ITZY "WANNABE" Dance Practice
ITZY "WANNABE" Dance Practice
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  • Lps Bahar
    Lps Bahar

    ı love itzy

  • 「 Smørês 」
    「 Smørês 」

    Itzy wannabe dance practice : let's be perfect and not tell random speed switch hero ver! Random speed, switch, &hero ver : eHhHHh

  • Saya Sagikyzy
    Saya Sagikyzy

    Yeji my queen 💔💕

  • Najurabanew Kkkk
    Najurabanew Kkkk

    from my observation ryujin is dance method is similar to yuta from nct127.

  • Flix Catalán
    Flix Catalán


  • Haru Kaze
    Haru Kaze

    My bones hurt watching them dance hard 😅

  • •Yeonrae•

    Yeji is very beautiful I hope I can have a very beautiful sister like Yeji

  • Émi Lee
    Émi Lee

    Is that the same studio as 1 million dance studio 'say so' ???

  • Vanee X
    Vanee X

    This is me thinking it's easy Expection: Ryujin Reality : chicken

  • Kania Salsabila
    Kania Salsabila

    You know what,i still cant believe they r my junior😅

  • Hari Yeo
    Hari Yeo

    So clean


    Sizi tebrik ediyoruz şarkınız çok güzel canım ablalarım❤💙💚💜💛

  • Benton

    리아 어깨춤 대충추는거보소ㅋ 제니의 길을 걷는건가

  • Mia Alexandra VARGAS CISNEROS
    Mia Alexandra VARGAS CISNEROS

    그들은 화려한 춤

  • Mia Alexandra VARGAS CISNEROS
    Mia Alexandra VARGAS CISNEROS

    나는이 노래를 좋아한다

  • Mad Lass
    Mad Lass

    Chaeryoung is so frickin awesome

  • Keep scrolling
    Keep scrolling

    I was cooking one time and started to dance the shoulder part then my brother told me "Its either you burn the food,or burn the house and break your shoulders. Decide"

  • Aditi Jori
    Aditi Jori

    Is this 1M dance studio???? Please let me know....

  • Leelobts

    put sour candy from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="4">0:04</a> it fits so well

  • 霖霖

    Why nobody is praising Ryujin for her little popping at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="146">2:26</a> lmao Thats so cool.

  • soleh riski
    soleh riski

    Location same with one million dancer

  • jessica

    1million dance studio??

  • ArmyBlinkStay •
    ArmyBlinkStay •

    Yeji’s dancing is so satisfying to watch.

  • BTS'S Lost Passport
    BTS'S Lost Passport

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a>

  • fairy spicy
    fairy spicy

    this is the first ive heard of ITZY and the first dance practice ive watched... lemme just say..... i STAN THESE QUEENS

  • nini qish
    nini qish


    • its evie
      its evie

      nini qish I AGREE WITH UUU

  • Carmen Terrones
    Carmen Terrones


  • The Apple Draws
    The Apple Draws

    (If your a Kpop fan who likes anime you will like this) Deku: Guys!!! We have a dance off in a few days and Mina is hurt we have a to find someone quick!!! Todoroki: *does this whole entire dance* Deku: found someone and your not going to believe this!!

  • BTS_연인

    Ok time to try and learn this.......I’ll just learn by bias part.....Yeji I’m cominggggg I’ll just force my friends to learn the other girls and we’ll be great- jk I would never...but I’ll try and learn Yejis part

  • 스털링데이비드

    외퀴 새끼들 리아를 왜 욕하는 건지 도대체가 이해가 안가네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아이즈원 강혜원 마냥 연습, 의욕 부족도 아니고 무릎에 멍 들 정도로 연습하고 애초에 메보 픽으로 뽑혀 역대급 댄서들 틈에서 이정도로 눈에 안뜨게 녹아드는 것만으로도 놀라운 건데 메보보고 예지 급으로 춤 추라는거냐? 니들이 커버 댄스라도 쳐봐 그 난이도를 느껴봐야 입구녕에서 의욕 소리 다시는 안기어나오지 진짜 태국의 악개팬들이나 시어머니 짓 좋아하는 동남아의 일부 외퀴 팬들은 아무리 봐도 정이 안가는 족속들임 ㅉㅉ

  • Parrales Vallejos
    Parrales Vallejos


    • Parrales Vallejos
      Parrales Vallejos

      Hola, si te gusta esta musica dale like y comenta quien es tu favorita de ellas >:3

  • 25helm08

    if lia was a bad dancer jyp wont choose her as an idol from the first place so stop hating on her dance same thing with blackpink(jisoo)(yg)

  • Ceylinaz Güney
    Ceylinaz Güney

    Zirvede olan: Blackpink Zirvenin karşı komşusu:bts Ortadada olan:itzy Ortanın karşı komşusu:red vevlet Yerde olan ezik:kaachi

  • Juli Mk
    Juli Mk

    Guys lets support ITZY to have personal instagram accounts Plz help me to spread this idea !!!

  • 不思議なつんでれ


  • Hari Yeo
    Hari Yeo

    I want Lia’s body

  • Hari Yeo
    Hari Yeo

    Itzy dance up up 👑😌

  • Kim Hb
    Kim Hb

    Hats off to their spines.

  • Erica Lapid
    Erica Lapid

    Is it just me who recognized where they danced this!? I think they were in 1M dance studio here look at the door behind them there's something written on it "1M" and i know their ceilling and i just said " i think i know this place before??"

