Jadakiss - Why (Official Uncut Version) ft. Anthony Hamilton
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Music video by Jadakiss performing Why. (C) 2004 Ruff Ryders
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  • Kj Dinero
    Kj Dinero

    He was talking bout the future from the past 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Arthur Esparza
    Arthur Esparza

    Why you gotta be dead to get your respects? Why couldn’t Eyedea lay off of the meds. Why you gotta be high to understand the feeling? Why Capital Steez jump off of that building?

  • AudioASMR

    10 years ago my ass wtf way older then that

  • almazonly

    Who is heck is Jadakiss? I only know 2Chainz, Future, Lil Baby and other mumble rappers ⊙.☉

  • Charles De Rosas
    Charles De Rosas

    Why do hoes gotta be so fake Why are they full of hate We respect but they dont embrace Why use injections when they can be in shape

  • twowayyo11

    Why cant they find someone to beat Trump?

  • The Chad
    The Chad

    Why did Kobe have to take that flight Why did Paul Walker let that guy drive Why did juice take them drugs Why did XXX have to get snubbed Why did Chester feel that pain Why did Mac Miller run from fame RIP to everyone we’ve lost

  • Jo t
    Jo t

    Miss these day... When music actually had content. Rappers back then were awake... Facts.

  • Dillon Egbert
    Dillon Egbert

    Back when hip hop was real💯💯💯💯


    #WatchListenWhy? 11th Day of February 2020 Tuesday 1834H.



  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    Why all the young brothers is dying , they moms at work they pops is gone; they living with iron.

  • Sean Blouth
    Sean Blouth

    Jada always is on point. Mighty fucking Dblock

  • R Muhammad
    R Muhammad

    Why is there a plot to give the BLACKMAN a few hots and a cot?....... Why they rob the old lady and took all she got?.... Why they just throw bags 💰💰of money to other nations but say No to B1 Reparations? Why is Kobe Bryant being disrespected by the disrespectful news? Why that baby doesn't have any shoes? Why the media scared to say anything about the Jews? Why Trump still In the House? He's an arch-deceiver and a lecherous louse! Why Botham Jean couldn't finish his ice cream ? Why isn't he here to fulfill his dreams? Why the homeless in the streets living on a hard ass bench?..... There's some BS in the government.... smell the stench? Why is Racism the number one 'ISM' in the U.S?....... Ain't that something when they claim to be the best ? Why did Jadakiss song get me inspired? Why am I done now?.. Please.... I'm tired 😴

  • R Muhammad
    R Muhammad

    Why ?,Why? Why?.=,====

  • krazi501

    When songs had a meaning

  • James Crowder
    James Crowder

    we need another why

  • R Muhammad
    R Muhammad

    Jadakiss why you ain't do a part 2?WHY?.... PART 2 WHY?.... NOT!

  • LeRonda DeBrow
    LeRonda DeBrow


  • The Crook
    The Crook

    Why can’t I come threw in a pecan Jaguar xtype?

  • Jacob Loehne
    Jacob Loehne

    Miss this type of hip-hop

  • ormir demiri
    ormir demiri

    Why’s the.

  • Liberia Spencer
    Liberia Spencer

    Why black people still marching?

  • Aztec King
    Aztec King

    Why youdsez fock with my hoodness the crime puts this in deny pushes 1 i fly goodness i try woofins before reward the rhyme hooded 2 ill sign pusses then take a pic like the greatest hit i ever made to flip 3 from a gang related click few join true coin too serloin 4 for rib eye a kid high din nye did thy wins guy piff fly 5 in smokey ayer juxz an oh gee player homey gangster never low key danger 6 at all times cant call crimes these ball prize stand tall wise 7 they fall mines meetins of all minds to sprawl rhymes with very selective beats for yall thyzzz 8

  • Kee

    Let me add a new "Why?" Why they not listening to Male victims of abuse?

  • Keaton Craft
    Keaton Craft

    Still preaches as good in 2020 as it's release.

  • alexis hunt
    alexis hunt

    Black History Month🖤👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  • Shion Adams
    Shion Adams

    That Kobe line hit different after his passing :(

  • truckerlawyer

    Straight fire! Much love to jadakiss. Now, that is how a brother with a mad, wicked pen spits, son.

  • Brian DL
    Brian DL


  • jay713bby

    Bro this is jam in feb 2020


    Jadda we need to drop another dope revolutionary political song like WHY especially in these last days. my top 5 dead or alive... Jadda.

  • CAMPOUT 999
    CAMPOUT 999


  • LA BoutaBagDoe
    LA BoutaBagDoe

    Why Kobe had to take that Helicopter ride😢

  • Warren Lordes
    Warren Lordes


  • duane Matthews
    duane Matthews

    Wow 4 2020!!!💯✊🏾

  • Sandile Ngwenya
    Sandile Ngwenya

    Kiss of Death is the best hip hop/rap album of all time...

  • randy leonard
    randy leonard

    Let it become the Star Wars of rap,always another chapter why

  • bobby dijital
    bobby dijital


  • Ra Moor
    Ra Moor

    Who still bumping this in 2020?

  • Dwayne Connor
    Dwayne Connor

    "Why did Kobe have to hit that raw, why he kiss that broad"

  • Donald Lee
    Donald Lee

    Why Kobe have to take that chop...

  • F. Moss
    F. Moss

    Comes from kobe death...

  • Maria Gannie
    Maria Gannie

    He should have got an award for this

  • Keshaun Minor
    Keshaun Minor

    Why did Job have to hit that raw

  • Simon Petit
    Simon Petit

    Thuggin Memory Kobe Bryant 1.26.20. WHY??

  • Bee Time
    Bee Time

    Good thank you neet

  • Péhé Doukpa
    Péhé Doukpa

    Why Kobe ? Why Gigi ? Why people have to die like that ? Why ?

  • Dan Don
    Dan Don

    Its crazy how he also mentioned aaliyah in this song and he mentioned Kobe too and they both died the same way..this even makes this song way deeper today

  • Ky

    Why did Kobe have to step in that helicopter😔

    • Dan Don
      Dan Don

      Its crazy how he also mentioned aaliyah in this song and he mentioned Kobe too and they both died the same way..this even makes this song way deeper today

  • Robert william
    Robert william

    That Kobe line hits way different now 😭

  • Action Scott
    Action Scott

    Miss you Kobe.💜💛💜💛

    • Dan Don
      Dan Don

      Its crazy how he also mentioned aaliyah in this song and he mentioned Kobe too and they both died the same way..this even makes this song way deeper today

  • Auda Mars
    Auda Mars

    RIP Kobe.

  • Franc

    Why Kobe and Gigi had to go that way 9 people lost they lives that day Can’t fathom how they felt that day What the fuck is life son Conspiracy conspiring I don’t want to hear shit I can’t finish my thought , my heart wish y’all bliss 😢

  • JB3 ENT
    JB3 ENT


  • Alex sky hunter
    Alex sky hunter

    Why did Kobe have to take that helicopter ride why was it predicted on a 2017 cartoon why they got to do it like that

  • Bad girl Nevaeh
    Bad girl Nevaeh

    RIP Kobe

  • Yung Stat
    Yung Stat

    Why did Kobe have to take that flight?

  • Rashad 704
    Rashad 704

    RIP kobe Bryant why

  • Rashad 704
    Rashad 704

    Why Kobe have take that jet why he had to flight why

    • daryl martin
      daryl martin