Joaquin Phoenix Drops F-Bombs in 'Joker' Speech at the Golden Globes
Joaquin Phoenix took home the Golden Globe on Sunday night for his role in “Joker,” but not without some drama.
After acknowledging his fellow nominees, Phoenix, a long-time skeptic of Hollywood awards shows, said “There is no f-ing best actor.” NBC proceed to cut out the audio as he appeared to drop multiple f-bombs, all of which were muted for viewers.

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    최민식 TV


  • Ghullie

    What was he saying at the start? Wtf is this censorship shit??

  • رضاوي رضاوي
    رضاوي رضاوي

    0:55 lhave I spent Difficult weeks Murray

  • Maori Warrior
    Maori Warrior

    I hit play so as to hear the F bomb but got duped.

  • Syed Taaha
    Syed Taaha

    The worst part of having social anxiety is that people expect you to behave as if you don't

  • Onya AM
    Onya AM

    What a guy I love him

  • Gantz Legend
    Gantz Legend

    Wonder if he was talking about Christian Bale


    Subtitles [Music]

  • Vignesh Raj
    Vignesh Raj

    He is still in the character 😂😂

  • Tangent of circle.
    Tangent of circle.

    Joaquin phoenix : Wanna here a joke?

  • Senshi00

    Censore more you piece of shit

  • PhatCroc Learning
    PhatCroc Learning

    I really like his guy what a actor deserves the award

  • msairs

    he sounds so awkward thats its funny. lol. love you Pheonix!

  • Jorge Espinoza
    Jorge Espinoza

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    Jorge Espinoza

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    Jorge Espinoza

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  • Jorge Espinoza
    Jorge Espinoza

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  • The Derpy Skeleton
    The Derpy Skeleton

    That felt like 6 minutes damn

  • Jorge Espinoza
    Jorge Espinoza

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    Jorge Espinoza

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    Jorge Espinoza

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    Jorge Espinoza

    Of course you are a bully

  • Jorge Espinoza
    Jorge Espinoza

    Jennifer lawrence deserves to hand the oscar and freeman i want jackson seated

    • skully

      Jorge Espinoza hey are you ok?

  • Jorge Espinoza
    Jorge Espinoza


  • Jorge Espinoza
    Jorge Espinoza

    Es una noche para stallone

  • Diablo

    When climate change is on Jokers mind. You know its serious!!

  • Alvin Bautista
    Alvin Bautista

    Just idolize. You...

  • Alvin Bautista
    Alvin Bautista

    Im not gay..

  • Alvin Bautista
    Alvin Bautista

    You deserve it my idol

  • Alvin Bautista
    Alvin Bautista

    We love yoj so much coz you are a great actor

  • Alvin Bautista
    Alvin Bautista

    Cime on joaquin phoenix eveytime you in that movie we watch it...

  • Frederico Toranzo
    Frederico Toranzo

    “actor says certain words that everyone says but is bitchy about saying it in public, in a speech” Fixed your title

  • Arslan Ali
    Arslan Ali

    De Niro was worried that Phoenix might approach him with the golden globe in his hand and...we know the rest.

  • Incauto

    He is acting.

  • Jeremie Roy
    Jeremie Roy

    he gives himself a style, nothing more

  • Bahamut Zero
    Bahamut Zero

    I’m sorry I really can’t watch this it is cringeworthy

  • Filippo Musenga
    Filippo Musenga

    Why is this censored? i have to say i find this absurd and also offensive

  • Matt Bathurst
    Matt Bathurst

    Everyone thought Mickey Rourke was gonna win the Oscar for The Wrestler.......until he didn't!.......hope Phoenix does though.

  • Peter Robertson
    Peter Robertson

    Good actor, Stupid Man.

  • ShimmyKortez

    I want to see him at the Oscars now

  • Eirik W
    Eirik W

    They put the fucking music on when he started talking about Hollywood stars taking personal responsibility and making changes to their own lives rather than just talking about it. Like stop travelling with personal jets.

  • rick777888

    greatest actor ever...

  • Dizlowski

    I though this was Joker speaking :D

  • Matas Maserati
    Matas Maserati

    I also stutter as much when I do a presentation 😂💀

  • Anmol Sahdev
    Anmol Sahdev

    Robert De Niro's straight face is like Billie Eilish having an allergic reaction to bad shrimp.

  • Deseze 37
    Deseze 37

    Illuminati phoenix

  • Nicolas W
    Nicolas W

    A men of honor !

  • NoyPi RealTalk
    NoyPi RealTalk

    Why censored all the curse words??? Why cant these people be real ???

  • SweetWheatsy

    So brilliant driving home the point of calling out the leap from gesture to action to his peers; saying flowery words to Australia, while taking the private, immensively-polluting jet home, as he says. Him also advocating for a sustainable suit-company, focusing on recycling (where he got his), whereas it's still the norm to get a new, single-use suit to every formal event, obviously a huge waste without proportions. Seems like such a genuine man.