story is on dnt open your mouth plis coz we cn understand everythng.......

  • Nikita Jain
    Nikita Jain

    ur voice is so irritating

  • chungjung sherpa
    chungjung sherpa

    Ur disturbing in middle n it's so irritating 😏


    This mum is so mean to her daughter

  • Himangshu Goswami
    Himangshu Goswami

    Your commentry is so irritating

  • narimus 5482
    narimus 5482

    You talk to much

  • Llemit Tata
    Llemit Tata

    The mother is dumb fungking fat

  • Sha sha Dii
    Sha sha Dii

    Poor Girl to Have a Mother who is so Mean😢😢😢

  • Rosebel Vallecera
    Rosebel Vallecera


  • Angela Avitia
    Angela Avitia

    that mom needs to go jail =o

  • Alisha Marandi
    Alisha Marandi

    Truly you are interrupting so much.....annoys me a lot

  • Kara Kelly
    Kara Kelly

    That mom is BAD

  • Violet Swirl
    Violet Swirl

    I LOVE this video Azzy! Her mom was really mean and I feel so bad for the girl! Her mom was being so mean to her! Love ya Azzy!

  • Jim Gaskins
    Jim Gaskins

    not cool, mom!i I don’t like the mom.

  • Kaelyn Sophia YU
    Kaelyn Sophia YU

    did you know that that could actually happen?

  • • Rogerina •
    • Rogerina •

    When they said tree house had Forest Fic flashbacks...

  • Amelia Reynoso
    Amelia Reynoso

    i am becsue i eatb foob

  • Amelia Reynoso
    Amelia Reynoso

    boom get roasted

  • Valerie Lee
    Valerie Lee

    The mom is so mene😡

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    This how much viewers want this best dad as there dad I V

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez

    I feel so bad for you and snow ball congrats now you can live you’re life

  • fu Choy
    fu Choy

    what happen to snowball ?????

  • Shonelle Cox
    Shonelle Cox

    I hate the mother so much I wish she was the one in the COMA

  • Henry Patterson
    Henry Patterson

    Her mom is doing to much I hope that she gets to know what a coma feels like

  • Nice kids only her my name is alex Alexi
    Nice kids only her my name is alex Alexi

    azzy are you 26 years old

  • Areiya H
    Areiya H

    So sad wwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeee

  • Lailah McRannolds
    Lailah McRannolds

    This defends me I child

  • Areiya H
    Areiya H


  • DoingStuffWeirdly Again
    DoingStuffWeirdly Again

    My Mind is like this: How is she telling the story? she might be alive! I mean then who is telling the story! no one can only the person telling this story! If you agree idk what to say 😳

    • DoingStuffWeirdly Again
      DoingStuffWeirdly Again

      And I still wanna know what happened to 🐶Snowball🐶

  • Michael Abeyta
    Michael Abeyta

    this is how i meny people like the mom zero this is how meny people like the dad inf this is how meny people like snowball inf

  • Stacee dion
    Stacee dion

    1 like= 1,000,0 punches to the mom

  • Michael Abeyta
    Michael Abeyta

    i hate the mom.

  • Lyric Effinger
    Lyric Effinger

    The mom is mean

  • Angeles Garcia
    Angeles Garcia

    The mom is. Meeñ🤬😡👹💀☠

  • zDimaondl

    azzy would be the best mother

  • Jordan Tillman
    Jordan Tillman

    i think thats called being handicapped

  • Bannaz Mohammad
    Bannaz Mohammad

    I Love you so much. And i love snowball.😍😍

  • Prachi Dev
    Prachi Dev

    This girl is such a disturbance... stfu

  • Life with Mariaya
    Life with Mariaya

    F that woman have a happy life with your dad your mom only want money and spend her time around with her friends hope you have a good life when your mother is old caring you don't help her just help your dad taking a bath and everything just leave your mom alone like that just like she did when you had a coma but you really didn't have a good life 🤗🤗 be caring with your dad live your mom if my mom did that I we'll live at 18 years old still help your dad somtimes

  • uniowl gameing
    uniowl gameing

    what is wrong with her mom!

  • shreya

    Her eyelashes are distracting 😬

  • Amelia Harrison
    Amelia Harrison

    O m g

  • uniowl gameing
    uniowl gameing

    why did the dad stay with the mom

  • Aishwarya rajan
    Aishwarya rajan

    God!!! Her commentary in the middle is so irritating 😡😠 couldn't listen to the story.

  • ManaKugha Ayeh
    ManaKugha Ayeh

    Stories are interesting but you talk too much sister

  • Kaniz Fatima
    Kaniz Fatima

    Who else cried like me? what i loved this vid and i HATE THAT MOM SHE SHOULD- imma stop there..

  • Suzanne Pajak
    Suzanne Pajak

    Yes she is mine

  • Manoj Singha
    Manoj Singha

    Kitna bolti hai reaction k time pe