Joe Rogan Experience #1411 - Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, producer, and singer. He stars in the new movie "Dolittle" which releases in theater on January 17, 2020.

  • Kevin Scanlon
    Kevin Scanlon

    It's pronounced pendulum, not pendulum

  • Candy Rush AscendedPhoenix888
    Candy Rush AscendedPhoenix888

    Will pray for your sight 🥺❤🙏🙏🙏

  • CCM_Hockey71

    Love that necklace made of a roll of green electrical tape

  • OlderButNotWiser

    How did Downey Jr. become a legend. He was just there and then he just got, Wow! #Legend

  • RedSpiralHand

    So I've taken my historically bad eyesight from -6.5 to -4.0 in a few years and still improving it. Just by incrementally decreasing the power of my contact lenses little by little. Dont' get lasic,'s horrible and you can get ruined for life... I'm 62 and had eyesight correction since the 4th grade!

  • Jsoucats

    Within the first couple minutes of listening, I could sense Robert didn't have an answer to where joe was going to take the macular degeneration argument. It's hit or miss regarding interest.

  • Matt Baker
    Matt Baker

    Does joe clean his headphones after each interview?

  • Jordan J
    Jordan J

    When RDJ says “I’ll be back, trust me” Joe is thinking (this guy thinks I’m some kinda small time that he can just invite himself.. you’re lucky you’re even on now) but then responds with “okay, I hope you do come back” - but we all know, we know.

  • pathfinderLXXIV

    God, such a chill, down to Earth, happy, zen dude. Just humble in his own existence and appreciative of what he has done and worked to achieve.

  • ASVP Roach
    ASVP Roach

    I want Joe to interview every Avenger

  • denyingdestruction

    RDJ: If I show you up, you have to, too. JR: Okay, what do I have to do? (Next Marvel Movie superheroes on the JRE Podcast)

  • Richard Van Antwerp
    Richard Van Antwerp

    sherlock holmes for me was Robert Downey Jr.'s best role, the way he thought out every fight. But i will miss him as iron man

  • Patrick Lloyd
    Patrick Lloyd

    Hey Joe Rogan and Robert Downey Jr. have either of you guys checked out the song miserlou? And what the story behind it is? I believe you both would enjoy it’s roots, check it out some time guys Much Love, ✌🏽 ☮️

  • Shawn Ravenda
    Shawn Ravenda

    8.1 million views is redickulous to think about lol

    • Shawn Ravenda
      Shawn Ravenda

      I don't think u can put that many people in one space other then NOsoft 😀

  • Marcos Herrero
    Marcos Herrero

    What actor is their role more than RDJ though?

  • Melody Trejo
    Melody Trejo

    over rated......

  • ca bo
    ca bo

    Honey Bee Bee?

  • ca bo
    ca bo

    Do you realize you utilize mass media for your profit?

  • ca bo
    ca bo

    How can I make 1mil at waffle House?

  • ca bo
    ca bo

    Money, money, money, makes world go around,world go around..

  • ca bo
    ca bo

    LA police?

  • ca bo
    ca bo

    Waffle House?

  • ca bo
    ca bo

    Kings Inn?

  • ca bo
    ca bo


  • ca bo
    ca bo

    Who is gunius at In and Out?

  • ca bo
    ca bo

    You are special. Not good actor. You are special. Do job 18$ hr. Let's hear same interview. You are not worth 12 mil. You are a worker.

  • ca bo
    ca bo

    Try working at fast-food for one year. Then have same interview

  • heavy meddle
    heavy meddle

    Who cries for me when I have to go to bed with the wife? Argentina? I'm happy to go blind

    • ca bo
      ca bo

      Was that when he had herpes Movie?

  • Felton Meiser
    Felton Meiser

    I could only last half an hour this was boring af.

  • Taylor A. Auzins
    Taylor A. Auzins

    Is it just me or is Robert Downy Jr. Just Joe Rogan without his head shaved

  • joshy the hand
    joshy the hand

    Here's my feeling about superhero movies.. how are they any different from classic stories about hercules or persius ? They are stories about those with physical greatness yet still flawed with humanity.

    • Trevor Kern
      Trevor Kern

      Exactly. It’s modern mythology/tall tales.

  • MrMagicMan101

    I love RDJr so much, but he sure does have an odd way of pathing conversations

  • thecinemabandit

    Dave Sinclair Ford. St. louis. Had a vehicle with that sticker on it.

  • Dario Felix
    Dario Felix

    Robby looking old

  • Leo Serrano
    Leo Serrano

    Please we need Joaquin Phoenix and Keanu Reeves on this podcast.

  • Patrick McCormick
    Patrick McCormick

    RDJ: I'm the dude playing a dude disguised as another dude

  • David C Dun
    David C Dun

    There is a Hulk comic, where the internal battle between Hulk and Bruce Banner is going inside Bruce's head. And how Bruce bitch slaps Hulk and says to him, "I've been keeping your anger in check my entire life with my Will alone. Don't even THINK you can ever beat me, Hulk!" and beat the shit out of Hulk. Bruce Banner is a FUCKING Beast! But through Hulk he can channel the anger and let it out.

  • Taylor A. Auzins
    Taylor A. Auzins


    • Taylor A. Auzins
      Taylor A. Auzins


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    mani moni

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  • Julian Seider
    Julian Seider

    Damn Rob gettin spiritual

  • Kerry Cutler
    Kerry Cutler

    Lmfao. Try having sight at 7.75. Amazing interview.

  • Giulio

    why do they wear headphones?

  • Trevor Murray
    Trevor Murray

    Bob? I thought his Dad was Morton.

  • Tyler Busch
    Tyler Busch

    Get Danny McBride on here

  • Rafid Nassir
    Rafid Nassir

    Gotta know who this “Brand Farren” fella is now

  • Bapak Malas
    Bapak Malas

    Hey Robert, Dolittle is stupid

  • Runic Blackstone
    Runic Blackstone

    ONE OF MY TOP 5 ... OKAY TOP 3 ... What a ride following your flicks though the years...late 70s kid here

  • ko ca
    ko ca

    get ricky hadden on

  • shawn McCoin
    shawn McCoin

    Roberts right in a sentence. Remember the song Purple Rain by Prince? The lyrics Say oh, and it's time we all reach out for something new oh, well start reaching folks

  • De Ka
    De Ka


  • John Michael Patrick
    John Michael Patrick

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a great movie !

  • fatih AKSOY
    fatih AKSOY

    Please put some subtitles on these videos. I learn English and i think it would be more effective and understandable for people like me. And i think it would be better for your channel also



  • Badr Zouhir
    Badr Zouhir

    the first exchange where they talk about being glad they're losing eyesight is THEE most confusing thing I've ever heard

  • Pablo Murf
    Pablo Murf

    You couldn't do tropic thunder today because the world has gone fucking mad!

  • Henro de Bruin
    Henro de Bruin

    Keanu please. Ask him: "Are you true? Are you for real?" :)

  • Henro de Bruin
    Henro de Bruin

    good one

  • amirhossein mobarakabadi
    amirhossein mobarakabadi

    Fuk Marvel for killing Tony, and fuk the MCU without Robert Dawney JR. The whole elegance of the 18 movies series was the magnificent charisma of Tony which couldn't have been cast more perfect

  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt

    JOE!! Yo! You just wrote a scene! Better copyright the idea before Hollywood steals it!!