James May has bought a new car!
The time has come for James May to add a car to the garage, and this one is going to be a big move into the future for him. He has been keeping it secret for a while but today is the day that the covers are off and you guys get to see what James has opted for. We hope you like it!
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  • asdf

    James may looking like my granny

  • R

    If you are wealthy enough just wrap your car in any colour you like!

  • R

    Interesting point that electric cars won't kill the combustion engine.

  • KarpKomet

    Wonders why james didn't get a model 3. Less than 2 minutes later, "the whole car to be honest is bigger than i ever need"

  • Ben Bauer
    Ben Bauer

    Prediction: there will be a gas crisis at some point a la late 1970s and people will all start buying electric cars.

  • AKB 241113
    AKB 241113

    The title says bought a new CAR, not a worthless Musk toaster ... Click bait.

  • Guru Vishal
    Guru Vishal

    Why does captain slow have a Fireblade?

  • Shane R
    Shane R

    I want your Honda c chicken please 🤟🏻

  • Gregor Bajc
    Gregor Bajc

    What a disappointment with Ferrari cover...

  • Johnny

    I see a color theme...

  • CS ‘
    CS ‘

    That would be lit

  • Dermot O'leary
    Dermot O'leary

    I’m thinking of getting a Tesla next year.

  • steve1978ger

    4:21 - look out James May, there's a James May watching you from the back of the garage!

  • lauren mcd
    lauren mcd

    May knows what’s up. Also I want to hear him say "frunk " a hundred more times.

  • Virus989898

    James is now entering the fight for "the fastest accelerating man in the world" title

  • loic doré
    loic doré

    Don’t fancy these polluting non sense cars , why not convert a normal car to an hydrogen running super car ?? Much more environmentally friendly !!

  • daniel

    I want one

  • W G
    W G

    "Liberace".. genius comment!

  • Bonded by Thrash
    Bonded by Thrash

    I do love the rare james may "f-you i can do it so i did it" attitude

  • Braiden Sawatzky
    Braiden Sawatzky

    Dear Mr.May Please make a video showcasing all your personal vehicles with only two wheels. Thanks. - Braiden

  • Tomasz Kurczewski
    Tomasz Kurczewski

    Wszystko ładnie pięknie, tylko kierownica po niewłaściwej stronie.

  • bigegg7170

    you bought that shirt,cant take youre comments seriously

  • MatthewCoupeOfficial

    Using James May to keep "drivetribe" alive......

  • Joe

    I'm pretty proud, I guessed it was a Tesla by the shape of the car under the cover.

  • daytonaaaargh

    James, did Horst Lüning come by with a bottle of good Scotch and convince you to buy the Tesla? :)

  • Red Dragon Box
    Red Dragon Box

    Hope you buy aftermarket door handles

  • Amirul Samsuri
    Amirul Samsuri

    nice nsr james

  • Archit Anand
    Archit Anand

    4:40 the guy in the back scared me😂

  • BigTunaJim

    “Catching crims and locking them up, in your community.”

  • Christoph Rauch
    Christoph Rauch

    Don‘t let it catch on fire... Disposal of the wreck will be problematic.

  • Pink Wolfies
    Pink Wolfies

    Ok boomer

  • CreativeJamiePlays

    Maybe he will do what hammond did... let's hope not tho.

  • Pramit Nandi
    Pramit Nandi

    Clarkson : *electric cars can fuck off* 😂

  • M M
    M M

    Ok Boomer

  • Ryan Parton
    Ryan Parton

    i always have called it a frunk not fboot

  • James J
    James J

    Boring. Hydrogen is the way forward. Not electric.

  • FakerBreaker

    At 5:00 some very wise words!

  • Dana Merritt
    Dana Merritt

    That's not green--that's chartreuse.

  • Plastic Straw
    Plastic Straw

    *the car*

  • William Hearnden
    William Hearnden

    Should they be able to take the car away from you

  • sim sam
    sim sam

    Hey James, ur head is so red, what happend?

  • Peter T
    Peter T

    Where is your 911 ?

  • Excelon The 4th Avalon Heirs
    Excelon The 4th Avalon Heirs

    At first, I thought it must be Tesla because of the shape. But, then I see a horse logo. Oh, it must be Ferrari. An then, I'm wrong, SO WRONG. True story.

  • speedy bill
    speedy bill

    Bloody brilliant car

  • Morten Sabroe Mortensen
    Morten Sabroe Mortensen

    James May, so nice to see you embrace a Tesla car! To my awareness, you have represented Top Gear which some of the time have appeared to be extremely commercial and biased and certainly not fair to EVs and in particular Tesla. In fact it has been so obvious that it has not added any good to the reputation of Top Gear in either the UK or the US.

  • NR

    Lol, May doesn't realise how cringe his shtick is and that he is only tolerable on screen when he's a foil for Clarkson so thinks he can hold a video on his own.

  • Little Traveller
    Little Traveller

    It’s not a bad choice it is a good car. I’m thinking of getting one and spoke to a friend who has one and he says it’s the best car he’s ever had

  • Richard Townsend
    Richard Townsend

    Is that an RC45 in the background, Mr May? I tip my hat to you, sir, a pretty awesome garage!

  • 100000 subscribers with no videos
    100000 subscribers with no videos

    James May the goat

  • Al Capwned
    Al Capwned

    Captain Slow is going Captain Green.

  • nope not me
    nope not me

    you got too much money...

  • gamer boy
    gamer boy

    What happened to James May intro

  • Maximus H
    Maximus H

    Saw a load of Tesla taxies at Amsterdam airport. Has James still got the Fiat Panda?

    • Richard Harrold
      Richard Harrold

      Panda went to make way for the first i3 years ago.

  • Benjamin Schwartzshtein
    Benjamin Schwartzshtein


  • 4dshow

    James is the one of the holy trinity that is still relevant and worth listening to.

  • 4dshow

    B-Boot, F-Boot. Love it

  • Alan Sohn
    Alan Sohn

    No sign of the Fiat Panda anywhere.

  • Sangar Rezgar
    Sangar Rezgar

    Love may

  • Will Spencer
    Will Spencer

    You’re the king, May. What you said is true- let the lemmings buy electric and SUVs so enthusiasts can keep our petrol sports cars!

  • Mrs.Man

    Why not make and sell a removable range extending battery pack that can be charged separately from the main car system circuit that will fit in either front or rear trunk?