Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Minilogue - Stupid People, Sex Guidelines & Bill Burr
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Week two of isolation and Jimmy continues his daily mini monologues from his house during the quarantine. In today’s #minilogue Jimmy talks about stupid people who aren’t staying home, Donald Trump “protecting” Asian American communities via Twitter, Mike Pence testing negative for Coronavirus, Senator Rand Paul testing positive, how the Italian government is handling the pandemic, sex guidelines released by the NY Department of Health, and Jimmy interviews comedian Bill Burr from the safety of his own car. Jimmy will be making a donation to a worthwhile cause every day during this quarantine. Today, it’s the LA Food Bank. Please consider helping them, $100 buys 400 meals. Go here to donate: www.lafoodbank.org/
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  • juan raul sevillano
    juan raul sevillano

    Why does Bill keeps getting closer. Stay away MF.

  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan

    ..........Love for Jane.......

  • Marilu Carvallo
    Marilu Carvallo

    It came from CHINA! Hello..

  • GriffinGTR

    Jimmy Kimmel is a globalist puppet

  • Danie

    I love that Burr helps his wife keep the house clean. :D!

  • TK Caapi
    TK Caapi

    Bills XFL Covid theory is hilarious😆😆😆

  • TK Caapi
    TK Caapi

    you know youre alert when youre watching Bills feet to make sure he stays on the footpath lol

  • Eric De Aza
    Eric De Aza

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="649">10:49</a> I love how even Jimmy isnt safe from being roasted😂😂

  • John Marsh
    John Marsh

    Love me some Ole Freckles 👍🏿

  • clements cardenas
    clements cardenas

    Rose is red Sky is blue Give a 👍🏼 So the God can forgive You

  • Mr Tiesman
    Mr Tiesman

    Your going down diddler!!!

  • Stable Condition
    Stable Condition

    did you just call that circus clown of a president a catty little bit....ch, I just finally subscribed to your channel Jimbo, much love

  • Is Downing
    Is Downing

    Ok Bill Burr is hilarious. 😂

  • MATT Z
    MATT Z


  • Kshitij Bali
    Kshitij Bali

    The opei is boring now

  • pope luna
    pope luna

    Fantastic 😍❤ Check up on Matt Damon. See what he's up to.

  • Sow AG
    Sow AG

    i hope jimmy hears what bill says. This is no time to be battering the administration and rambling on about trumps this that and the other.

  • Ryan

    This is the mm podcast outside

  • It's Okay
    It's Okay

    That intro should stay forever.

  • fancy pants
    fancy pants

    Its not their fault?? I didn't eat any bats.

  • WinterHell

    Can we import a few of those mayors Italian mayors? This is the best show Jimmy Kimmel has ever done :D

  • Ruben Perez
    Ruben Perez


  • psxnotps1

    bill burr. this man makes everything better

  • Paul Talley
    Paul Talley

    Jimmy kimmel is being straight up !.... much respect !

  • Carrie Chaloner
    Carrie Chaloner

    Do more drive byes so funny

  • Carlton Petties II
    Carlton Petties II

    Y’all need to have celebrity tours where the celebrities stand outside and you wave at them from your car

  • spanishsymbiote

    Jimmy’s a gem. Billy’s a gem. Goddamn gems.

  • Andrew Rudin
    Andrew Rudin

    Oh, God. Sports talk.. Is there anything more boring?

  • hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!
    hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!

    The news is the lastplace we should getting our information, they all put a political spin on everything, so which side you gonna believe.? NOsoft and doctors and nurses mwkeingvideos, that's where you will find truth. They just deal withfacts. No spin!

  • hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!
    hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!

    My 82 year old husband was hardheaded at first, I nagged him intensely till he got mad and finally listened. He was complaining to the kids and they all laughed and agreed with me... Lol we are staying in except for food. , Cause all the knuckleheads in our town are keeping the shelves of our one grocery store bare. I have a week's worth of food, they have six months worth ! On top of that, what's the point of me isolating when half the town is running about! When I go out they make my isolation nul and void, so I'm just staying home .

  • Scott Hart
    Scott Hart

    Yes because I'm sure these golden spoon millionaire Hollywood snobs do their own grocery shopping. They probably haven't been in a grocery store for years and have no idea how to even use a self scan.

  • elliToreyNath ganoConniMari
    elliToreyNath ganoConniMari

    احنا مسلمين حرام والله😯👏 👧yang pilih dajal abaikan 💝💖♥️❤️ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="344">5:44</a>

  • michael nolast
    michael nolast

    U still suck at comedy

  • Jebediah Clang
    Jebediah Clang

    Absolute classic Billy red-freckles

  • Christopher Prentice
    Christopher Prentice

    Our mayor in Chicago might be of Italian descent. Her words weren't as direct, but her stares were unmistakable.

  • Duke T.
    Duke T.

    I really don't understand.... just use soap and water?!?! wash... your... azz.... toilet paper? nastyazzes

  • Linus Knight
    Linus Knight

    when you make it to the swan, then i'll be impressed

  • Linda Dagley
    Linda Dagley

    Okay this is excellent.. made me laugh... I do not know who this bill guy is but I google him.. Stay safe.. God bless you.. take care of your family... And wash your f****** hands..

  • Oliver

    Two words... Vice. Poodle.

  • vincent milazzo
    vincent milazzo

    Love the minilogues , miss your show,, keep it up!!!

  • Angela Trebor
    Angela Trebor


  • Daniel DeMello
    Daniel DeMello

    Jimmy Kimmel..please keep posting. You are seriously one of the very few people who are making these dark days much much lighter. THANK YOU!

