Joe Rogan's Thoughts on Tesla's Cybertruck
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Taken from JRE #1394 w/Matt Farah:

  • Hao Doan
    Hao Doan

    He's the new Bob Lutz. :)

  • Recato

    We're living in the future BOOMER

  • Kevin W
    Kevin W

    this dude is a tesla hater, the fact he was happy the window cracked.

  • Dylan Maurits
    Dylan Maurits

    I thought every fucking brainless person on earth realised that the breaking of the glass on the Cybertruck was staged, right? It was a promotion stunt. It got the entire world talking about the damn truck. Elon is smart enough to see if his glass would break when throwing a steel ball against it. You really think he's that fucking stupid?

  • Chris Pallares
    Chris Pallares

    thats a total recall truck!!

  • Arman Zahed
    Arman Zahed

    What a fucking boomer

  • Toni Sulemani
    Toni Sulemani

    People still doubt tesla, smh🥱🤦🏻

  • Zachariah Goddard
    Zachariah Goddard

    Joe wasn’t really on his game for this interview. Can’t win em all I guess.

  • no peaking young blood
    no peaking young blood

    Either this guy is jealous he cant make a billion dollar idea or hes just another alex jones with his heavy breathing and stupid assumptions.

  • Paulo Vieira
    Paulo Vieira

    This guy is a dumb dumb ass kicked this guy heart of the internets out this Bob just out of this fucking planet loser idiot

  • Douglas Lawrie
    Douglas Lawrie

    “They have delivered 0 robotaxis”. Every Tesla delivered in the last few years is a robotaxi as soon as the software is made available. Tesla will deliver an absolute minimum of 500k vehicles in 2020. The question is whether the FSD software will be feature complete, safe, and legally approved by the end of the year. If you’re keeping up to date with Autopilot advancements, that’s not something you’d want to rule out.

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf

    That truck is so ugly. It's like a big metal box. The dashboard looks like a kitchen counter. I would also rather use gas until they can charge much quicker and fix shops all over America. You gotta got to the hospital better plug it in and wait.

  • Baha Mir
    Baha Mir

    this fucking guy is clueless. Dumb as fuck

  • Rick

    This ain't Joe Rogan's thoughts this is some random guy rambling.

    • swiftripper

      Maybe if you so much as spent 10 minutes in the car community, you would know who this "random guy" is

  • scottysize

    Who is this idiot? He sounds like all the Tesla Short guys.

  • XenonG

    I get his scepticisms and his criticisms are valid (to me), but I got one complain about one thing he said about the Cybertruck, "it won't pass pedestrian safety" lol like other trucks do.

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    I'm from the future to tell you this guy is a moron.

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen


  • Carl Smith
    Carl Smith

    Wow this guy is working on or for the big three or the oil companies because he didn’t see anything that Elon has done everything everyone says he can’t do it plus your not giving anyone a interest free loan your buying into a better life in the future and as for the window breaking that was great for us because everyone knows he’s going to make it even better I don’t want to bad mouth you Matt but I think you will be eating your words and cyber is cool love you Matt but I think you just might be wrong here buddy

  • Sam

    This guy is dissing the smartest man on Earth.....

  • Quags

    Some Tesla enthusiasts clearly haven’t had to deal with pre-order flops from the gaming industry and it shows.

  • WoodenGenius

    Dude is a fuckin HATER.

  • Scott Roon
    Scott Roon

    Well this guy should put his mouth on a dick if he's wrong.

  • Sergey Melnik
    Sergey Melnik

    Matt Farah - Real car guy Joe Rogan - Wannabe car guy

  • Dilashja Point
    Dilashja Point

    For a moment there I though that was Joe Rogan

  • Victor Carli
    Victor Carli

    I have a reservation for a CT but what the man is saying has merit. Musk has done exactly what he claims in the past to get things built. The $100 dollars multiplied by 300,000 reservations DOES equate in a realistic opportunity for a financial institution to buy into it. Recall that in the past, Elon almost got bit doing this but slipped out of it. It's common practice for rich folks NOT to use their own money to finance a business venture and Musk is the champ. Do I believe he will build the truck? Yes. Will it happen by 2021? No. Realistically, it will take at least five years before we see any deliveries and if he does pull of some deliveries, they will be very limited. Another point to consider, when he started with cars, he had serious problems meeting his orders and unless he's built some huge factory space and has already tooled it up, he has a heck of a mountain to climb. I worked in the auto industry for many years, set up production lines and I can tell you that its one thing to show a concept, its a whole nuther thing to mass produce and sell it. Just food for thought. Still Mr. Musk should be applauded for always seeming to pull it out in the 11th hour.



  • Race Mentally
    Race Mentally

    Elon is simply pure genius. He DGAF

  • Erin Dep
    Erin Dep

    Guy is a buzz kill.

  • pablo toledo
    pablo toledo

    This guy is only in the show because he is Joe’s lost Mexican twin

  • Patter Guitsit
    Patter Guitsit

    This guy is ligma approved.

  • Patter Guitsit
    Patter Guitsit

    Elon and Tesla has delivered everything they have promised since the beginning so why would you think the Cybertruck will be anything different.

  • Mark Burch
    Mark Burch

    Tesla is an ugly baby.

