Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - January 9, 2020
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub.

  • LA Speakeasy
    LA Speakeasy

    So Eddie doesn't believe in simulation because there is no evidence? But he believes all this crazy shit with no evidence? Had me dying!

  • Ben Stanley
    Ben Stanley

    Brendan “wasn’t that guy young when he grabbed that dick” Schaub

  • Reagan Oames
    Reagan Oames

    1:21:36 Brendan Schaub teacher's pet. A moronic one considering he talks over more people than anyone.

  • Iordan Silviu-Cristian
    Iordan Silviu-Cristian

    Please don t invite brenda again 🤦‍♂️ he has special needs

  • local enterprise broadcasting
    local enterprise broadcasting

    Damn that Shaub guy is a fucking genius 🤥

  • Ryan Pevoto
    Ryan Pevoto

    14:36 Steve-o popped in for a sec

  • Crazypolo 123
    Crazypolo 123

    Can’t believe I’ve been listening to Joe Rogan since he was selling fleshlights.

  • Ashton Kilburn
    Ashton Kilburn

    I didn't want to watch the intro so I just decided to skip to a random part and uhhhh This is the part I skip to 58:48

  • El Nino Son
    El Nino Son

    *Universal Sandbox!*

  • Brian Whitney
    Brian Whitney

    Rogan backing down and backin away from biden talk its sad to see

  • Fraaip

    Just went and had a look at some of the Shaun Attwood stuff. Don't waste your time lol...

  • Emil Kovachev
    Emil Kovachev

    Weed + this = I want to leave this fake ass simulation flat bozone crap

  • Music Calgary
    Music Calgary

    Whispering, "I would kill anybody for you" into your son's ear IS NOT good fatherhood. You people are deeply fucked up.

  • Bryson Hammond
    Bryson Hammond

    Joe “Since the beginning of time” Rogan

  • c0pyimitati0n

    3:22:55 I used to be really deep into _conspiracy theories_ but it just took over my life and had to get out of it. I'm _so much happier_ now.

  • Kevin Fry
    Kevin Fry

    IUD. Callen is a fucking idiot.

  • Rene Stanneveld
    Rene Stanneveld

    I love Eddie he is so smart.

  • Youth Peso
    Youth Peso

    Can anyone tell me the NOsoft's Eddie suggested to follow , im gonna have a conniption scanning through these 4 hours to find it again

    • Brooklyn C
      Brooklyn C

      Youth Peso I know couple of them were Shaun Atwood, x22report, dan bonigino

  • Derrick Balderas
    Derrick Balderas

    4 hours!!! Let’s go

  • GeorgyQ

    These Americans still love their guns. Until every family loses at least a member due to shootings and until there will be a #strong for each city, they will not learn... But it is already too late... And it also comes in handy to put black people away I guess.

  • J Pweek
    J Pweek

    Seriously does anyone EVER watch all of one of these? I guess my survival stress goes up a notch after about 30 mins

  • EJ Cee
    EJ Cee

    What's that NOsoft search engine they were talking about?

  • ronnelandrae

    Joe, how come you never invited a Bible apologist? More people believe in God and the Bible than not out there. Are you scared you might turn into a believer? Maybe add a creationist in the mix.

  • Ursine FTW
    Ursine FTW

    When will I ever learn to not listen to these podcasts out loud.

  • Dan Hattick
    Dan Hattick

    you could flip the video horizontally and confuse everyone about who is the real Joe.

  • ThisTrainRunsOnKushNotCoal


  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez

    I wish I could be a part of this. I would add a lot to it because everybody in the conversation isn't one hundred percent set on much.

  • Ryan Keith
    Ryan Keith

    Y'all may dig this. It covers iran- contra and other shadow ops

  • buildfear

    Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo: you cant believe anything the government or scientists tell you! Also Joe Rogan: I believe scientists when they talk about meat eating vs veganism. Pick a lane you fucking chump.

  • O Ozi
    O Ozi

    Joe “I don’t know half of what I’m talking about” Rogan

  • Matias Asconeguy Raco
    Matias Asconeguy Raco

    1:39:00 shows that they are not only funny people and comedians, but also homo erectus. Those were primate thoughts for a sociologist...

  • neapolitan 2000
    neapolitan 2000

    Wow. Joe's logic is matchless. He disregards what's written in the Bible and than talks with believe about simulation theory.

  • Alex Paredes
    Alex Paredes

    Joe Rogan, have Javi Vazquez on the show so he can tell you all about how he beat cancer. Eddie can tell you how to get a hold of him. Cheers.

  • Matthew Ciacelli
    Matthew Ciacelli

    Brenden "I dont know that word" Schaub

  • TheShubLub

    Eddie is nuts XD

  • ImaBoomer

    1:42:20 i dont know why....but joe is like the long lost ninja turtles uncle...

  • ImaBoomer

    1:42:20 joe is kinnda thic tho....he is like three Eddie traped into his jacket...he is like the long lost uncle of ninja turtles....

  • penny miller
    penny miller

    lucifer means light bringer.