  • Paul Miller
    Paul Miller

    Jimmy Kimmel, time to drop your partisan act and get back to being the hilarious comedian that you are. Drop the BS for a second and be funny. These are serious times.

  • Richard W. Bradford
    Richard W. Bradford

    Nope not funny

  • lovelywaz

    For Bill Burr hit <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="420">07:00</a>

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello

    Brody Stevenson?!?!

  • Dhruv Dinesh
    Dhruv Dinesh

    *Donald D!CK Head of USA*

  • Margit Hammer
    Margit Hammer

    I had no idea Rand Paul was a doctor, he doesn't rub it in like Ben Carson I guess.

  • Narn The Seaboo
    Narn The Seaboo

    And Bill is definitely right, The Media has slowly been losing credibility over the last few decades. They often don't cover the things that should be covered, for example - What about all of that corporate bailout that got jammed into a citizen relief bill? They couldn't make that two separate bills? I doubt that Walmart and Amazon couldn't have waited another few weeks for us to figure something out. Meanwhile, people are unsure how they are about to pay their rent this month.

  • Narn The Seaboo
    Narn The Seaboo

    I don't appreciate you assuming that "Tammy" is a "her". Maybe she is Astral Gendered, did you even care to ask?

  • Xavier Decroix
    Xavier Decroix

    Damn, Jimmy. I don't like your president or Weinstein either, but you do what Trump did just ten seconds after saying he shouldn't... Bad people are still people, man.

  • OatyReading

    "I know you go hot-tubbing with Tom Hanks!"

  • Big Ern Dog
    Big Ern Dog

    Nothing funny about Alzheimer’s ,but somehow you are able to make me laugh by interviewing and promoting the creepy hair sniffing quid pro Alzheimer’s Joe. Lol can’t wait to see your opening monologue after the election.

  • M T
    M T

    Bill is the man.

  • Akadie Liskowich
    Akadie Liskowich

    Guy Clark, if I could just get off of this la freeway and put mr. T on the freeway with the top down!

  • Akadie Liskowich
    Akadie Liskowich

    He’s killing people and doesn’t care! Empty vessel- SAD!

  • Eva Ruiz
    Eva Ruiz

    Para Pa para pa parapa... 6yr..old says hi and my 10yr. Old says hi.. Miss,I Guillermo. Cousin Sal and the rest of you all. Me and my girls are big fans of your show. You guys make are night.

  • jillcohnmusic

    5 o clock STOP SCREAM Monday!!! are you in????? let's curse this virus to it's crave! you are going DOWN 5oclock STOP!

  • Galactic Warlock
    Galactic Warlock

    I think mormon sex makes sense now. Right!

  • Warren NZ
    Warren NZ

    As soon as I saw "Bill Burr" in the description I clicked on it!

  • Brian Hickey
    Brian Hickey

    Jimmy.. You are such an American patriot and an American treasure. And this is coming from a Canadian! We love you and thank you for the continued laughter.

  • Greg Lackey
    Greg Lackey


  • April Oliver
    April Oliver

    I LOVE Bill!

  • Yancuic Rodriguez
    Yancuic Rodriguez

    I love the intro!!

  • Jen Boettcher
    Jen Boettcher

    I love bill Burr! Would love to sit with him...we would spent hours yelling at each other saying the same thing!

  • Jen Boettcher
    Jen Boettcher

    Ummm if you wanna make fun of him don’t use the pool!! Your smarter than that..it cannot be spread in the pool! Use the gym at the very least! Lolol

  • Ann E
    Ann E

    That was great!

  • pm2020 _
    pm2020 _

    Two east coasters in LA. They need Bill Maher in the mix too.

  • May31

    What ? did wienstein really get the virus??? :O :O

  • June Vang
    June Vang

    🙌💪💯🥰!!!!JIMMY KIMMEL FOR PRESIDENT!!!!🥰💯💪🙌

  • Jane Paulhutson
    Jane Paulhutson

    I wish the whole show was just the Italian mayors. They were great!

  • thehalfnavajo

    Kimmel politics isn't a message to get together while you get to keep making rich money from us poor people in millions. Rich Kimmel is about hate to half the country. Don't believe rich people Republicans, Democrats, And JIMMY KIMMEL.

  • Josue166

    *The second I saw BILL BURR in front of a house, I knew it wasn't his house. He's waaaaaaayy too private for that $hit.*

    • The YouTube Algorithm
      The YouTube Algorithm

      @Dean Overholt ok hush

    • Ken

      In public? It's hard to get sick with no one around.

    • steven randazza
      steven randazza

      He would never

    • Dean Overholt
      Dean Overholt

      and he's outside in public....bad idea.

  • Real Dudes Party Nude
    Real Dudes Party Nude

    You also need to call Carlos Mencia and see what he's up to. This is worse than Conan.

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon

    Thanks Jimmy for the buzz you put in my wifes head! I'd like you to know that my day was such a hoot! Folks, quarantine and 16 hours of Hallmark channel makes you want to go down town and start shaking strangers hands like a politician!! 🤯🤯

  • milind

    Roadside stand-up

  • Annie Blanchard
    Annie Blanchard

    I keep yelling at Bill Burr to back up - why does he keep stepping closer? BACK UP BILL!!

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie

    Dontcha love how Burr demonizes the media for fear-mongering and then he's afraid to touch a roll of toilet paper?

  • Emily Archer
    Emily Archer

    I hope you got your toilet paper?! LOL LOL

  • Emily Archer
    Emily Archer

    That was very entertaining!!!! I laughed!!!