Inside KSI's house | At Home With...
British NOsoftr and rapper KSI takes us on a tour around his house. The 26-year-old -real name Olajide Olatunji- has gained more than 20 million subscribers on NOsoft with his gaming-commentary videos, music and boxing career. The London born entertainer shows us where he films his latest videos.
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  • Benjamin Gillin
    Benjamin Gillin

    2:42 but he still sleeps in every sidemen challenge

  • Imjusttoogood Lmao
    Imjusttoogood Lmao

    Jesus his house ain’t even big, my house bigger I swear to god I ain’t tryna say like my House is bigger HAHA, it’s just crazy!

  • Anania Teshome
    Anania Teshome

    After trying all the crappy trainings finally a system that makes real c@sh right here: simply Google with no gaps *EasyLaptop Life .c o m*

  • DynamiteYT-_-

    Imagine having nearly 38k subs but having 1.4million views

  • TicTac Tech
    TicTac Tech

    Let fousey do NOsoft cribs

  • OG_Sherwood

    well this was a shitty video, like ksi

  • lazy coconut
    lazy coconut

    Wow this was shit didn't see hardly anything of his house and learned nothing new or interesting

  • 1000 Subscribers With No Videos
    1000 Subscribers With No Videos

    wait he doesn’t live with the sidemen

  • Gregory James
    Gregory James

    No personal chef? Peasant.

  • Imperial Streak 2151
    Imperial Streak 2151

    KSI: the biggest NOsoftr in the UK Also KSI: *lives in a flat with his best friend* Humility to the next level!

  • Anthoney

    I can smell his hair from here

  • name

    Where was the house in the video?

  • MD90

    👮 cool

  • Martin Rindalsholt
    Martin Rindalsholt

    this video was very underwhelming

  • IanGibbzzz69

    Who ever was the camera man did a terrible job for the living room all we saw was a couch and a window blind what a living room

  • Federal Bureau investigation
    Federal Bureau investigation

    Who just came here because ksi in the video

  • Jose Franco
    Jose Franco

    😂😂 didn’t show shit

  • Username

    You should show his lube drawer

  • JDoactive

    He didn't show his room cuz it's probably just messy af 😂😂😂

  • K1 . Football
    K1 . Football

    That is not his set up

  • Cellus

    I can't take this seriously as a subscriber to his second channel

  • sister bob
    sister bob

    inside KSI’s house: at home with.... simon minter

  • Noah Zidan
    Noah Zidan

    "Inside KSI's house": A computer, couch and a kitchen.

  • Mc Claren
    Mc Claren

    This is probably a Girl Cuz KSI are being NICE

  • Carlin Ani
    Carlin Ani

    I'm sorry but your not good at the music you have 1 good song

  • Mingishere

    i can see he is a humble man...

  • Emerge The Sniper
    Emerge The Sniper

    2:15 I literally watched this while eating a chicken snitzel and mashed potatoes tf ??

  • xBlazi

    he has probably never cooked anything in that kitchen

  • Bro

    Where’s fouseytube at?

  • now slam
    now slam

    Poor mans house.



  • john wick
    john wick

    I think this is more of an interview then a house tour.

  • mr design
    mr design

    What is that black couch thou 😂😂

  • hi

    Does the camera man want to zoom out and actually show what he’s talking about

  • Bryan Ruiz
    Bryan Ruiz

    The thumbnail made this look like an ad.

  • Super Sadia
    Super Sadia

    Who else remembers the BBC interview back in the day🤔.

  • wroeto beech
    wroeto beech

    simon got kicked out

  • M Man
    M Man

    TFW your name is Seebas

  • P.A.T. from the 613
    P.A.T. from the 613

    Yo KSI i like your new house i would like to live with bro your my favourite rapper and i would like to try some good foot your the best

  • mia ufk
    mia ufk

    Ge flexes with the belt

  • Spoiler Alert
    Spoiler Alert

    Sidemen house?

  • Sathu

    Man just leave it to vogue lol

  • JaycubePlays

    My man really showed a different setup just to look more professional

  • Shaquille Oatmeal
    Shaquille Oatmeal

    His “setup” is the one Talia uses when she streams at Simons.

  • Hawaa Amar
    Hawaa Amar

    “NOsoft allowed me to just figure everything out” *Activate Windows entered the chat*

  • jed loveday
    jed loveday

    Sidemen do come dine

  • Chief BEEF THICC
    Chief BEEF THICC

    When i heared lamborghini nostalgia hit me. That song was my youth shit. I always have wanted a lambo. If i ever get one the first song im blasting in it is lamborghini by ksi

  • _

    My manz has a better 1 floor than me whole house

  • boy


  • Leonardo Mahalo
    Leonardo Mahalo

    Literally showed nothing. 🤘🏼

  • vp forever
    vp forever

    3:24" SEA BASS "

  • vp forever
    vp forever


  • 8clouds

    Camerawork & Editing is bad

  • hulk smash
    hulk smash

    Buys a $100,000+ diamond chain... Gold plated iPhone.. Got hell lotta money after the fight... But shows only 3 rooms.. SICK!!!

  • Zack

    Does he have a toilet paper roll next to the Frosted Flakes on the counter?

  • AdamThySavior

    Yo Chat! GET HYPER!

  • yung ghostfn
    yung ghostfn

    Bro the thumbnail be giving me some Tati vibes

  • G Sauce
    G Sauce

    0:40 wow I did not know that man thank you for that useful tip

  • Shoor Flaker
    Shoor Flaker

    Well atleast they got a nice click bait title

  • Jose Gutierrez
    Jose Gutierrez

    where the lotion at?