  • Syed Mahd
    Syed Mahd


  • Ari G
    Ari G

    I love mats channel and his reviews. But I disagree strongly with what he is saying in this video. He says Tesla won’t deliver, well guess what so far they have delivered everything they said they will even though everyone said they will never be able to. Original roadster? Delivered. Model S? Delivered. Model X? Delivered. Model 3? Delivered. Model Y? About to be delivered (sooner then initially said) So why cast doubt that they will not deliver the other promised products?

  • nicholas winter
    nicholas winter

    Elon never said the windows were bulletproof, said the exoskeleton was bulletproof.

  • Lucky Luke
    Lucky Luke

    Hey idiot.... you said it yourself the $100 deposit is refundable. Why would you go after him for that $100 when it’s REFUNDABLE?? Lol And who the hell is this guy? Lol

  • A Griffin
    A Griffin

    The problem with the truck is it looks like a doorstop with wheels.

    • Sergey Melnik
      Sergey Melnik

      @Stewart Garzon Cause youre a delusional tesla fanboy

    • Stewart Garzon
      Stewart Garzon

      And I would hella buy that beautiful doorstop with wheels if I had the money

  • Hassaan Abdus-Saboor
    Hassaan Abdus-Saboor

    This guy has no idea what he's talking about lmfao

  • Young Suga
    Young Suga

    Sorry but this guy does not know what hes talking about.

  • Falcon 4917
    Falcon 4917

    Matt was right, all the fans will be crazy mad at him for exposing tesla. Lol. Funny how all the tech geeks are suddenly car experts and they think car experts are stupid ignorant posers. Lol

  • Neil Langston
    Neil Langston

    Blokes a douchebag

  • thas1227

    Why don't people support the Elio and not a poorly rendered warthog from Halo

  • Bob Brown
    Bob Brown

    Elon = Electric Jesus 😀

  • Michael Meleady
    Michael Meleady

    How do you have one of the greatest minds in all humanity on your show and then turn around and bring this dumbass on here and make fun of the things he's trying to accomplish? You should be ashamed of yourself to even entertain this guy! I don't see him building rockets, fixing power grids, making the world a better place. This is the living definition of a hater!

  • Carter Moreno
    Carter Moreno

    Fuck who needs negativity in the world when they have this bald potato fruit cake fuck in it.

  • Quade Ballard
    Quade Ballard

    This guy is DUMB as FUCK

  • Timothy Campbell
    Timothy Campbell

    I work in metal this truck is made with cold role steel not hot role it's way harder to form that's why it has to be shaped this way can't do bubbles with this metal.

  • arz arz
    arz arz

    whos this idiot?

  • LNobbins

    This man is a moron smh

  • Onkar Dogra
    Onkar Dogra

    So far everything Tesla came out with is honest and real. I don't mind Tesla taking their time with their technology as long as it fulfills their promise and makes reliable cars.

  • D&D Operations
    D&D Operations

    Guys a certified dumb fuck

  • agustinbs

    That news robo taxi 2020 is fake, can not believe joe rogan gives this program to lie like this. Also roadster was anunced for 2020 not 2019. Too much disinformation here from very poor minded people that do nothing for this world

  • Caas Monk
    Caas Monk

    the model 3 is outselling every other car in it's class. they're also releasing the type Y for the suv market and it has better specs than any other electric suv(huge suv/crossover market). the cybertruck is really out there, but it's specs are all top notch. this guy is trying to bash tesla for their business model but Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porshe, ALL do the same thing, and i don't see him bitching at them. also no weight in the bed of the pickup? during a tug o war????? is he dense?

  • Joe Mac
    Joe Mac

    The thing look like a fucking ps1 game. It's rediculous. Driving around like you're trying to live some kind of ideal of a cyberpunk lifestyle is the dorkiest and cringiest thing I've heard of in a while. I feel like Elon is just trying to figure out exactly how much his cult of personality can let him get away with. It's like Michael Jordan's Hitler stache, he wanted to see how far his charisma could take him and the answer at least for the time being is investing in Private prisons and wearing Hitler's mustache.

  • Pricetone Entertainment
    Pricetone Entertainment

    If the Cybertruck comes out and performs the way Tesla says it will "and it likely will based on the stats on their current vehicles" it will be better than anything else out there by far. I think we should be supporting entrepreneurs and companies who take big risks for the right reasons. Tesla is way more exciting than any other car company right by far and I support Tesla for trying to change the world for the better. Building vehicles that both reduce noise and air pollution yet are exciting too drive is no easy task. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter if you don't like how the truck looks. You can't argue that it wouldn't make a positive impact at large and that many people do think it looks cool.

  • Zach Raines
    Zach Raines

    Lol why is this guy talking like this truck is fake. It’s coming whether you like it or not

  • Carl Groover
    Carl Groover

    also his claim about the reservations being a fast money grab are BS, tesla does not get to recognize that as income, the purpose of a reservation is to evaluate demand so they can scale the production accurately. pull your head out of your butt.

  • Carl Groover
    Carl Groover

    jthis guy just does not get it.everything he said is just mindless crap. I love seeing people that just say tesla is only fueled by hype... that is BS any way you look at it. they hype is fueled by a car company that is actually doing cool things.

  • Brian Weiss
    Brian Weiss

    A battery powered car is not very Murica