Kanye West - Bound 2 (Explicit)
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Music video by Kanye West performing Bound 2. © 2013: Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Jeffery Guillen
    Jeffery Guillen

    I had to leave a like for everybody who was wrong about yeezus when it came out

  • Alan Lee Millard
    Alan Lee Millard

    A Simp video/song.

  • Bethany Gabrielle
    Bethany Gabrielle

    This song 😂💀 y would u do this shit with ur wife

  • Yoongles cute
    Yoongles cute

    omg isnt this song from tiktok omg we love

  • Loafy Productions
    Loafy Productions

    Holy shit I just realized that "Bound 2" means "Bound 2 falling in love".

  • Noel S
    Noel S

    Am I missing something? Why this song have so many dislikes 😳.. I mean its actually a good song.. not the best but still that many dislikes lol

  • adrnxx

    Strange fruit hanging

  • Buzz

    why so much hate? This is one of the best lyrical songs of kanye!

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown

    4:03-4:06 I felt that.

  • Captain Chronic
    Captain Chronic

    Producer : how much fucking you want Kanye west: yes

  • Panda Power
    Panda Power

    The reason why there are so many dislikes is because first off canvas naked and they think that Kanye's using her as a toy also she's naked also she's naked also she's naked also she's naked.

  • Skinipinis

    I can’t believe the dislikes

  • Miguel Hunter
    Miguel Hunter

    Esse vídeo deveria ter mais curtidas do que deslike. O cara tá cantando e se pegando com a mulher numa moto. Fora que a música fica na cabeça kkkkk 😎😌😌 #LIKENOVIDEO ✌️

  • Bigg DJ Clarko
    Bigg DJ Clarko

    Lo lo key one of my favourite Kanye tracks

  • rebecca ibrahim
    rebecca ibrahim

    terrible green screen

  • Alyssa G
    Alyssa G

    The video is so cute🥺🥺

  • DVJFan

    2013- trash 2020- still trash You morons who think this is actually good are imbeciles, and are those who actually just want to think anything old is good.

    • Yayi 1271
      Yayi 1271

      DVJFan dude once again why are u so pressed. I would argue the sample he used and is amazing and the Charlie Wilson vocals are amazing and the flow is nice so just move on bro u sound like u like got a stick up you’re ass

    • DVJFan

      @amira Just being honest. This song was shit when it came out, and was a laughingstock. There's a reason for it. The lyrics are corny. The rhythm is terrible. The video is awful. Everything that makes a song terrible is in Bound 2. I don't like how people now a days are coming out to say this song was good back then, when in reality it was always shit. Just because something's old doesn't make it good.

    • amira

      people are just enjoying music here while you're pressed

    • amira


  • Yorgos Hirmiz
    Yorgos Hirmiz

    This shows why he’s the best rapper of all time.

    • DVJFan


  • Zarko Mutic
    Zarko Mutic


  • A Pimp Named Slick Back
    A Pimp Named Slick Back

    Can’t believe I disliked this back then. Listening to the critics Kanye really just ahead of his time

  • Barb Leop
    Barb Leop

    I just recommend *AUTHENTIC v i e w s D O T C O M* to get youtube likes mad views.

  • John

    So he married a Hobbit?

  • Shraddha Murthy
    Shraddha Murthy

    2013 was not ready for this. we were too underdeveloped for this kind of music then. that was the year for conventional, cookie cutter pop.

  • J U S T C H I L L I N
    J U S T C H I L L I N

    Lol thats how uk Kanye was ahead when he made this ho 💯😂🔥

  • Miles Corley
    Miles Corley

    I Love This Music Video A Lot 😍👍

  • Al Parillon
    Al Parillon

    Hating asses now love it huh

  • Tony Pretty Boy Pace
    Tony Pretty Boy Pace

    This song is different but 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Abidi Kawther
    Abidi Kawther


  • Banito Blake
    Banito Blake

    Typical Kanye West song and video! What's the problem? Do your thing Mr. West. 💀

  • R

    this video is just weird after watching the Seth Rogan & James Franco one, lol

  • Leondr.o

    9 years old me played this 10 times a day😂

  • Senpai Bento
    Senpai Bento

    Talking about fresh cut but he bald 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Mr. Nonchalant
    Mr. Nonchalant

    Sorry,(not sorry) This song is still trash. 02/2020.

  • Gilly Girl89
    Gilly Girl89

    The beginning of the video makes me feel so many things...

  • h i
    h i

    Yo this shit's fire,the dislikers have ears like a beat up tyre.


    came here bc of Ronny chieng

  • Nino Adan
    Nino Adan

    Kanye song is weird but in a way I like

  • Life as Skye
    Life as Skye

    I looked up “OHHHHHH to falling in loveee” for this song and got this lmao

  • Scυb Ŧσσ ᑕσσl
    Scυb Ŧσσ ᑕσσl

    Yosemite is so beautiful 😍😍

  • Collin Poe
    Collin Poe

    Most of the "rhyming" in this song isn't even rhyming

  • Vera Hernandez
    Vera Hernandez

    The green screen lmao


    The hook really does not suit this song lmao

  • Henry Wentworth
    Henry Wentworth

    Does he rhyme a single word in this song? Apart from reputation and bitch?

    • Sir_Drastic

      Now down drown and Bound in like the first 7 seconds...

  • Muxtafa

    whats up with them dislikes??

  • Alyssa Gonzalez
    Alyssa Gonzalez


  • Melissa

    this is honestly so deep. we weren’t ready for this in 2013 dude.

  • Inchiostra

    Sounds like a celebrative/epic version of a boy is a gun Cool af and soo ahead of the time

  • The Itis
    The Itis

    I've cried to this song seeing horses galloping along a seaside cliff in Hawaii

  • lamar kwadare
    lamar kwadare

    This shi gonna go down as top 10couple songs 😭💯

  • Stephani Hayes
    Stephani Hayes

    None of us thought Kanye and Kim were gonna last look at them now through everything they’re still together ❤️

  • SnaKie humour
    SnaKie humour

    Who came just for the Uh Uh honey

  • Flee810

    You know how great you have to be to have this much hate? This song is almost 10 years old and still ahead of its time.

  • A-Sai

    My gurl ain’t no hobbit

  • 杰森的留学生活

    American CRAZY

  • Jayna Braun
    Jayna Braun

    I see the point.

  • Psych0


  • • Eden S •
    • Eden S •

    The beat switch thooo


    Reverse predation inside of a reverse gangbang, holy shit balls, that’s buck wild.


    Why did u just do that magic ?

  • No One
    No One

    Im sorry, but this song is almost as bad as Kim's bullshit song, my jam (turn me up).... Just horrid "Start a fight club, Brad reputation"...???? Definitely top 5 worst verse lines

    • Inter lude
      Inter lude

      It’s supposed to be funny don’t take it too seriously