Justin Bieber - Intentions (Live From The Ellen DeGeneres Show / 2020) ft. Quavo
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  • Simone Rhymes
    Simone Rhymes

    Good job Quavo!!!🥰🥰🥰

  • Chiquita Weimans
    Chiquita Weimans

    Show yourself don’t hide your feelings you’re perfect who you are

  • Anna Ilina
    Anna Ilina

    В конце они так стоят скромно как школьники ))))

  • Anna Ilina
    Anna Ilina

    Ну ведь хорошо поет.ну Джастин!соберись!ты очень талантливый!

  • Maiva La
    Maiva La

    Crazy that he has anxiety and depression and can still perform so well.

  • Marwa san
    Marwa san

    His voice is so stable and amazing ❤

  • Marwa san
    Marwa san

    He's so amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Marwa san
    Marwa san


  • Marwa san
    Marwa san

    Proof of talent <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="207">3:27</a>

  • Marwa san
    Marwa san

    Can't wait for the tour 😭😭😭 why corona virus whyyyyy !!

  • Marwa san
    Marwa san

    Best performances are for justin for sure ❤❤🤩🤩🤩

  • Marwa san
    Marwa san

    Best performer ever 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • TheGenicus

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="186">3:06</a> that all my attention hits different

  • Caroline Chepngetich
    Caroline Chepngetich

    He is just a dream come true

  • Sami Rahman
    Sami Rahman

    Hehe he has a great voice and he is so so so so so so soooooooooooo cute

  • aviva amara
    aviva amara

    Naw he married 😥🥺

  • Pam Norman
    Pam Norman

    Am I the only one that See's Carol in the audience 🤔🙂🙂

  • Ezra Arp
    Ezra Arp

    Y’all insane

  • CactusJack

    Why Justin is so tall? 😂

  • Kyle Timbers
    Kyle Timbers


  • Brian Bendicio
    Brian Bendicio

    He did go through a lot of tough stuff and the good thing is he turns out to be a better version of himself..really proud of you bro

  • Soraya Rex
    Soraya Rex

    His voice is better in live like here without playback .

  • Summer J Norris
    Summer J Norris

    Yo I've been listening to Justin since I was 5 and I'm 13 I just love his music. Also ppl hating on him for his past and when I say he has a big heart they be like NO he's horrible bc he went to jail and resisted arrest but u know what EVERYONE makes mistakes NOBODY perfect. My dad just went to jail and he resists all the time but he a good person

  • Pam Norman
    Pam Norman

    My fav song but all of them are 🔥🔥🔥😍💘🔥🔥😍🔥🔥😍😍

  • Keith Cook
    Keith Cook

    Ellen puked!

  • Gaurav S B
    Gaurav S B

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="208">3:28</a> heart touching sound my favourite Justin Bieber

  • Christopher Dutkiewicz
    Christopher Dutkiewicz

    Ever realize heys in a cage there’s lines in front of him and he never goes that close

    • Christopher Dutkiewicz
      Christopher Dutkiewicz

      Probably cus Susie in the audience probably would run down and try to give them a hug or something like that LOL

  • Music 4k
    Music 4k

    Justin Bieber

  • River_alain

    Performing while being deeply ill and under medication.. great job Justin!!

  • Jason Burritt
    Jason Burritt

    I listen to this song all day long

  • Gilles Goulet
    Gilles Goulet

    I am rich but I dress like a homeless person :-)

  • Aayan Moazzam
    Aayan Moazzam

    Belieber Or Not, The High Note At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="205">3:25</a> was a bomb

  • Faith Clevenger
    Faith Clevenger

    Am I the only one that noticed that at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="232">3:52</a> Justin went in to hug Quavo and got rejected.

  • Ashley Family
    Ashley Family


  • Brandon Beattie
    Brandon Beattie

    All these comments that he's dancing well 🤣😂 JB is just hoping around the stage like a f*cking rabbit

  • Keagan Tolbirt
    Keagan Tolbirt

    He's so cute and hot

  • Nim Tshering Lepcha
    Nim Tshering Lepcha


  • Joan Tabanyag Escoton
    Joan Tabanyag Escoton

    He is a really gifted talented singer.

