Kanye West - Fade (Explicit)
Kanye West
Creative Vision by Kanye West
Directed by Eli Linnetz
Produced by Iconoclast
Executive Producer: Kathleen Heffernan
Director of Photography: Guillermo Navarro
Production Design: Tino Shaedler
Styling: Renelou Pandora
Choreography by Guapo, Jae Blaze, Derek 'Bentley' Watkins
Editor: Adam Robinson
Color: Sofie Borup
VFX: Gloria FX
Music video by Kanye West performing Fade. (C) 2016 Getting Out Our Dreams II, LLC, distributed by Def Jam, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., 1755 Broadway, New York, New York 10019. Good Music ™ and associated logo are trademarks of Mascotte Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved

  • Francisco Hernández
    Francisco Hernández

    La amo💞🥰😍💖

  • Ankhzaya Oyunsukh
    Ankhzaya Oyunsukh


  • Niah J .
    Niah J .

    God Bless 🙏🏽💜

  • Quincy Jones
    Quincy Jones

    Still confused af as to why they made her face look like that at the end. Creepy as hell

  • Khari Khy-ree
    Khari Khy-ree

    This video is the reason started going to the gym. BHM2020 Her body is goals forever. The choreography paired, makes it just a wow moment.

  • Julie Johnson
    Julie Johnson

    I love this song ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙


    sing have my song

  • Melanie Pestana
    Melanie Pestana

    Literally only watch this for body goal motivation

  • Marq Cantoo
    Marq Cantoo

    Post Malone killed it

  • Mukudzei Matanhirr
    Mukudzei Matanhirr

    kanye : i feel fade. me: I feel fat.

  • Sam Finoh
    Sam Finoh

    Who is this chick ?


      Teyena taylor

  • ChinoOchoTrez

    Oh lawd dem cheeks 😍

  • Missab4000

    From My Super Sweet 16 to Kanye...

  • Frida Eriksen
    Frida Eriksen

    She really feel it...I love the moves..whao what a body control!!!!

  • Sushi Man
    Sushi Man

    2:50 to 3:00 = Worms

  • Your Nasty Booty Hole Be Stanking
    Your Nasty Booty Hole Be Stanking

    Was she the same girl that said BYRooooooonnNNnNNNNnnnnnN on Madea Happy Family

    • Sara Bentley
      Sara Bentley

      Yes lol

  • Brian Hanson
    Brian Hanson

    I would love to caress and kiss every inch of her! MEOW!! 😍😍😍

  • Goomaroh

    I hope Larry Heard got paid for this


    I love this omg.

  • troubauk

    you make this body by dancing, not hitting the gym

  • Dyan Sanchez
    Dyan Sanchez

    She is so fucking tight....

  • Sosa

    Iman the luckiest nigga in the world

  • BrayanAlfaroTv2

    Can we all agree and say that this is the best christian song ever.

  • Rateira Games
    Rateira Games

    Qual o nome dela

  • Ian Alexis C.
    Ian Alexis C.

    This probably has to be one of the sexiest videos of all time... just look that deliscious body

  • Producerwannabe

    Hubiera sido bonito verla totalmente desnuda.

  • captain caveman
    captain caveman

    Jezebel dont even stand a chance


    Lady looks like she has been preparing for this video since she was in her mother's womb. Gorgeous.


    the lighting and even more so the color editing are so killer here. that's what shines the most IMO.

  • Vlogs Nolvia
    Vlogs Nolvia

    She can dance she killed it why isn’t no one saying this like y’all just talking bout her bod I get it it’s mad cool but let’s just give dancing a moment too :)

  • Lissette

    I'd never wear clothes.

  • Dizzyrockboy

    Lol she can’t dance

  • JFV 9
    JFV 9

    That body is made for sex

  • trynamakeitnow

    2:50 mark tho??? Dayum! Good shit Shump, u r that dude bruh!!

  • bx2y

    Sexy woman

  • Soul4real97

    Lmao these comments

  • Aram Sargsyan
    Aram Sargsyan

    and who is the girl who danced ?

  • Lala Addas
    Lala Addas

    The stupid song is a distraction from the beautiful dancing.. Had to mute it.

  • Jorge Mendoza
    Jorge Mendoza

    Boring af

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez

    Whoever shot his jizz in her is a lucky bastard.

  • MrBerg4ever

    Why is Kanye so good at making music but is also a complete moron at the same time???

  • Taylor Rea
    Taylor Rea

    Such a bad bitchhh 😅😅🤤

  • Janelle

    Don't really care for the song, but I come back for Teyana ❤❤❤

  • This Is Era
    This Is Era

    If I would have her body I don’t know what I would have done with it 👀

  • Megan Burris
    Megan Burris

    I need to know her booty routine.

  • Rosie Murphy
    Rosie Murphy

    Anyone here after wizquilifa on tiktok ?

  • Patricia Zandile Ncube
    Patricia Zandile Ncube

    I might be in the minority here; but it's actually the dance moves that bring me back here every time.

  • FJFK

    This porn has some good music

  • Charu singh
    Charu singh

    Again a bullshit vedio🤮

  • Jalon Glover
    Jalon Glover

    Is her dancing supposed to mean something?

    • Jalon Glover
      Jalon Glover

      @r b this is a sample of how they moved when dancing?

    • r b
      r b

      Jalon Glover I would say mid to late 80s - Early 90s

    • Jalon Glover
      Jalon Glover

      @r b any idea which time period?

    • r b
      r b

      In a way. This song is considered “house” music. The dance moves she’s doing is from that time period.

  • MxlloFawn.

    Low-key eating hot fries in my bonnet and seeing this

  • Almond Milk ssᴀᴅᴛᴇᴇɴss
    Almond Milk ssᴀᴅᴛᴇᴇɴss

    So we not gon talk about 3:09 🤭

  • Yay Food
    Yay Food

    I’m watching this coz I saw a Tik tok and the girl was like pls go watch it the girl is fine haha

  • CNCO wner
    CNCO wner

    The part in the shower had me like:🤤😯

  • West Coast
    West Coast

    3:30 What was the end all about? 🧐

  • honey bunches family
    honey bunches family

    okay why did she turn into a cat at the end

  • B

    Teyana Taylor most definitely seems like the type of person that would want you to watch this and not feel bad about yourself, but instead feel inspired by the pure athleticism and creativity flowing throughout the video. Stop comparing and instead appreciate her ability. Just let yourself be in awe of this art without thinking about yourself. You never know how different you might feel after

  • AMARA J. ASMR Singing
    AMARA J. ASMR Singing

    I suddenly feel like working out

  • whythefuckamihere?

    I wonder who's here from tiktok aswell

  • saad 🦋
    saad 🦋

    Wizqueifa anyone?