Jimmy Tells All (Kid Nation Exclusive) - JonTron
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Extra special thanks to Jimmy for coming on and enduring such silly nonsense!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Hairless alligator
      Hairless alligator

      Did you threaten him that you would put him back on kid nation if he didn’t join you

    • MTSG

      Here before replies finish

    • Atara Alyssa Cho
      Atara Alyssa Cho

      He has the DVDs- will we see the ending of Kid Nation?

    • The Pizza Girls
      The Pizza Girls

      I found the entire series of kid nation on uploaded on NOsoft by someone called Mike Sparrow

    • The Dark Lizardon X
      The Dark Lizardon X

      My boi Jimmy is the G O A T !


    Your on a 2 week video streak And that was a rhyme

  • Gawain

    I hope youre safe out there man...

  • Dallas

    A guy by the name of Mike Sparrow has the “full” season of kid nation if you haven’t found it already

  • Anthony Horrell
    Anthony Horrell

    Has jontron reviewed Sean Connery's Zardoz yet?

  • RockyPixel

    I find it very interesting how at the beginning where he's introducing Jimmy, Jon sounds very professional. Like he's a news anchor or something.

  • Asperger's Guy
    Asperger's Guy

    Jontron is a lucky guy

  • mandokir

    He's really not that good on camera. Or interesting.

  • tardis225

    Are you ever going to review video games again? And plz bring back jaques, that bird always made me laugh

  • buZZwig Van Roţțen
    buZZwig Van Roţțen

    I would love if he interviewed people after he did an episode on their thing or whatever I am completely down for a series like this 😂

  • Jordan Maultra
    Jordan Maultra



    he should have been an actor xD

  • Elaine Vo
    Elaine Vo

    Jontron claims to not be good interviewer but this is more entertaining than all the late night talk show hosts combined and jon doesn't even need a live audience to make him appear funny. Late night hosts in quarantine...take notes

  • Fisal hh
    Fisal hh

    question here JonTron did you ask him to give you a copy of Kid Nation Exclusive ? and of yes ........ ( can i have a capy !! )

  • GirlKing TheOddThingy
    GirlKing TheOddThingy

    Oof. If you think that was a Crazy show. You should look at American Stuffers. Its a kinda sad one but its one that makes you say. Why? Did it need to be a show..?

  • WolfgangLMclain

    Fake news, bleach cures.

  • R MK
    R MK

    This is probably Jon’s funniest video since flex tape 1! (in my opinion)

  • Vin Tier
    Vin Tier

    oh no he's hot now

  • Guts Puck
    Guts Puck

    Oncology comes for the Greek word "Όγκος" which translates into "tumor"

  • Man of Steel 38
    Man of Steel 38

    I'm so mad that Jimmy got hot. My girlfriend is into him. Damn you Jimmy you backing out son of a bitch

  • Beatriz Komura
    Beatriz Komura

    Jon, can you talk and react to tiktok videos?

  • Koji K
    Koji K

    poor jimmy, thought he was going to cry at the end... JOKE lol, very funny guy

  • joemennic7

    Great interview

  • Yvnggodkil

    He said tf you laughing at

  • Sloppy StirFry
    Sloppy StirFry

    This is hilarious mr. John

  • Mesami

    what if i dont have a father?

  • apocalypse horseman
    apocalypse horseman

    jimmy saw poop !!!

  • Qw3rtyFilms

    What happened to jock

  • Kevin Sebatian
    Kevin Sebatian

    Can u do a guitar vs 🅱️Ass battle w/ davie504?

  • Rosie B
    Rosie B

    dont call this an interview if you are not going to let him speak. camera hog.

  • traktor kakas
    traktor kakas

    this was great lol

  • Ryan Harker
    Ryan Harker

    My dads dead so I ain’t got to pay for shit

  • Psychopath

    Kid Nation = Kid Dachau.

  • fredalschu u
    fredalschu u

    Fuk I forgot it

  • illegalChafe

    Isn’t jimmy on idubbztv channel I swear I’ve seen him on their in his recent vids

  • Calista March
    Calista March

    Me: Sees Jon with supplies behind him Also me: oh god he is gonna do it🤦‍♀️

  • snocown

    just watched this in a secondary account and the guy does scream at the beginning if you don't watch the first part

  • Reagan Memes
    Reagan Memes

    Jontron There is a youtuber who is Sophia From kid nation her channel name is Sophia close get her for the next interview she won the whole thing 😂

  • Quas

    Now Jimmy l, you can have the big mac, or your family back.