  • penny miller
    penny miller

    if the queen was in charge she wouldnt bow to the major of london. england was broke afterww2,thats the only reason america waited til the banks who funded hitler to go over.they divided germany between the victors.queen beatrice might be though;)vatican is richest entity.they could end poverty and starvation tomarrow,but the elite give them boys and children to fuk and sacrifice to satiate them.its wondering if they wipe the slate clean wen civilization gets sophisticated enough to understand this.*pole shifts/mud floods blessings,god help us all.

  • M Dan
    M Dan

    Joe "My diarrhea is legendary" Rogan. 2:04:26 Seriously though, that line is going to be amazing in a No Context parody in the future.

  • 1rickopotamus

    Love callen

  • B

    Thank you Eddie!

  • Hans Harem
    Hans Harem

    Is Eddie Bravo talking about Q from Star Trek?!

  • tony1967ify

    I don't mind Eddie going the conservative route though, you gotta live certain things out to see the truth in them. The fakery,the lies, the deceit, the naive, the ignorant, the arrogance and so on.

  • tony1967ify

    3:10:00 Did Eddie forget that Trump pushed Red flag laws and elimination of due process as well? Eddie's all supportive of conservative values and the Trump bullshit now, but he's starting to sound like a shill with this Trump and conservative support shit now when it's all bullshit and just as fake as it's always been. Being raised Christian in the 80's and 90's i lived this bullshit.

  • tony1967ify

    3:05:00 Conservatives have no family values, bunch of abusive parents, bunch of hypocrites, bunch of liars, wars based on lies,crooked Cops, Christianitys involvement in slavery and genocide,and have you read that fuckin bible? It calls for murder,rape,kidnapping,incest and contradicts itself.What the fuck is Eddie talkin about? Eddies a shill, he's just difderent from Rogan.

  • tyler durden
    tyler durden

    Joe is a liberal. Of course he doesn't want to go over the Biden story. Eddie is spitting truth when he and Joe are talking at the end of the podcast

  • tony1967ify

    Eddie saying the catholic church wants to get rid of religion by doing what they do i just cant agree with. Religion has been used to easily control and brainwash people, its their greatest weapon against us. Always has been. Its responsible for slavery,genocide,our continuous voluntary ignorant involvement in politics and backing Police corruption and it keeps us divided. Eddie is so wrong on that.

  • deVilJr1235

    Anybody else wonder why Bryan callen is always incredibly passionate against a lot of Eddie bravos "conspiracies" about the super rich in EVERY jre podcast its discussed while bryan also talks often about how he eats & hangs with the super rich i.e. Stallone, deniro, movie stars, etc.? Seriously questioning where bryan falls in this whole "elites & super rich" spectrum & how involved he is with these super rich & elite..... I'm high & just stating an observation so plz dont burn me at the stake. I'm just wanting civil discourse. I'm open to being proven wrong or shown I'm just tripping, but keep it cool

  • ryan Labonte
    ryan Labonte

    This is the best type of podcast either fight companions with the OG crew Brendan, bravo and callen, And then the regular podcasts with killers like burr, sugura, Burt, Tom and Joey Diaz are just unmatched in the podcast game, always a good listen.

  • Nedd Bennett
    Nedd Bennett

    joe trt rogaine

  • Hugo Mkn
    Hugo Mkn

    It's amazing to listen to these conversations because they are good friends and know eachother..

  • tony1967ify

    At around 2 hrs Joe talks about eating meat and how it's healthy or healthier, but then talks about his medical issues. Lol like what?

  • tony1967ify

    2:09:59 we're suppose to care about famous people now after all the destructive shit they do? Fuck that.

  • Alkerae

    Life being a simulation makes about as much sense as flying cars by the far distant future year of 2004. Perfectly sensible prediction right? But real life tends to have diminishing returns like that. It's ridiculous, I don't care how amazing you wrongly think computational power will get someday, they're physical objects, not magic! Nobody wants to program "The Sims" by simulating how quarks make particles make matter make life, and nobody is going to pay the power bill on that supercomputer! This is about as stimulating a conversation as solipsism. This episode is just, jam packed with stupid. "Rich people don't cooperate" pfft, yeah that's why every company is run by 1 and only 1 CEO, nobody ever cooperates. I keep skipping ahead in 15 minute chunks just to bypass bad conversations and arguments, and who's this one jackass who keeps yelling the same thing over and over, louder and louder like he thinks he has it all figured out and nobody else needs to say anything? I think I'm just done with this episode, awful guests, just terrible. Oh well.

  • moff

    the snake vatican thing is just a fish eye view of the room, irl it doesn't look like a snake at all Also Christ did ascend from Hell after he died, that's literally the point. He died, went into Hell, grabbed the souls that were worthy IE Moses, Abraham, and ascended, thus defeating death

  • Mr X
    Mr X

    Man, how is Joe STILL not seeing the media is the main problem in America. SMH, too many punches to the head I guess. Eddie knows whats up. #TrumpDynasty Bitches!!!!!

  • Alexander Nelson
    Alexander Nelson

    Wheb Eddie said a priest came up with the big bang theory i immedalty thought of "faith of a mustard seed" on the head of a pen

  • 225/647/239

    Eddie is literally broken

  • King Peezyworld
    King Peezyworld

    Yes the freemasons built the cathedrals