Is the Tesla CyberTruck Worth it?! - A Truck Owners Thoughts
The Tesla Truck is here. And... its... different. Elons CyberTruck has broken the internet with its unique polarizing design. The Electric Tesla CyberTruck might look futuristic and funky, but its whats under the hood that maters. Figuratively speaking of course. Cuz... under the hood is more storage space. The Telsa Truck will be one of the most capable vehicles on the road when it comes out in 2021, and 2022. (Assuming Tesla can keep to the schedule.) And I am super excited about it. The specs of the new Electric Trucks take vehicles to the next level. far beyond what gas powered vehicles can accomplish.
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  • rb13818

    I swear i heard someone said "oh no, it looks horrible " hahaha

  • Val The Future Youtuber
    Val The Future Youtuber

    DONT HIT READ MORE You Naughty Bastard...

  • Star Wars fan 2008
    Star Wars fan 2008

    It’s cool

  • Marie Farchik
    Marie Farchik

    Better than a Hummer


    What Elon Wanted: Cybertruck. What the people wanted: TRUCK MONTH

  • Marie Farchik
    Marie Farchik

    The first vehicle I learned to drive (for permit & legal license) was a Chevy Stick father's. I prefer trucks & had many over the first part of my life. For the 2nd part, I would love to have a truck again. My pug dog Dolly & I need protection. At this point in time....TESLA CYBERTRUCK would do it! I grew up in Southern California & lived there 35 years. I worked at Mattel Electronics (Headquarters were in Hawthrone) back in the day. I now live in Southern Texas by the Mecican Border (see my need for protection) !? Dolly & I go to Boca Chica to watch SpaceX do their thing. It is the most interesting & exciting thing I have witnessed in 35 years living down this way!! Now ya know how young I am. Ha ha.....Everyone should have dreams & boy, do I have mine!!!

  • Karel Trol
    Karel Trol

    Skoda by skoda top car

  • MobiusUSAH

    Whatever four year old they got to design that super awesome 80's B-Movie exterior is totally gonna be rich for the rest of his life! I hear the designers on Ark II (1976) are making noise about a design credit, but I can't verify that.

  • Jake Dot
    Jake Dot

    3:58 it looks like a like button

  • Corey Hawkins
    Corey Hawkins

    Trash 🗑

  • Sourav Nath
    Sourav Nath

    tear down realme x2 pro... thanks😁👍🏽

  • Tamara l
    Tamara l


  • Shaun4BigBlocks

    The glass test went well, he showed it did not shatter...

  • Shaun4BigBlocks

    If you are driving a Toyota Tacoma you are not really a "truck guy"...

  • Andrew Maga
    Andrew Maga


  • Brydon Diaz - Gilbert
    Brydon Diaz - Gilbert

    Who also saw truckla

  • Hype World
    Hype World

    Anyone else noticed that the glass had a thumbs up when he hit it?

  • KimLeong Lew
    KimLeong Lew

    Why didn’t see the truckla

  • Movie Freak
    Movie Freak

    When they will launch it in india. I want to buy it.

  • Muhammad

    Самое худшее что я видел всю свою жизнь

  • Gaming Velocity
    Gaming Velocity

    This truck is good for a area 51 raid

  • The President of The Internet
    The President of The Internet

    Theres a reason no vehicle looks like a 4 year old drew it on an etchasketch - pedestrian safety. The final vehicle will look just like every other friggin truck by the time the safety guys are done with it. No flat surface or angles will survive and you'll just have an ugly overpriced and impractical show pony.

  • David Mason
    David Mason

    Fuck you jerry this video is jackless it doesnt need any explanation of course its worth it jerry

  • craig crawmer
    craig crawmer

    Does no one know that what’s in side is right next to him

  • Logan Asif
    Logan Asif

    My takoma😂

  • Everest

    this is my first time actually hearing zack yell

  • YOMrAIsAnBoY !!
    YOMrAIsAnBoY !!

    The first guy coming out of the cybertruck looks like Nate from the king of random

  • Jeffrey Schulberg
    Jeffrey Schulberg

    My dad is going to get the Tesla Scheiber truck in a year and a half

  • Richard Benz
    Richard Benz

    If your goal is to spend as much money as possible for the ugliest truck possible, then, yes.

  • Wild Panda
    Wild Panda

    The car looks like something a kid woluld make for their project

  • noodz7219

    I can finally drive safely through the hood.

  • Squigs

    It has no mirrors

  • Shea Humbard
    Shea Humbard

    2:03 E+J Behind Him ! / Ellie and Jared

  • luomio

    I’d rather buy a Raptor

  • luomio

    It looks so stupid.

  • Ceserarus

    question is how long can it go when you pull somthing

  • Wolfy YT
    Wolfy YT

    People are talking shit about the windows but their still decently strong lmao

  • speedfre


  • Justin Richie
    Justin Richie

    I think its ugly and looks like a car

  • BroomTownTreasureHunter Crane
    BroomTownTreasureHunter Crane

    Cool 😎