  • Danara Ann Meana
    Danara Ann Meana

    THE POWER THEY HOLD. really talented human being.

  • Corly Young
    Corly Young


  • Sara Trindade
    Sara Trindade

    What your bia favourite in itzy

    • Jo Sza
      Jo Sza


  • Manali마날리

    Itzy dances : Me : is that 1million studio 😶

  • Natasya Angelica
    Natasya Angelica

    Gw jadi ngefans sama itzy gara gara lagu nya bagus.. Trus lagunya enak di dengerin

  • only hooman
    only hooman

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="17">0:17</a> Nobody-Wonder Girls' shoulder move daughter, finally she has a daughter, i'm crying rn

  • Doyal Rana
    Doyal Rana

    I recommend playing it at 1.5x playback speed

  • sugar sweety gacha
    sugar sweety gacha

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">01:31</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">02:11</a> is my favorit🤩♥️

  • kurnia kurnia
    kurnia kurnia

    idk why lia get so much hate evrywhere about her dancing, she can equally dance with her other member who's sooooo good with dancing and all she get is hate? she should get all the praise not the opposite.. really if anyone that not a dancer dancing along itzy dancing'line bet they wont look that good. I dont get people logic. she is good period

  • Kieane Zomil
    Kieane Zomil

    Everyone has long hair except Ryujin

  • I am Ax
    I am Ax

    I put this on 2x faster and I think I saw my life flash before my eyes Never doing that again

  • Wini Yulianti
    Wini Yulianti

    Ryujin pasti sangat kerja keras dance nya sangat bagus, aku bener-bener sukaaaa... Yang lainnya juga pasti sangat kerja keras tidak ada yang terlihat jelek kesatuan dance nya itzy emang paling Daebak anyong 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Bunga Kumang
    Bunga Kumang

    Among all the Itzy's song. This is one of my favorite. It's so catchy. Not their fan but their music is bop.

  • Vhenyfire1222 Roblox
    Vhenyfire1222 Roblox

    They shot this is the 1Miliion dance studio

  • Alyanna Marie
    Alyanna Marie

    Why are they so far from the camera?

    • Lae Lae
      Lae Lae

      Maybe the cameraman is afraid that they will kick the cam with their dance kkk joking It was even farther in the WANT IT dance practice

  • hakuna matata
    hakuna matata

    stop saying Lia lazy, she improve so much

  • vixious is
    vixious is


  • Kristen Ng
    Kristen Ng

    Why is there still no Lia Kim video dancing to this 😫😭

  • Elisangela Moreira
    Elisangela Moreira

    I love you Brasil

  • 비서이이임프정육

    있지 춤은 뭔가... 고난이도 동작이 많다해야되나... 춤알못이라 표현을 못하겠네 쨋든 빡센데 다른아이돌처럼 그렇게빡센게아니라 춤이 너무어려워

  • 최정국


  • Park _Jiminie
    Park _Jiminie

    i have no words for their shoulders......just * air kiss with hand * perfect!!!✨✨😌

  • ddy ryu-ryu
    ddy ryu-ryu

    ok, lia - is the SINGER who teachs DANCE, and ryujin, yeji, chaeryeong and yuna are DANCERS who teachs SING/RAP. sorry for my english tho

  • Jieha 2011
    Jieha 2011

    Some lyrics video. This is not my videos. Just wanna share with u guys😊 1. Bad bod - Red Velvet 2. Mamamoo - Hip 3. Everglow - Dun Dun 4. Twice - Fancy 5. Itzy - Wannabe

  • 바나나

  • D M80
    D M80

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a>😍😍😍

  • Jasmine Lao
    Jasmine Lao

    I actually just watch the first 30 seconds. haha

  • Krupa Vyas
    Krupa Vyas

    why did they shoot at the 1million dance studio and not their own?

  • kira sadava
    kira sadava

    Sharo hindi ka papayat nito hahahha

  • Omar Joseph Tuplano
    Omar Joseph Tuplano

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="18">0:18</a> Wow! WHAT A PERFECT PERFORMANCE! SO SMOOTH!

  • Leslie Serrano
    Leslie Serrano

    how would it take to learn the careo to this song, I've literally been on it for 3 days and its painful T.T, I almost have 1/3 finished...

  • Karylle's World
    Karylle's World

    Itzy is the only rookie group to achieved most watched dance practice Dalla dalla 41m Icy 27m Wannabe 25m And stream dalla dalla to become rookie group to get 200million mv views we can achieved it midzy!!!!!!!!!👏

  • 닥트리오뚝배기

    어케했누 ㅅㅂ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 와 저거 골반 저렇게 털다가 허리 끊어지겠네

  • joy celine
    joy celine

    everyone gangsta until ryujin does the shoulder move.

  • Ana Tavares
    Ana Tavares

    stop in this moment pls, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> .

  • melon

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">0:50</a>

  • twicecis

    i just watched dalla dalla dance practice before this and i think lia just lost her confidence when shes dancing :( i love her, i hope she knows shes an amazing dancer

  • jaemin sung
    jaemin sung

    Idk how but itzy is one of the only groups I've seen with such good dancers. And they're so in sync like what... itz so satisfying to watch them compared to some other groups.

  • Rajshree sharma
    Rajshree sharma


  • KookieMonster

    I love chaeryeong’s facial expressions when she’s dancing, like she’s literally the cutest thing 😭🥺 I couldn’t take my eyes off her!

  • Faith Montaño
    Faith Montaño

    "let's all wear black and not tell Yuna"

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