I Was Santa For 24 Hours ft W2S
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As special deliveries go, this one was extra special. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a lorry load of Lynx Africa.
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  • Correspondence Team
    Correspondence Team

    Oh my God who is behind Cal at 21:27? Throughout the minute I see minor movements who the hell is that?

  • Y .A
    Y .A

    I’m just saying if this has Simon in the title I would’ve clicked on it sooner

  • miles

    why does callux have airpods


    Hes so racist he he didnt get presents for the two black ones ksi and tobi omg


      And vikk


    No go away Bez I love you but don’t be a glory hunter I’ve supported Liverpool since I was 2 months old

  • Jamie Wheater
    Jamie Wheater

    Ethan’s a glory hunter

  • Morgan Maxfield
    Morgan Maxfield

    18:12 I didn’t realise just how bad that rip was 😂


    Santa the only father Ethan will ever have

  • Sadib Ahmed
    Sadib Ahmed

    Absolute banger

  • Olivia Lunn
    Olivia Lunn

    Bruh every white girl don't hav eone or other wise you would have it

  • King Keke K
    King Keke K

    Lol....Simon is adorable😍

  • Ansshh.S

    Callux uses AirPods pros with a google pixel

  • Sb.localized

    when you can do contactless u know it is cheap

  • Pw-7moOod- YT
    Pw-7moOod- YT

    What the hell is your accent first American and then British WTF🙃

  • Emmad Farooq
    Emmad Farooq

    I dont like how he gave every sideman presents except for tobi, jj and vik (for those who dont get sarcasm, im joking)

  • TTV_2Sweaty4U BTW
    TTV_2Sweaty4U BTW

    Look what ethan has turned into

  • Barney 55
    Barney 55

    Its a joke he’s not gonna give away the lynx he needs it all for himself

  • Beau PlaysFIFA
    Beau PlaysFIFA

    Those reign deer 🦌 glasses match Simons face so well

  • Bensubscribedtojoelmcmanus Magic
    Bensubscribedtojoelmcmanus Magic

    In Australia everyone wears crocs

  • Fahmeed Rokon
    Fahmeed Rokon

    I love all the sidemen but if Ethan becomes a Liverpool fan. I know which one I hate the most.

  • Revan

    Wow Cal, just a coincidence you left out JJ, Tobi, Vik, and Gib...you racist.

  • y Gronkk
    y Gronkk

    fuck ethan.

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson

    Tell your shitty camera man to stand back hes to close you cant see nuthing

  • savvfxix

    Freezy's hairline is so far back it's still in December 2018

  • Qibli

    You need to get all the Sidemen and Callux in one video on YOUR channel. This vid would much more entertaining with Vick, JJ and Tobi.

  • M-2-K

    Callux looking fresh af boy !!

  • Milan Friedlingstein
    Milan Friedlingstein

    In 2020 Ethan will be fat because of calfreezy

  • Chirawat Champakun
    Chirawat Champakun

    The roast necer stops with josh haha

  • Aatif Mahmood
    Aatif Mahmood

    Can someone tell me which store freest is in at 1:45 please

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B

    Live Love Luton

  • Elle Williams
    Elle Williams

    The camerawork is giving me severe motion sickness B R U H

  • Gavnino

    And Ethan joins the bandwagon...

  • Sofia Udovenko
    Sofia Udovenko

    i would do all sorts of things to have babies with calfreezy

  • Low IQ
    Low IQ

    "Gib doesn't get presents his muslim" im dyinggg

  • Thomas Benson
    Thomas Benson

    I thought Ethan supports West Ham

  • Mr Liverpool
    Mr Liverpool

    Come on reds Come on reds

  • Nick Pattinson
    Nick Pattinson

    I don’t have one of those lights 😂

  • Toby Fane
    Toby Fane

    Bez fucking plastic

  • matteo becchis
    matteo becchis

    wow zerka is boring even in other people's videos

  • R W
    R W

    Poor Josh, everyone else got some sort of actual gift

  • I.M

    Ethan is now my favourite sideman just because he supports liverpool 😂 😂 😂

  • Ethan Dowde
    Ethan Dowde

    Any 1 els get the sock joke or just me

  • Invictus 18
    Invictus 18

    Why did he sound like gibber in the slow mo part?????????

  • Jack O'Brien
    Jack O'Brien

    This is a banger.

  • Birk Øverland
    Birk Øverland

    Norwegian shop??? Or Swedish shop???? Or danish shop???

  • Shane Flynn
    Shane Flynn

    Is anyone gonna say anything about Harry wearing his left sock on his right foot?

  • Guadalupe Villasenor
    Guadalupe Villasenor

    He’s buying the sidemen gifts for views 😂

  • Brandon Newitt
    Brandon Newitt

    Cal is god tier but bro these merch designs are trash,

  • Mdace •
    Mdace •

    If there are the Grinch irl movie...cal can be the perfect person to be the main character

  • Juicer


  • dion dangerfield
    dion dangerfield

    All the yelling I though it was a tgf video

  • Holly Newport
    Holly Newport

    Aw Simon was watching Talia’s stream 🥰

  • DanforthSalunek

    i dont get the lynx joke please explain

  • Biggest fan
    Biggest fan

    Why tf is his face so long ? (Dont want to be rude if he is disabled)

  • Lilster

    Tv is dead 💀

  • Mby Cgh
    Mby Cgh

    Ft w2s and other people with less subs 😂😂

  • Vansh 8
    Vansh 8

    Really wished santa delivered ethan his DAD!

  • Edoardo Delima
    Edoardo Delima

    Yo zerkaa just has a fake ass supreme shirt

  • Lewis James
    Lewis James

    this is literally the funniest video ever hahaha

  • Alice Lowe
    Alice Lowe

    OMG this video is so good haha, honestly just made me laugh the whole time :) x