  • Shashi Chauhan
    Shashi Chauhan

    U don’t need no cool Voice ur Voice is Amazing 😉❤️❤️

  • Steven Nguyen
    Steven Nguyen

    I think Ellen won't see this comment but I have been a fan of justin bieber for 9 years and I'm about to be 15 years old and I would love to meet him one day and that's my one wish or at least he could send me a video that said happy birthday!

  • Jessica leung
    Jessica leung

    i love it i love you

  • laugh with us
    laugh with us

    I just paused the video to write this . Justin you are amazing, you are a hero to ... Just get back and be that amazingly talented again. I never hate you. You are such an idol and big inspiration. And I regret every second that I didn't know that you exist. You are amazing keep please what you are doing just for your belieber fam we all appreciate you. You are amazing that you passed all these struggles and can back to life even better than you was. We all appreciate you in here and in every belieber believer .

  • 007.5 Bond&one-half
    007.5 Bond&one-half

    Ellen the Degenerate.

  • Bjørn Jenkins
    Bjørn Jenkins

    Great Fucking Singer... Love

  • Anderson Da Silva Barbosa
    Anderson Da Silva Barbosa

    Que top o Justin biber de toca vermelha dahora em

  • Anderson Da Silva Barbosa
    Anderson Da Silva Barbosa

    Sou muito fãn do justim biber cara

  • Anderson Da Silva Barbosa
    Anderson Da Silva Barbosa

    Eu so vim aki por causa das lives

  • aya delima
    aya delima

    justin bieber 😍❤since when i was 9 years old until now im 23 but im still inlove with you Im your #1 fan from philipines ❤

  • Ania Kabacińska
    Ania Kabacińska


  • Huri Hur
    Huri Hur


  • Катя Петрова
    Катя Петрова

    His voice daaamn

    • J8KE

      soooo good

  • Катя Петрова
    Катя Петрова


    • J8KE


  • Mariel Torres
    Mariel Torres

    Te amo tanto por favor

  • Allie Petryszak
    Allie Petryszak


  • Angel Angel
    Angel Angel

    This is also that one song which will never get old ... Proud to be born in this ERA...

  • Tin Tức Đó Đây
    Tin Tức Đó Đây

    I'm practicing to be NOsoft. Everyone please sign up to support me. Remember to press the bell + like. Thanks

  • Irazu Andrade
    Irazu Andrade

    Not going to lie the song slaps

  • Dindyal ji
    Dindyal ji

    Ur fab nd fav💖

  • Hector Olague
    Hector Olague

    I'm so obsessed 😍😍😍 I grew up with Justin 💙✨ he's bae and cute forever !

  • Hugo Omena
    Hugo Omena

    This song don't exit of my head 😂

  • Joselyen Zapien
    Joselyen Zapien

    If not I'll find a way to get to the shows

  • Joselyen Zapien
    Joselyen Zapien

    Justin Bieber I love you too my friend

  • Joselyen Zapien
    Joselyen Zapien

    I'm going home soon 😘

  • Joselyen Zapien
    Joselyen Zapien

    Justin Bieber I want to go back to the guy

  • Joselyen Zapien
    Joselyen Zapien

    I love you Justin Bieber you have the best song

  • David Playz
    David Playz


  • David Playz
    David Playz


  • David Playz
    David Playz


  • Shashi Chauhan
    Shashi Chauhan

    It’s SO good

  • Emerald Robert
    Emerald Robert

    Awesome 👌

  • 만짱이 매니저
    만짱이 매니저


  • Sey Manuth
    Sey Manuth

    best song in the world

  • kim가넷

    앜~~~넘 좋다🌸🙏🐥

  • Sakura Waniey
    Sakura Waniey



    He is great live


    Sing it my NINJAAAAAAA


    BEST song I've ever heard 🔴🔸️. Bob MARLEY esq

  • K S
    K S

    Omg omg I love like ALL his songs he is amazing

  • Cambria Hartman
    Cambria Hartman

    I wish to see you in person, but I only saw you on the videos.

  • Cambria Hartman
    Cambria Hartman

    Your really good at singing, and everything you do for people. That's really nice to do.