  • George Tsuladze
    George Tsuladze

    charisma between these two is just *chef kiss*

  • Red Eyes
    Red Eyes

    you can see the excitement in his face when he announced he was getting a star. and then you see a depressed disappointed look when he got the star.

  • xdcountry

    Jimmy for Pres -- Jon VP

  • toxic_level _xx
    toxic_level _xx

    My favorite jontron video is the plug and play

  • CrossRoads

    You should invite jimmy back and get another/multiple people from kidnation to share their experiences more

  • Princess Devy
    Princess Devy

    Jimmy is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah

  • Austin Baker
    Austin Baker

    This is the worst interview I have ever seen. I wish Jimmy the best though!

  • The Crafters Guild
    The Crafters Guild

    I’m still shocked he hasn’t covered the Kingdom Hearts series yet!

  • jar jar bink
    jar jar bink

    The way Jimmy describes his time on the show sounds like a 15 year olds experience in ww1

  • ishstorm

    Jimmy could have his own channel, dudes fuckin funny

  • Duncanox

    This has been the funniest video in 3 years

  • A.D.Goz.86

    The powder that he rubbed on his teeth was probably cocaine

  • NFL All day every day
    NFL All day every day

    There’s all thirteen episodes on NOsoft

  • Mrimchaelson

    We need to start a fundraiser for Jimmy’s medical education.

  • Bageled Gaming
    Bageled Gaming

    Question is: Is Jacques _NOW_ dead?

  • Pax Mayne
    Pax Mayne

    Yo that wallet looks like trash

  • Myth Pro
    Myth Pro

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a> .....so they were giving the kids cocaine?

  • andrew baker
    andrew baker

    you havveee to do a video on catman in boxers blow

  • Michael Durham
    Michael Durham

    You should do a video similar to your flex tape video with the product Fuller Crystal.

  • geta grab
    geta grab

    It is probably a picture of his basement but it is definitely a green screen

  • Nativist of Columbia
    Nativist of Columbia

    Sounds a lot like boot camp honestly.

  • Hairless alligator
    Hairless alligator

    Next on kid nation: Can these children heal the mortally wounded at war? Find out next time on kid nation!

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      Jontron should play spyro that game is my childhood

  • Poisonarrowblue

    Why dont you ask Jimmy to let u watch the other episodes of kid nation

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      That ending really got me 😂

  • Ryan Haynes
    Ryan Haynes

    You didnt spray his back

  • Random Cat
    Random Cat

    Kids shoulda made hardtack

  • Bageled Gaming
    Bageled Gaming

    The first few fucking seconds he’s there, he’s being assaulted by Jon.

  • Redswimmer28

    He should interview as many others from the show as he can.

  • colinyates1991

    If only he could interview hunter... hunter was from the same town as me and I vaguely remember him being on the news once

  • Tygo VdW
    Tygo VdW

    i love how positive and happy Jimmy is. Most interesting video iv'e watched in a while. edit: The i made it at the end killed me

  • Steven Riess
    Steven Riess

    Now jimmy can brag he met jontron

  • LiquidJules

    This Feels like an Eric Andre episode

  • Sour Soap
    Sour Soap

    Me to my dog, every time I leave the house <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1177">19:37</a>

  • liz h
    liz h

    LOVE THIS. so glad u were able to interview jimmy

  • Beak Saver
    Beak Saver

    It would be fun to see him interview the other actors on the show, to see how they where treated and how they felt about the whole thing.

  • TheRevanchist

    "Fuck you dude I'm gonna kill you" Damn man

  • Holly XD
    Holly XD

    But I don’t have a dad

  • Rye Bread
    Rye Bread

    Drops beans on persian carpet *persian mom cries

  • Tigro

    That ending really got me 😂

  • Seal YT
    Seal YT

    Jontron should play spyro that game is my childhood

    • Joanna

      Jontron we want more of that jimjam

  • HaremKing Issei
    HaremKing Issei

    So did anybody else know there is a birdemic 2?

  • Garyn Howard
    Garyn Howard

    There’s a new flex product flex paste😹😹